Monday, October 23, 2017

Fright Night (1985)

October Challenge: Day 22

A day late in posting - to be expected about this time of the month. I end up getting too busy to both watch a film and write a review (which can sometimes take up as much time as seeing the film!).

In any case, by the time Sunday evening rolled around, I knew I wasn't going to get a written review in but I really, really, really wanted to watch something that screamed: a fun day deserves a fun, freaky, film for the evening.

I looked no further than Fright Night.

I hadn't seen in nearly 20 years and it just sounded perfect for the evening.

Folks, this film has it all: 

Great monsters!
Great effects!
Great story!
A love story (in a way...)
A caring single parent - devoted friends (in a way...) - a horror host down on his luck - and a young man who's just looking out for the betterment of everyone.

This is a fun, fun, fun movie. Although it looks like it was remade in 2011 for some reason (I haven't seen that version yet) I'm standing by this classic in providing a really entertaining adventure for all*.

There are some downright creepy moments, and I have to hand it to the effects team - well done. Very well done.

*All is relative, of course.

Fantastic pick for a (garlic) pizza and popcorn movie night. Have plenty of apples handy, some shattered sticks of wood, and settle in for some laughs, screams, and feel-goods.

I watched this film on Crackle or use the Find It! Watch It! links on Horror Habit's side bar to locate where else you can find this screamingly fun feature.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Hatchet (2006)

October Challenge: Day 21

My Husband and I spent the day getting our home ready for the arrival of a new kitten! As we're sitting here twiddling our thumbs until her arrival on this cold, rainy, Saturday night, I suggested watching: Hatchet.

I'm intrigued by the "Old School American Horror" tag line, so see you after the show (and after our kitten arrives)!!!


Well. Um. So, after the film I turned to my Husband and said, "I did not care for this film". And that pretty much sums up my overall thoughts. Just that. A slasher film in every classical sense - and I still don't understand what the tag lines means.

Perhaps my mind was so preoccupied with the kitten arrival - perhaps I just thought this film was, well, not great. Either way, I found it boring, ridiculous (not in a fun way), and unoriginal. I'm being a bit harsh - but I woke up this morning disliking it more than after I watched it last night. Overall I was not amused or entertained, but there were a small handful of moments where I chuckled and the kill scenes are impressively over-the-top.

I think this film would be best appreciated in a large, boisterous, drunk group. Not on a couple's movie night - waiting for a kitten.

I watched this film on Hulu or use the Find It! Watch It! links on Horror Habit's side bar to locate where else you can see this bloody, cheesy, film.

The Shelter (2015)

October Challenge: Day 20

Followers may have noticed that I'm posting this a day late. Although I was too busy to post a review, I did manage to watch a film.

I squeezed The Shelter in-between my day-to-day life and my monthly Horror, Hops, and Helping fundraiser, and walked away grateful I didn't have time to write up a review until a day later. I needed some time to think about this one.

Although an overall a visually stunning film, I wouldn't call it an entertaining film. I loved the cinematography, but I did not enjoy the writing or dialog. I saw where it was going and what it wanted to be, and appreciated the work that went into this feature, but - as all artists struggle with (speaking from experience) - one of our greatest struggles is knowing when to stop.

This film felt heavy when it should have been light and dreamy. It simply felt like there was too much (action, events, people, words) crammed into too little of space. There was too much, too much, too much. Although I'm not a film maker, I come from a family of artists in all mediums (film making being one of them) and I try my damnedest to both appreciate the work/be supportive, while also being positively critical where I can see growth.

I see a lot of growth here even though I didn't really like this movie in particular. A moralistic tale with religious and social commentary undertones, this is a film that has a lot to say and many ways in which it speaks. I didn't particularly care for the entirety (the last 20 minutes is pretty great) of this movie but I think the message is apt, heartfelt, and crucial - even if the method of conversation is clumsy/new/awkward. In all, this is a difficult movie to watch for many reasons, but keep going.

Pairs with patience, hard liquor, leftovers from the fridge, and watch alone.

