Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Harvest (2013)

October Challenge Day 18:

It's been a great birthday weekend for my Husband. Not only has he been having a great time, living life and loving it, but I've also been able to live in my pajamas for two days straight - and loving it.

There's been bike rides, there's been beautiful weather, there's been relaxation and quality time together. Simply put: it's been great. Again, Happy 40th Michael!

And then I introduced The Harvest into the end of the mix. 

Folks, I can't help but feel this would be a very hard movie for parents. Very hard. We are the eccentric aunt and uncles, so there is absolutely a pull there, but parents - walk into this one lightly...

The movie is absurdly blatant with the opening scenes. Crazy lady, sick kid, and a house loaded with secrets. Your first thought are swiftly and easily made: Munchausen by proxy. A mental illness that fills me with a rage that has still unparalleled many others.

I have to tip my hat to this film's writing, though - you pulled a fast one on me. I thought I had you figured out....

The acting is phenomenal. Phenomenal! Unfortunately, there are some editing and writing elements that left me a little confused and took away from the horror. Not much! But it was present. In all there are some scenes that could have been elaborated upon which would have made a world of difference. But I'm focusing on details that really don't make a major impact on the story as a whole.

This movie, in its entirely, is absolutely horrifying. So much so that Mike and I had to take a bike ride afterwards - get s a fresh breeze on our face and think about happy things.

During the film my Husband and I had to add some extra dialogue for Peter Fonda, just to give us a little light humor. Such as "That's really great advice, Peter Fonda!" or "That wasn't very helpful advise, Peter Fonda!" or "Well, Hello Peter Fonda, I like how you rock those shades!" Peter Fonda became the focus of our comic relief. Not because he was but we because we needed some.

There are no blood and guts, but this movie will have you cringe and wimpier. And although there are no obvious discussions about some hot political and religious topics, you'll be sure to want them after the film. To a degree, this movie begs so many questions about so many things.

This film is someone's nightmare - a nightmare where beasts are living in your own home. Scary stuff, folks. Some of the scariest.

Pairs with soup, hot chocolate, and anything that can be eaten through a tube. Watch in a small, silent group or, preferably, alone. Again: Parents Approach With Caution.

Another note of caution - I don't suggest watching the trailer. I feel there are too many clues there. Just start watching the film and let the terror begin.

I rented this movie from my local video store. Use the links under Find It. Watch It. on Horror Habit's side bar to locate where else you can find very unsettling feature.

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