Sunday, October 4, 2015

Dumplings (2004)

October Challenge Day 4:

Birthed from the Asian trilogy of terror, Three...Extremes, I present to you today's horror movie: Dumplings!

The word "dumplings" always makes me smile. I mean, you can't help but feel good when you hear the word. I also really enjoy dumplings. Particularly my mother's dumplings.

And *that's* what makes this film so deliciously evil!

Theses aren't your mother's dumplings, err. I mean, in some sense maybe they are, I mean. No. I mean - you don't want these dumplings. You just don't want these dumplings!

Even without yet having seen this film, I think I'm really going to enjoy it. It's going to be pretty messed up! It's going to be downright disgusting and wrong! But I think it's going to be good...

I suspect it's going to lambaste the ridiculous business of selling perpetual youth, I'm pretty sure it's going to gouge out the eyes of the jealous and greedy, and I'm almost certain it's going to give all those ignorant and absurd haters of Planned Parenthood something so loose their minds over...and somehow that makes me chuckle a little...

But I could be wrong about all these assumptions!!!

This could be another attempt to shame women who make their own decisions, like the 2006 Asian horror film, Re-cycle.

We'll just have to see...

See you after the show!!


Ladies and gentlemen .... I was absolutely right about all my assumptions! HA!

I had my fingers crossed that it would also emphasize at least some of the very serious real life horrors that result in a lack of affordable reproductive healthcare and Dumplings NAILED IT.

Aside from the dumplings themselves, this entire movie speaks to so many double standards, hypocrisies, and downright frustrations facing women's health. The dumplings? These were grade A horror show material. So gross, man. So. Gross.

The sound effects doubly enhanced the gross factor. The cinematography and color usage made the horror viewing experience all the more terrifying, and lovely.

The movie is riddled with fertile symbols (e.g., eggs everywhere!) and the fruitless fight for youth (you simply can't fight aging without cracking some eggs...). This is a very smart, polite, and absolutely unapologetic film so prepare to cringe, smile, and be appalled all at the same time.

That said, The ending felt a little rushed and a tad sloppy. Perhaps that was intended! In fact, now that I think about it, if it was intended then that's rather brilliant - excellent symbolism for the dumpling chef...

In any case, this is an uncomfortably great cannibalistic horror show, and an advocate for affordable reproductive healthcare for women. Ah. Never thought I would say that sentence. Ever.

Watch in a group with your best lady friends (and oh man, oh man! I have to say it! I'm going to do it!) pairs with Chinese takeout.

I saw this film on Amazon streaming. Use the links under Find It. Watch It. on Horror Habit's side bar to locate where else you can find this highly disturbing feature.

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