I watched this film on Hulu or use the Find It! Watch It! links on Horror Habit's side bar to locate where else you can find this feature.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

The Wolf Man (1941)

October Challenge: Day 19

For this year's October Challenge I've been reviewing more films that I've already 'seen' than any previous year, and by 'seen' I mean I watched them so long ago I kinda, sorta, forgot about them - or I didn't really pay that much attention in the first viewing.

The Wolf Man falls somewhere in that range. I've seen it at some point in my life, liked it, know what it's about, don't really remember all that goes on in the story - but I really want to see it again because it's my October Challenge and I can do what I want.

What I recall from the first viewing is that I found it both very fascinating and confusing. I think I was also a bit green in my classic horror appreciation to give it the proper attention it needed. Giving it the proper attention is what I intend to do tonight!

And that's precisely what I did!

Oh man, I f***ing love werewolf movies.

I understand now why I was confused the first time I saw this film. Because it's confusing. Or rather, should I say, it's quite dated and some key elements of the movie harbors very cringy and 'wait..., what?' moments. I love this film and I also love to scold it. In short, it's chock-full of just plain wrong (e.g., Lon Chaney's character is super creepy - and I'm not talking when he's the wolf man. And the Roma...).

Lon Chaney is a super awesome werewolf though! Super awesome!

Oh The Wolf Man. You are entertaining. Good werewolf films are hard to come by, and I have quite a few heavy, slow, eye rolls for this classic, but it still stands as a sentinel in modern werewolf horror.

My siblings and I have, perhaps, a healthy/unhealthy appreciation/fear of werewolves. I have NO IDEA where it comes from but here it is and it looks like it's going to stay. Thus, I'm hard-pressed to pass up any werewolf film, and yet if someone starts up a conversation about dog people roaming around, this is me:

Werewolves. Werewolves and undiscovered giant creatures in the sea scare the living crap out of me. Although this film didn't 'scare' me, I still found it fascinating and quite honestly, Chaney as a wolf, is a sight to behold. 

I've read up quite a bit on the world-wide and very ancient werewolf legends (e.g., healthy/unhealthy appreciation/fear of werewolves) and what I've walked away with - as does this film - is that our minds and the societies that shape them can be one of the greatest and most dangerous monsters we'll ever face. Cheers.

This is a classic for a reason, and it's also wrought with a variety of social constructs. It's also worth a watch just to see this Wolf Man.

Pairs with a late movie night, snacks, have a heavy silver-lined stick handy, and enjoy watching some cringe binge history in action.

I watched this film on Shudder or use the Find It! Watch It! links on Horror Habit's side bar to locate where else you can find this sometimes fabulous sometimes absolutely not creature feature.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Lights Out (2016)

October Challenge: Day 18

I've been really curious about this project ever since I first heard they were making the 2013 short film, of the same title, into a full length feature.

Why in the world I didn't see it in theaters when it was released is beyond me! I have a feeling this would have been a good one to see on the big screen...

Oh well.

Instead, I'll be watching Lights Out from the comfort of my couch, on this cold, stormy, evening.

My Husband is telling me that it looks like this movie is full of jump scares, and he's approaching it reluctantly. I'm very curious to see how this brilliant short turned into a full length film, and hoping it doesn't follow the same unfortunate path as the brilliant Mama (short) versus Mama (full). ... I didn't care for it, in any case ...

Well, see you after the show!

Oh my, that was a surprise - in a good way! Not at all what I was expecting but this movie captured my heart a little bit. It was more sad than scary, I dare say (although there were still plenty of jump scares).

I also have a nagging feeling that this story was not created entirely from the imagination, but rather through a traumatizing childhood experience...

A worthy, heart-breaking, film that throws you face first into the real world horrors of severe depression, abandonment, emotional and mental abuse, and most of it seen through the eyes of terrified children - this film tackled some rough subjects and still manages to make it ghost scary.

I very much enjoyed this film. Not only for the creep factor but also because it really shocked me with its material and drama. Although at times it felt rushed and a tad odd, overall it was a great pick for a dark and stormy night.

