Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Canal (2014)

October Challenge Day 24:

This movie disturbed me so much.

It didn't help that a car accident occurred outside my front door immediately following the show. More about that, and how I won the "Most Entertaining" award at a birthday costume party later that evening, in a moment.

From this day forward I am going to approach every Ivan Kavanagh film with respect and caution. This is the second film I've seen of his (the first being Tin Can Man), and neither have disappointed in the Curl Up In The Corner Cry/Somebody Please Give Me A Hug Now department.

This movie disturbed me so much that I had four hours after I finished the film to get ready for the party but I simply couldn't bring myself to type up a review in that time.

UHG. A day later and I'm still dreading the conjuring of images from this film....

The Canal is your typical ghost story: family moves into a house where murders occurred, someone in the family begins to hear strange sounds, someone starts seeing ghosts, family is promptly torn apart in chaos and deaths.

Unlike your typical ghost story, the ghosts here are not what makes this film horrifying. It's the IDEA of ghosts that makes this film horrifying.

At this stage of my horror watching career, it's hard to get my heart pounding in the "scary" arena. This movie had my heart pounding even before the ghosts started showing up! Kavanagh does suspense REALLY WELL. He also does Depression really well.

This movie is depressing. Very sad, folks. Very sad. Very frightening, too! Depressing Horror - not something to approach lightly.

I walked away from the film, cold and unsettled. So I decided to step out on our patio and get some sun. That's when I noticed a car had just slammed (and by that I mean crushed the entire front of the vehicle as I was opening the patio door) into a post right outside my front door.

No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No

(I would like to point out that this is the very thing you'll be saying throughout the entire film).

I called 911 and was startled by how shaky my voice sounded. I hung around until the paramedics arrived and sent my prayers to the driver and his family. I don't know exactly what happened but it looks like the driver will be OK after some intense time in the hospital...I hope.

Not sure what to do with myself at that point, I decided to watch some stand-up comedy. Non of which made me laugh, and quite frankly, only made the day worse.

It wasn't until I was getting dressed for the costume party that my spirits began to rise and I was feeling good about the world again.

This Movie Messed Me Up Bad. 
Again, the car accident didn't help.

I dressed as Peter Pan for the party and ended up winning the Most Entertaining award. I'd like to think it was my random flute playing that won everyone over.

In all, this is one very disturbing film that may have you dressing up as Peter Pan and playing the flute at people by the end...

Pairs with depressing looking wet sandwiches and a glass of water. Hang up some depressing looking Christmas lights and prepare for some heart pumping chaos.

I watched this movie on Netflix. Use the links under Find It. Watch It. on Horror Habit's side bar to locate where else you can find this very disturbing feature.

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