Tuesday, November 13, 2012

November - Holy Cow! Movies!

Okay folks, so I had no plans of abandoning this blog after my October Horror Movie Fest. However, November has been a bit busy (see: Book Writing), so I've not been able to stick to my plan of watching a horror movie about Food at least once a week this month.

That said: I have been able to squeeze in some horror movies.

As my mind was about to pop (see: Book Writing), I decided I needed a break. So, I poured myself a glass(es) of whiskey and watched four horror movies in a row. Because that is how it needs to be done sometimes.

Movies of choice are from my own collection, and movies I've never seen before.

Movie #1: The Bat (1959).

I'm still not exactly clear why a bat played so predominantly in this film, but I am crystal clear on why you need to see this movie. It stars Vincent Price and it is hilarious. I'm pretty sure it was always meant to be hilarious. The movie revolves around a mystery writer who moves into a mansion of secrets - and then: hilarity ensues.  Watch with friends, preferably with lady friends and lots of wine. Fellas, you can certainly watch this film, but be prepared to see a gaggle of ladies squabble over dead bodies in their house. This strange and hilarious film should be enjoyed with friends (bottom line).

In fact, watch it now through the Internet Archive!

Movie #2: Bloodlust (1959)

Sooooooo, nothing says a nice vacation away from overbearing parents with teenage friends like skeet shooting on the open seas. Seriously, that is how this movie began. And wait, what's that? An island that suddenly was never there before? Let's check it out! Yeah!

This Noxzema commercial turned terribly horribly wrong surprised me at times. For instance, I never saw the skeet shooting coming. But I did see the 'rich and all powerful man come out with a gun and say he likes to hunt humans' coming. It gets bad for skeet shooting folks, and it says a lot about how some people felt about PTSD treatment of WWII veterans during the 1950's. Ah, watch with trusted friends who are interested in sociological experiments.

Watch it now if you're looking for trouble!

Movie #3: Last Woman On Earth (1960)

This is absolutely a horror movie for women of the 1950's-1960's. The movie opens up with a cock fight.  A real live cock fight - if that tells you anything. The wife, married to her cock fighting loving husband, stays drunk most of the time, attempts to get out of her marriage by several different means (alcoholism, 'accidently' falling off a balcony, and running away with someone else) and all were unsuccessful. On top of it all - she ends up being the last woman on earth. The earth being the place she shares with the only two other living individuals, her husband and her heartthrob. I found this movie disturbing.

You can watch it now through the Internet Archive!

Movie #4: The Amazing Mr. X (1948)

Well, howdy. I enjoyed this film. I found the opening to be quite creepy, the building suspense was well done. The rest of the movie was rather clever and unique. I would not consider this movie 'horror', although the opening was very much that. Watch this movie if you don't like horror movies. Watch with people who like surprises. In fact, watch it now!

And that's it for the moment folks! Talk to you all soon!

Friday, November 2, 2012

November Plans

Hello folks!

For the month of November, I plan on watching a movie about food at least once a week.

My book deal went through, so I'm not going to have time to watch movies while writing the next best novel. I'm kidding, it's not going to be a novel. It's non-fiction.

Thanks for keeping up with my October Challenge, now onto whole new and exciting challenges! Happy November!