Pairs with popcorn in clear bowls, couch blankets, a goth kid sitting in the background somewhere (complaining), and in a small group or alone.

I watched this film on HBO Now, or use the Find It! Watch It! links on Horror Habit's side bar to locate where else you can find this frightful feature. 

PS: Well done with the opening scene [wink].

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

King Kong (1976)

October Challenge: Day 17

My Husband and I were discussing what film to watch tonight, and he suggested "a classic, you know, like King Kong".

I said, Okay, and started pulling up the viewing options on our Roku TV. When I selected the 1933 version, he said "Wait, hold on. No, I meant the 1976 version."

Me: "What?"

Him: "I meant a classic for our generation."

Me: "What?!"

Him: "You know, the 1976 version of King Kong."

Me: "What! I never knew this existed!"

And so here we are folks, a horror movie fan who has never heard of the 1976 version of King Kong, now watching the 1976 version of King Kong.

See you after the show! (and again, by that I mean tomorrow).


Oh, well. I was quickly reminded why I didn't know about this film. King Kong stories typically don't register strongly on my radar. I just find the whole idea weird (to use a single word) .... and rather than being 'scared' I'm more, like ...

I was also reminded that the real monster in this film is not Kong. Not by a long shot. It's the humans, of course. Here we have a hodgepodge collection of powerful petroleum companies, a good-at-heart nature conservationist, a starry eyed ingenue, greedy public, and innocent people harmed in the making of it all. It's a story as old as time.

Oh the movie is fine. A bit dated though, hilariously so, with several jokes about the porn industry and what astrological sign you are, and so forth. Unexpectedly it was also a bit difficult to watch - seeing that the entire end of the film focuses on the twin towers...

In short, I'm sure many people would find this a fairly entertaining film, just not me. I found it simply weird and unconformable at times. Not my style, I guess you could say.

Would pair with a small group. Serve pulpy food/dishes, popcorn, soda. A good fit for a weekday night movie night.

I watched this film on Amazon or use the Find It! Watch It! links on Horror Habit's side bar to locate where else you can find this predicable but endearing creature feature.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

What Lies Beneath (2000)

October Challenge: Day 15

I first saw this film during a phase in my life where I would just wander from film to film in one theater - sometimes spending my whole day there. I've since matured, realized that was incredibly expensive, and just pretty much do the same thing at home, from the couch, now.

Like today! 

I was looking for something to cozy up to and hide away from the world for a bit, and then I saw What Lies Beneath just sitting there, calling my name.

This movie floored and transported me. I was in awe of the scenery, the lifestyle of this family, the house - all of it. I wanted *that* world. The whole damn film looks like it should smell like fresh laundry! Well ... until the end anyway ...

The story revolves around many intense subjects: domestic abuse, depression, isolation, and martial problems. Heavy subjects. Let's throw a ghost in the mix and see how things turn out!

I walked out of the theater after seeing this film and realized that I really needed more Gothic-like ghost stories in my life. There's just something so delectable, satisfying, unnerving, and incredibly spooky about them. This film encompass all these attributes. So, so, so satisfying.

The end is startlingly heart-racing, which has a surprising influence on the viewing experience because a majority of the film creeps along with a slow, cold, menace.

I love this movie. I just love it. It was a splendid choice for a chill (and chilly) Sunday afternoon.

Recommended for a chill (and chilly) Sunday afternoon or a stormy night alone. Pairs with water, more water, and perhaps some white wine. A fancy dish, caprese salad, and big fluffy bathrobes.

I watched this film on Hulu or use the Find It! Watch It! links on Horror Habit's side bar to locate where else you can find this well done ghostly feature.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Lore (Television Show, 2017)

October Challenge: Day 14

I just recently heard of the podcast, Lore (I'm a little behind in podcast worlds...) but when I heard that that there is a television show based on the podcast, and the show is now available to stream on Amazon Prime - I immediately knew how I wanted my Saturday afternoon to turn out! Binge watching Lore.

