Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Return Of The Living Dead (1985)

October Challenge Day 23:

Folks, I have a serious confession to make. I know I'm a huge horror movie fan, and I've seen upwards to a 1000 of them - in all shapes and sizes, but until yesterday I had never seen The Return Of The Living Dead.

[gasps, plates drop, record skips, band stops playing, somewhere someone says something inappropriate that is now heard by everyone]

I Know!! What happened? And I called myself a horror aficionado...

But now I can hold my head up high and say, "Yes, I've seen that one!". Not only did I see it, but I saw it in style. I saw it on a 33 foot by 60 foot HD LED screen at Seattle's Experience Music Project (EMP) Sky Church theater.

What hasn't been said about this most awesome zombie movie? I have no idea!

We have hilariously over-done teenagers partying in a cemetery. We have gruesome and original zombies. We have side-splitting bumblers that accidentally trigger the zombie attack. We have spectacular outfits and crazy fun dialogue. In all we have a extremely well done movie that knows how to make fun of itself while also taking itself very seriously.

Even better, I saw this movie with my brother and a slew of strangers all having as much fun as we were. I couldn't think of a better venue for watching this film.

Everyone grabbed their sleeping bags, blankets, pillows and beer, and were able to watch this movie with eyes wide and rear-ends comfortable and snug. The couple to our left even brought an inflatable mattress.

I had so much fun watching this film. So much fun. Although you may not be able to watch this movie in such an experience, I still highly recommend you watch this film (again and again and again).

Pairs with fun groups ready to PARTY! Bring your boombox, mixed tapes, and have your collars up. Prepare for an enjoyable ride that will leave you laughing, cringing, and clapping by the end.

Also, feel free to leave your I'm A Horror Movie Fan But I've Never Seen [blank] below. This is a safe place.

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