Saturday, October 17, 2015

Saturday Double Feature: Village of the Damned (1960) and Children of the Damned (1963)

October Challenge Day 17:

You may have noticed that there was no October 16th post. That's because it was my Husbands 40th Birthday!! Happy Birthday, Michael! He's not a horror movie fan and as one of my birthday presents to him, I didn't watch a horror movie that day. Instead we went outside and played, it was great! Happy birthday, sweet pea.

Today, on the other hand, turned into another Saturday Double Feature Day!

Village of the Damned:

In all this time and all my horror movie watching days, I knew nothing about this movie except that it had glowy-eyed children in it. That's it!

This classic beauty is about an unexplained loss of time that an entire English village experiences. When everyone comes to, it's quickly discovered that all the women of child bearing years are pregnant and the blue-eyed blond haired "children" born are not "human".

As a women who has never wanted children and never will want them, to black out, wake up, and discover that you are pregnant is an unfathomable horror. Unfathomable. This movie will give me nightmares just for that.

This movie is very dark. Very unsettling. Very unnerving. It's also a story about hate, fear, paranoia, abandonment, and how powerfully dangerous knowledge can be (if used for evil). This is also a whole new level of horror for the ladies (those who want and do not want children). Nearly every women in this film is merely a vessel for unspeakable terrors. Eegads - this still sets me off into a head spin.

Downright spooky story, this one. Downright spooky!!

Pairs alone or with a small, quiet group. Suggested beverage: Booze. The stronger the better. Food: school lunch fare. 

Where The Village Of The Damned was located in just one small community, this one is the United Nations version.

Individual super genius alien children from all over the world are brought to London for a series of experiments and for the leaders of all these nations to study. 

This one is dark and unsettling on a different level than its predecessor, and the children simply weren't as frightening. The Adults were - they were crazy. These kids, not so much. This film felt more packed full of social commentary on the time (Cold War), rather than a tale about how super smart children are a threat to society. 

This one is a bit more sad, than Village. The kids here have it all figured out, it's the adults that make a mess of things. That, and well, a slew of blond-haired blue eyed children were a lot creepier than a small collection of multinational children working together (see also the packed full of social commentary at the time comment).

Although, for a horror story, I liked Village better than Children. I really appreciated what this movie was. It too was jam-packed full of fear mongering, paranoia, and women as vessels, but it ended on a note about the real dangers of fighting and war (see also my bit more sad comment).

Another film to watch alone or in a small group. Paris with bread, butter, and perhaps a couple glasses of water.

I found both of these films to be a little bit of a downer, actually. I would not recommend watching them on happy days - probably sick days or days where you're ready to start political discussions right afterwards. Well done horror, though. Well done.

I rented these movies form my local video store. Use the links under Find It. Watch It. on Horror Habit's side bar to locate where else you can find these super creepy features.

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