Unexpectedly, several chores got in the way today so (as of the afternoon of the 14th) I wasn't able to get my cringe binge on until later in the afternoon. Which means I'm only two and half episodes in at the moment.

I also have a book release party to attend so I won't be able to really resume the binge cringe until, likely, tomorrow afternoon. That's okay though! I'm savoring every bit.

So far the stories - based on actual events - are not new to me, or rather, I'm well aware of the history and the folk lore behind them. That's not detouring my attention. I'm thoroughly enjoying the reenactments, atmosphere, and the way the stories are told. Delightful Halloween Material!

I find real life far more frightening then any book or movie, and here we have a nice hodgepodge of it all. Recorded stories passed on through time, based on legends and ledgers, turned into an artful display of how we are our own worst nightmares. Or.... is there something else at work here....

Since I'm only partially through this series I can't provide an absolute review, but what I've seen so far I really enjoy. I'll be giving a final review once finished (tomorrow).

What I can say now is that this six episode series would be a great Saturday night pick if you're not looking for a movie, the news, or a comedy. Pairs with loads of buttery popcorn. 

See you soon...

Update! So, I couldn't help myself and ended up staying up past midnight watching the rest of this show and I loving every minute of it.  As the series progressed the stories became more chilling and downright disturbing. I found the story Black Stocking particularly disturbing ... 

The show screams for anyone looking for everything that is Halloween and ghost stories around the campfire.  

I'll reiterate that this show will pair best with loads of buttery popcorn, watch alone or in a small group. Perfect for a late night viewing right before bed. 

I watched this film on Amazon Prime or use the Find It! Watch it! links on Horror Habit's side bar to locate where else you can find this delightfully creepy show. 

Friday, October 13, 2017

Pumpkinhead (1988)

October Challenge: Day 13

Happy Friday the 13th! Couldn't have asked for a more beautiful Autumn Friday the 13th in the Pacific Northwest today. It was a crisp stunner.

I have a movie night with the ladies later - PJs, pizza, laughter and some Hocus Pocus! Since I've already reviewed that movie, I thought I'd write about another treasured film instead.

Hands down, one of my all time favorite films. Tops the top 10. It's the type of film that confronts a lot of complicated emotions that will leave you (likely) pretty sad and exhausted. AND YET - this is one really, really, really scary monster. 

Right from the start you're absorbed in a loving father and son relationship that is threatened by unforeseen circumstances - and that connection (father to son, audience to father, audience to son) will stick with you for, oh, I don't know, forever.

A unique horror story that has a mountain mist feeling that it crawled out of the binding glue of the Foxfire books, I find this a simply remarkable film that manages to balance morality, love, hate, heritage, and nightmares all into one jaw-dropping picture. 

Pairs with a dark and stormy night alone. Items picked up from your local general store. Gather the blankets, curl up as safe as you can and prepare for a new favorite horror story (if it wasn't already).

Oh, and just remember folks, if you're seeking revenge - dig two graves. 

I watched this film on Amazon Prime or use the Find It! Watch It! links on Horror Habit's side bar to locate where else you can find this super freaky feature. 

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Red State (2011)

October Challenge: day 12

I've had this movie sitting in my movie collection so long that I forgot I even had it. Imagine the surprise even when I saw that it had a Blockbuster sticker on it!

Not sure what Blockbuster I was visiting around 2011 or why I bought a movie I'd never seen before, but it's likely booze was involved. I went through a phase in the early 2000s where, when living near a Hollywood Video store, I would wander in late on a Friday night and just buy the VHS tapes they were selling instead of renting DVDs. My Husband is still convinced that I took the last local VHS copy of Watership Down during this phase - years before we had even met. When we moved in together he saw it and whispered: "... so it was you..."

Sooooooo, it's entirely possible this movie came from a late night visit to a video store that I felt in my bones was ending and I just needed a token... OR It's also possible that I found it in a free pile on the street corner. Much of my collection has been built by both methods.

