Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Zombeavers (2014) vs. Tucker and Dale vs. Evil (2010)

October Challenge Day 14:

Here's an actual text conversation I had with my brother today:

  • Matt: "You coming to The Martian?"
  • Me: "Oh man! No - I forgot I'm already supposed to see Zombeavers with the ladies tonight!"
  • Matt: "You're so lucky I know Zombeavers is a movie. This could've been very awkward...."

I had this movie playing in the background, earlier this year, while I was doing something constructive (vacuuming?). I knew what I was going to get myself into with one, hence why I was only mildly paying attention. 

It's an entertaining movie alright! Silly, absurd, over-the-top, typical, odd, groan-worthy one liners, you name it and this one has it. 

Something I've not yet experienced with Zombeavers, however, is that now I'll be watching it with some of my best horror movie watching friends! With just the one liners *we'll* be spouting out, this will be time well spent....

I'll likely update this post with Quotes of the Evening and other hooliganisms, but in the mean time, just know that this movie should really be seen in a large, rowdy group. Watching it alone might just make you feel a little unconformable or bored and for no clear reason (then you start vacuuming...)

We've got pizza in the oven, popcorn popping, and lots and lots of chocolate all over the house. Have fun with this one, folks! It's the only way it can be seen and enjoyed.


I have to mashup this review - it's very important. We didn't watch Zombeavers at the movie gathering last night. It was changed, last minute, to Tucker and Dale vs. Evil!

The original movie host couldn't host, movie attendees changed, and I show up at the new location seeing this new movie pick is on the menu. Although I have also already seen this film, the pick was Fine By Me! Because:

I like Tucker and Dale vs. Evil much more than Zombeavers.

Zombeavers is funny, campy, super ridiculous, and a little trashy - but Tucker and Dale vs. Evil is Funny, Campy Super Ridiculous, and Quality.

Insanely clever, dangerously sharp, and oh so heart warming, this is absolutely a must see for any type of horror movie fan or non horror movie fan. 

There are some blood and guts here, but it's hilarious. There are blood-thirsty psychos on the loose, but they too are hilarious. Everything about this film is hilarious. You'll even feel good after the film. I assure you.

Watch in a group (the whole family will work too!) or watch alone, also pairs very well with pizza, popcorn, and candy. 

I love me some Tucker and Dale vs. Evil. Love it.

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