Thursday, March 30, 2017

Agatha (Short Horror Film)

Timothy Vandenberg contacted me recently asking if I wouldn't mind taking a look at his short horror film, Agatha

Victoria era? Spirited orphan girl? A creature living in a spooky mansion? Sign me up!

The first thing that grabbed me about this one was the sound effects. Saints preserve us, I had to pause it a few times - and this only a 10 minute film - just to give myself a moment to process *the sounds*. So much beautiful cringe binge.

Gut-wrenching and atmospheric, this brilliantly filmed short will absorb you within seconds and keep you locked until the bitter end. By far one of the more sinister short horror films I've seen in a long time. Added bonus, the costumes and settings are simply marvelous. 

Well done, very well done horror.

Agatha has recently joined the film festival circuit (including the Transylvania Film Festival!) , please keep an eye out for it and in the mean time learn more about this film by checking out both the Facebook page and the teaser trailer on Fangoria.

Thanks again Timothy and team for providing me with this opportunity. Best of luck to the film and everyone's future endeavors.