I cooked up some beef stroganoff (from my grandmother's recipe book), kicked some ass and took some names today, won a skillet on social media, and began preparing the house for a new kitten we're bringing into the home.

Time to bring on a film I own and know nothing about: Red State!

I have a feeling this is going to get political... See you after the show!


Wow wow wow. This film is kinda of amazing. Wholeheartedly amazed, shocked, surprised, entertained and appalled.

I was also not exactly right about the "get political..." thing. I also don't want to give too much away because the manner in which this story spirals is a sight and experience to behold.

By the way, I love John Goodman in this. Love. Him. In. This.

But to give this review of a little more depth, I'll add that this film revolves around crazy people who just want to watch the world burn - and not necessarily the crazy people you think this film will be about. At least, I was surprised. A certain group of people, proverbial turds in the punch bowl of life kind of people. One very small but heinous group of people....

In short! This is a fantastic, high-speed, madhouse of horror on so many levels. Great atmosphere and acting, incredibly engrossing while also being repulsive, I highly recommend this film for a small but intense movie night.

Bonus, I'm pretty sure I saw this guy in the movie!

Pairs with crazy ass crackers and hotdogs. Beer in a can or water from a fountain.

I own this film (and so glad I do!). Use the Find It! Watch It! links on Horror Habit's side bar to locate where else you can find this thrill ride of a feature.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Shrooms (2007)

October Challenge: Day 11

I've seen this movie float around for years and I've never been interested in seeing it. It just sounded too ridiculous to be taken seriously/be frightened by.

But 'tis the season to try to new things and so, away I went, down the weird and winding road of Shrooms.

I've never tried hallucinogenic mushrooms before, so I had to repeatably turn to my Husband (who has, let's say, experienced more of the world than I have), and ask: "Is that possible? Is that what they look like? Is that experience even remotely true?"

He said the only thing done right in this film about a mushroom trip is that some hallucinogenic mushrooms do look like the ones depicted in the movie. 

If you're looking for a cheesy slasher with a fairly predicable ending that also manages to be somewhat entertaining in its attempt to be original, then this would be a good pick. I also enjoy these types of films. But Shrooms just bugged the crap out of me. 

First, why would a bunch of early 20-somethings travel from the U.S. to Ireland for the sole purpose of eating mushrooms?! Who does that? Rich, privileged Catholic school teens, apparently.  Also, why would this group make that trip if they didn't really like each other in the first place? And who leads people to trip on mushrooms for the first time to an area with a dark and creepy building with a horrid past? Who would do that?!

Of all the mind-altering substances, why where mushrooms used to depict a tragic, frightening, and deathly experience? This film would have been far more believable, frightening, and apt in it's attempt to scare people away from drugs if it revolved around - oh, I don't know, let's see here:


just to name a few...

I struggled with the point of this movie. What was it? It really looked like everyone involved in the making of this film had never taken mushrooms before and were trying to make a point to scare viewers away from this fungus. 

If that's the case ... Okay. But. There are actual drugs out there that are in fact actively destroying lives, cause insane and murderous behavior, kill people, are a living nightmare for loved ones and the users. Mushrooms are not it.

Perhaps I took this film too seriously. Perhaps I just didn't like it. Either way, I'm not advocating for drug use (although if you're at the age where your frontal lobe has fully developed and certain drugs are legal in your area....), but there are actual monsters in drug form out there and I thought it was simply ridiculous that mushrooms were used here (to convey a message?).

If you want to see a truly, truly frightening film about the very real perils of drug use then watch Requiem for a Dream. Seriously, it is one absolutely terrifying movie. Absolutely terrifying. 

Watch Shrooms in a group, for support. Pairs with cream of mushroom soup and some cans of your cheapest local brews.

Folks, stay away from meth, heroin, bathsalts, inhalants, cocaine and opioid abuse. 
I'm fucking serious. 

I watched this film on Shudder or use the Find It. Watch It. links on Horror Habit's side bar to local where else you can find this meh movie. 

