Horror, Hops, and Helping: B Film Movie Night With A Purpose

I love movie nights with friends, but I also love supporting local businesses and charity organizations. So I decided to start a monthly public movie event at a place for friends and family to gather, where all could enjoy a fun film, time together, food, some great beers, support local business, and all while contributing to a greater cause.

To my great joy, the local brewery, The Bergschrund (a Northwest Peaks venue), also shared my vision and so we've come together to form:

Horror Hops and Helping: B Film Movie Night With A Purpose!

The goal of this venture is to provide a fun evening for everyone and a some time and space to focus on a local or international charity group. People are welcome to donate to the charity if they wish, or just sit back and enjoy the show (there will be cash donation prizes though!)

So if you're in the Seattle, Washington area then please come on by for a great evening!

Below is more information about month's charity and movie:

  • About (from the site):
Mission Statement 

Through an invitation to see the beauty in each person, we encourage the community to bring connection and relationship to the center of their lives. This nurtures the empathy and compassion needed to catalyze a grassroots movement toward ending homelessness.


Facing Homelessness began its journey in 2010, with a belief that we can and will end homelessness when we invite community to be a part of the solution. The power in humanizing homelessness is that it allows all of us to see the beauty of each person living on our streets, rather than fixating on the complexity of an issue that overwhelms us. This realization became evident to our founder, Rex Hohlbein, when he began inviting folks living homeless into his architecture office for conversation. He shares that, "The negative stereotype against the homeless was not matching up to the beauty of those I was meeting." From those encounters Rex began the Facing Homelessness Facebook page, sharing black and white photos with stories of people he was meeting. In 2013, what began as a passion project on social media took shape as a nonprofit organization, powered by three staff and the compassion of community. To this day, Facing Homelessness honors a simple purpose: To invite all of us to come closer, and to contribute our unique passions and skills toward the effort of ending homelessness.
An expedition in the South Pacific lands on a tropical island where the natives worship the mysterious deity Gappa. An earthquake opens up an underground cavern and a baby reptile is discovered inside. The natives warn the foreigners to leave the hatching alone, but they don't listen and take it back to a zoo in Japan. Soon after, moma and papa Gappa start smashing Tokyo looking for their kidnapped child.

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