Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Crimson Peak (2015)

October Challenge Day 27:

I got a chance to see Crimson Peak with my friend Stacy and my brother Matt last night!

First and foremost - this is a visually stunning film - a magical blend is disgusting and beautiful. The set effects are so incredible that the viewer can almost feel, taste, and smell everything in the horrible mansion that is known by the local town folk as "Crimson Peak".

The set and cinematography is also very pretty. SO PRETTY. So much so that your eyes go on a wild adventure through Edwardian era pomp and circumstance, while your heart and mind simply tries to keep up and survive the spooks and chaos.

Such as stunning film. I wanted to eat it up it was so delicious.

Although I wouldn't call this film terribly frightening, there are some death scenes here that had everyone in the theater cringing and gasping. These episodes were quite graphic, disturbing, and downright chilling.

This is very much a European Gothic ghost story - complete with spiritualism, romantic drama, grisly scandals, graphic murders, and high society exceptions meets complicated personal ambitions.

I love this stuff! Some years back, original Gothic stories were pretty much all I read. These little beauties are just so satisfying, over-the-top and yummy that one almost feels physically full after consuming even the shortest story.

Crimson Peak is very much a visual version of that reading experience. That all said, this type of horror movie may not be for everyone. It's absolutely geared to those who love Gothic - dare I say even Steam Punk stories.

I had a lot of fun with this film, and I had a lot fun seeing it in the theater with awesome people. You don't have to see it in a group though! If you look forward to curling up in a cozy corner to spend a rainy afternoon reading devilish little tales, then seeing this movie alone will work just fine for you.

See it alone or see it it a group, either way be sure to see it on the big screen.

Pairs with teas you can't pronounce, very watery soup, and LOTS of blankets and pillows. If you could wear something cozy yet unpractical - all the better.

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