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes! (1978)

October Challenge: Day 10

My day started off hilariously clumsy, awkward, ridiculous and weird. Tag on walking around with my zipper down through an indeterminate amount of time this afternoon, and well, let's just take this all the way home, shall we? Let's end the day hilariously clumsy, awkward, ridiculous and weird!

Tonight I'll be watching: Attack of the Killer Tomatoes! Because, why not.

I've never really seen this film all the way through - bits and pieces here and there. I think it was playing in the background at some point in my life, but in short I've never given it my full attention.

That's all changing today!  See you after the show!

Oh my goodness. 
This movie straight up walked out of a gag store. I doubt there will be another film topping off the 'cheese' factor this October Challenge - or ... ever???

Stuffed with groans, eye rolls, totally inappropriate behavior, absurdity - not to mention that the tomato attacks are, hands down, absolutely hilarious - this was a perfect film to end a day that I spent a majority of time embarrassing myself. 

Pairs with a strong desire to lose yourself in grade school, albeit sometimes very clever, humor. Tomato dishes. I was actually stuffing my face with a Caprese salad while I was watching this movie. I didn't realize how funny that was until after I fished the dish. 

Watch in a small group or alone. 

I watched this film on Amazon Prime or use the Find It. Watch It. links on Horror Habit's side bar to locate where else you can find this extremely dry, salty, and very funny film. 

Monday, October 9, 2017

Unnatural (2016)

October Challenge: Day 9

Had a wonderful day of balancing the accomplishments of completing chores and wholeheartedly relaxing. I was so absorbed (in both activities) that I was surprised when the evening rolled up and reminded me that I had not yet seen today's film

Scrambling, I took a shot in the dark at this fairly unknown feature: Unnatural.

I liked the poster.

I liked it so much that I thought the film might be a good choice for this busy, peaceful, chilly Sunday. I was not wrong!

Creature features are a delight to me, and when that creature comes in the form of a scientifically modified polar bear, I'm all ears.

Here we have a moralistic tale on the arguments about science, global warming, everyday jerks, and the gruesome ends to be expected when they are all played out in remote Alaska. The suspension of disbelief skills are called upon in heavy force here, however. Just run with it, best you can, and you'll find the show rather entertaining.

What's not entertaining, however, was that I managed to choose a film that was heavy-handed in insults to the indigenous people - on Indigenous Peoples' Day, of all days. These insults are hurled primarily by one awful character who sees a rather explosive death (hilariously, and to no one's surprise).

This is a good film for a late night/couple night - curled up on the couch, and at the end of the film someone stand ups, doesn't say much about the film but instead says, "It's late, I'm going to bed" and the other one says, "Okay, I'll join you in bed shortly."

The ending of this film is pretty awesome, sad, and somewhat expected. The creature in this film is pretty fantastic though. I particularly loved this creature - the effects, style, and idea alone. In fact,  I found it rather scary. A gory, original, creature. Well done there.

Pairs with popcorn, PJs, and curled up on the couch - mentally getting ready for the next day.

I watched this film on Showtime, or us the Find It. Watch It. links on Horror Habit's side bar to locate where else you can find this smirker of a creature feature.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Predator (1987)

October Challenge: Day 8

Not an October Challenge goes by without my admitting to *just now seeing* at least one absolute horror classic.

Right now: Predator is it.

I have seen bits and pieces, and I've heard my brothers recite so many quotes over the years to think I know enough about the film that I could bluff my way through any conversation about it, but.... if I want to be honest with myself - I've never actually *seen* the movie.

This film starting be seen and appreciated in our home around the time that I was being terrified of the Goonies opening credits (my love of horror films is a long and complicated one). My four brothers loved it right away - I, obviously, needed some time. Like, 30 years.

But, I after watching a couple of football games today, having some brewskies, talking shop with a couple of dudes across the bar about game stats and statistics, I'm feeling right and ready for this film!

See you after the show!


Oh my goodness. I can understand why my brothers like to quote this film so much, it's just so ... quotable...

I made it exactly halfway through this film and simply couldn't take it anymore. Is it right or wrong that I spent the first half of the film laughing out loud? I just found it so side-splitting funny - surprisingly so.

