Friday, October 2, 2015

Dead Silence (2007)

October Challenge Day 2:

It took me an unusual amount of time to decide on tonight's movie.  Like, hours. It was weird.

Why can I not decide on a movie... Why am I struggling at this...There are so many movies out there that I want to see...What am I in the mood for... chicken nuggets sound good...Need to remember to call that guy about that thing tomorrow... and what in heaven's name is that!? Is that a stain on the carpet?! Is that new?!!!

"It's not new, Sweet Pea, it's been there for years. I don't know what it is or how long it's been there but you've never complained about it before." My Husband replies.

As I was scrolling through my Have You Seen List, a movie idea popped into my head:  DEAD SILENCE.

YES! That's the one - the one with the evil Pinocchio thing on the cover! Yeeeeeeeeaaaaah. I've been wanting to see that one.

So there you have it, folks! My official first movie of this year's October Challenge season is going to be about this Pinocchio thing. Actually, it's a ventriloquist's dummy and the movie is about a mourning husband looking for his wife's killer...

In any case, this movie has received a lot of mixed reviews but I've also seen it on a lot of Movies You NEED TO SEE lists. So I'm going to give it a try! Right after this whole dinner situation is figured out (mmmmmmmm, chicken nuggets......).

Alright - so here we go! I'll see you after the show! Stay tuned for my review of DEAD SILENCE....mmmmmmwhwhahahahahaha [cough cough cough cough]. I will get my evil laugh down one of these days....


What a fun fun fun movie!!

Check your minds at the door kids, this ride is all visual and emotional!

My first thought: "Oh my good heavens, this is a moving picture version of Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark!"

*You* know the stories I'm talking about - they were so scary they were banned in middle and high schools during the 90's.

Yeah. Those.

The thing is, they weren't scary exclusivity because of the stories, it was the stories AND the drawings that gave everyone nightmares. This movie is like one of these stories.

The plot is interesting and disturbing enough, but it's the visuals and cinematography that really hit this movie out of the ball park. It's just... .it's just.... So Pretty! So terrifyingly pretty!

The dialogue is, well, entertaining... But that's why you need to check you mind at the door. It's an emotional horror movie. Not a psychological thriller or a physical bloody meat fest. Dead Silence is something entirely different.

Fast, fantastical, weird, wrong, and oh so lovely, this is a super satisfying horror movie for any individual or a group of people who enjoy watching horror movies together. Best to keep your tongue during the film, though (this statement is funnier after the movie) because you'll need to pay attention every step of the way.

Story line: newlyweds find a ventriloquist doll delivered to their apartment - and then they bring this freaky ass thing inside their home! Here Is Where You Check Your Mind At The Door. Please stop thinking here and just enjoy the show. Then the wife is found murdered, suddenly, and the husband believes it has something to do with a ventriloquist legend in his home town. Naturally.

This movie looks as if it has been ripped apart by many a critic. I'm here to tell you that those critics have no idea what they are talking about with this one. To thoroughly appreciate this movie you need a healthy suspension of disbelief, and then an ability to simply sit back, relax and enjoy. This little diamond requires no more than that.

I made a joke earlier about this doll (on the cover) being a Pinocchio looking thing. Turns out I was more right than wrong...and now I've given you something to think about...

Pairs with soup, a cold night, and crackers that are going to make a mess everywhere despite your best efforts. Watch alone or in a small, silent group. Have fun with this one, folk! The point is to have fun, and well, scare you quite a bit, which it does.

I saw this film on Netflix streaming. Use the links under Find It. Watch It. on Horror Habit's side bar to locate where else you can find this highly entertaining feature.

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