Tuesday, October 6, 2015

American Horror Story (Television Show, 2011)

October Challenge Day 6:

My day did not start off well.

First, I was running late, and then I had a jerk bus driver that charged me an extra .50 cents. I asked him why and that lead to an argument I was absolutely not expecting.

Driver: "Well, because you're going out of the city - you're going into another zone and that costs an extra .50 cents."

Me: "But I'm not going out of the city, I'm just going to - "

Driver: "I get on the viaduct and I go Out Of The City!"

Me: "You have stops before the city lines and that's where I'm going!"

There is a brief stare down but people are waiting, I pay the fee and sit behind the driver.

The driver takes off and adds, "Well. We have these new machines now. It tells us what to charge people." I Kid You Not, he said that while waving one hand in the air and sprinkling imaginary star dust on the bus fare machine.

My jaw dropped.


10 minutes and a mental note to call the Metro Customer Service line later, I arrive at my work place, show my badge to security, and then am promptly greeted by an unfamiliar cafeteria employee in my government office. At first I think he's saying "Hi!" No, he looking for brute force for one reason or another. He grabs my right arm as I pass and says, "You look tough, come on in and help us!"


The work day just got silly from there. Not bad, just silly.


After work I'm rushing through downtown rush hour traffic to collect my paintings from a recent art show. To my shock and astonishment, I make it though the traffic in record time. I get to the show and the owner of the shop tells me, "You've sold a painting!"

YAY! Hey, this day isn't turning out so bad after all!


I get home, get the mail, and see that out home-visit bio medical assessments has arrived. My Husband has signed us up for every "see how healthy you are perk" available through our insurance plan - this is one of them...

"Well," I say, "Let's open these bad boys up and see how our health is doing!" Considering how my day has been so far, this could go 50/50.

We BOTH nailed it. We high-fived our HDL and LDL Cholesterol levels, our eGRF and Creatinine levels, our Triglycerides and total Cholesterol levels, etc.

So I say to him, all sweet and romantic like, "Let's celebrate. I JUST got an email from Netflix. American Horror Story Season 4 is now streaming....


And so that's what we're watching tonight! After all of the day's events, I find American Horror Story to be the pick of the evening. Why...and why is entire review almost entirely dedicated to my rambling? Because it's it's my blog and I can do what I want, and it's the October Challenge, these things happen.

I have found American Horror Story to be that perfect blend of today's Grimm's Fairy Tales meets grim headline news. This show, quite frankly, is really rather genius.

It's able to tap into our (U.S.) actual horrors, our (U.S) imaginary horrors, all the while creating characters that complicate everyone's collective version of right and wrong.

In all, I've found this TV show has been able to rip apart and put back together the 1000 piece blue sky puzzle that is nearly every real horror story, urban legend, or the masterpiece conjured up from the most creative  and disturbed imaginations.

Love this show.

I can not possibly provide a complete review of this show because I'm just now starting Season 4. But that doesn't mean you can't start it anytime time you want (yet another brilliant move on this series!). If this show is new to you - watch it now. If' it's old to you - rewatch it now. It's just so brilliant, wrong, right, and awesome (....a little like my day).

Suggested pairings: your favorite foods, your favorite drinks, your favorite settings. Get settled in with a loved one or just rock it on your own. Either way, prepare to see some awesome.

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