I am absolutely going to give this film another try, likely later today or this evening. I think I wanted to be in a serious movie-watching mode but this classic was not the right fit for the mood.  Instead I turned on Pumpkinhead (that review to come later) and had a thoroughly enjoyable evening without the laughs.

Stay tuned for more...

Update update!

I really should have watched this film with my brothers. Instead, I spent the first half watching it alone and laughing my face off.

Then I re-watched it entirely with my Husband and we both laughed till our faces almost feel off and we just really, really enjoyed ourselves. B movie all the way, but also not quite. Bangs, booms, blasts, loudmouths, smart-mouths, cheesy, cheeky, and original. Predator, you certainly have it all.

Best watched in a group of your best buds. Paris with cans of beer, fart jokes, some fancy new gadget you just got from Amazon. Prepare for a very entertaining time.

I rented this film from Amazon or use the Find It. Watch It. links on Horror Habit's side bar to locate where else you can watch this wild feature.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

The House of Seven Corpses (1974)

October Challenge: Day 7

Woke up to a bright and crisp day today, so I made some breakfast, coffee and started working on a puzzle under the lovely Saturday morning light.

Damn fine way to start a day!

I have wine tasting and dinner plans later, so while taking a short break from sorting puzzle pieces, I did a little searching for what horror movie to watch under such pleasent circumstances.

That's when I found: The House of Seven Corpses. Winner winner, chicken dinner.

I think I've seen this film around town a couple times - looks a little campy, perhaps classically cheesy, but it also looked like it would pair well with my puzzle time...

Indeed it did!

Here we have a movie that is being filmed about occult murders - in a mansion that has already seen: Occult Murders!

This wasn't going to end well for anyone, especially when the Tibetan Book of the Dead was discovered.

Oh this was a delightful pick for the day. Yes, although campy and classically cheesy, it was also rather original. Dated and groan-worthy at times (hello ladies, you'll find nothing new here), this was still a good fit for something I paid attention to 75% of the time.

Odd, simple, entertaining and reliable, this is a good horror show for a peaceful Saturday morning while working on a puzzle, or a fun beer and pizza night with the crew. Pairs with comfort food, coffee, booze, and pajamas.

I watched this film on Amazon Prime or use the Find It. Watch It. links on Horror Habit's side bar to locate where else you can find this vintage film.

Friday, October 6, 2017

XX (2017)

October Challenge: Day 6

The day didn't turn out quite as planned, and that's okay. It actually all turned out for the best. I like those days - especially when it ends with the first Autumn-feeling night really beginning to creep in, chilling the bones and shaking the trees.

Our kitchen drawer fell apart, oddly, and as my Husband and I were banging new nails in and going back and forth about the right way to hold the boards together, the wind-chimes began to bellow, we could hear the trees swaying, and a breeze blew into the home through our open patio door that reminded us to chill and - well - it's getting chilly.

It was about this time that I suggested tonight's movie pick: XX.

A horror anthology film, directed by women and seen through a woman's perspective. I'm all on board. Mike tells me some of the reviews sound very belittling, which upset him to the point that now he wants to watch out it of spite of some of the reviewers. We'll just have to see for ourselves!

We're starting this film late because of change in plans, a broken drawer, and taking some time to appreciate the this blustery evening. 

See you after the show!


Well, I certainly enjoyed this film! Four delectable shorts involving woman and their everyday conflicts as a parent, partner, sibling, and friend when evil arrives in town.

I enjoyed these films. I found them engaging, creative, and incredibly disturbing. Moreover, I thought the concepts were brilliantly portrayed as horror stories for a horror movie versus the horror stories of real life (death of a child, death of a spouse, death of sibling, and the death of a child's love). 

These shorts kept me on the edge of my seat in anticipation, and I truly appreciated how much each little film kept me guessing. Although there were moments that seemed out of place or a little confusing, in all, these are some fun horror stories.  

I have not read other's reviews and I have no intention to read them. I thought this was a well done collaboration of innovative minds and I look forward to seeing more. 

