Horror, Hops, and Helping: B Film Movie Night With A Purpose

I love movie nights with friends, but I also love supporting local businesses and charity organizations. So I decided to start a monthly public movie event at a place for friends and family to gather, where all could enjoy a fun film, time together, food, some great beers, support local business, and all while contributing to a greater cause.

To my great joy, the local brewery, The Bergschrund (a Northwest Peaks venue), also shared my vision and so we've come together to form:

Horror Hops and Helping: B Film Movie Night With A Purpose!

The goal of this venture is to provide a fun evening for everyone and a some time and space to focus on a local or international charity group. People are welcome to donate to the charity if they wish, or just sit back and enjoy the show (there will be cash donation prizes though!)

So if you're in the Seattle, Washington area then please come on by for a great evening!

*We'll be resuming Horror, Hops, and Helping again on October 19, 2018! Have a great Spring and Summer and we'll see you in Autumn. XOXO


Movies and the non-profits we showed an supported from September 2017 - March 2018:

Raised $110.00

Raised $93.00

Raised $142.00

Raised $115.00 

Raised $125.00

Raised $187.00 

Supporting Heifer International - raised $163.00

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