Watch alone, late, on a cold and blustery night. Pairs with red wine and cake. 

I watched this film on Netflix or use the Find It. Watch It links on Horror Habit's side bar to see where else you can find these tasty little morsels of cinema. 

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Nothing But Trouble (1991)

October Challenge: Day 5

My Husband has brought this film up from time to time over the years. Usually using such words to describe it as: Chevy Chase and John Candy - and they're in this town with a crazy judge - and then Tupac Shakur shows up ...

And my usual response over the years is: "What? What are are you telling me? What is this movie?"

For years he also couldn't remember the title of the movie. Until we figured out internet movie sleuthing .. and not being lazy.

The film is: Nothing But Trouble.

I've been fascinated by this film since he first brought it up (mostly because of its elusiveness in our home...), but also because it is, according to rumor, scandalously terrible (in box office numbers) despite it's star-studded cast.

You have my attention...

It was the only film directed by Dan Akroyd, and is apparently so surreal it's not one you'll soon forget (except the the title). 

I Am Looking Forward To Seeing This Film!

I have some hotdogs on the grill, chips and salad on standby, and a cozy couch calling my name. I'm looking forward to seeing this story unfold about socialites trapped in a small town by crazy people (I'm told...) - so stay tuned for more!

See you after the show!

Oh lordy, where do I begin... First and foremost, this isn't a terrible film - it's just misunderstood.

It's an insane ride through a very odd village where logic and reason fly right out the window and you're laughing about it all but don't totally understand why. 

The movie appears 'normal' at first, for about 15 minutes, and then things spin wildly out of control. Think of this film not so much as a campy comedy but more of the type of surreal dreams you have after a night of heavy drinking and you're incredibly dehydrated. 

There's Dan Aykroyd - dressed to kill as a very old man who has a penis for a nose. Then Chevy Chase as the hapless city slicker, accompanied by Demi Moore as the worst lawyer ever. John Candy joins the picture as an extremely devoted cop/grandson/granddaughter/rubber monster thing - and frankly, *that's where things really get weird*. 

This movie is so weird that when Tupac, Humpty and the rest of the Digital Underground show up to sing and dance their way out of a minor traffic violation, you're pretty much resolved to appreciate this film for what it is: A Very Strange and Surreal Film About Nothing And Everything At The Same Time.

There is social commentary spattered throughout the film. Why it's portrayed in this way I don't totally understand, but it is interesting and could prompt several discussions. There is also so many WTFs moments spattered throughout the film that you'll run out of all the WTFs to give.

In short, this is an entertaining film, just not a typical - or rather, expectant - entertaining film. Just toss all your logic and reason out the window, sit back, and watch the penis nose man do his thing.

Best in a group, I really don't advise watching this one alone. Even better, watch in a group of unsuspecting viewers. Pairs with warm Hawaiian Punch in a can, heaping plates of Ants On A Log, and weird looking soups. 

I watched this film on HBO Now, or use the Find It. Watch It. links on Horror Habit's side bar to locate where else you can find this completely wacky feature. 

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Cooties (2014)

October Challenge: Day 4

I've been wanting to see Cooties since 2014. Why Has It Taken Me So Long!?

Too many movies. So little time. Even for a school yard full of zombie children.

Speaking of so little time - it took us (non-horror fan husband and I) to agree on a film tonight, so I suspect the rest of my review won't show up until tomorrow.

Stay tuned for more...

Update Update!

Well that was super fun! Don't ask too many questions though, and this film will tell you no lies. There were points where I tilted my head and said, "Whaaaaaa..." but I'm sure that was entirely on purpose since this film appears to have a healthy appreciation for how to make fun of itself.

More of a smart screamer than a wisecracking moaner, this movie is quick to the startling cringe binge - starting with the opening credits. One of the most gruesome opening credits I've ever seen, actually. Then on to normality for a moment as a substitute teacher starts his first day of teaching a wayward class of 4th graders for the summer.

Thing escalate quickly, very very quickly, as the wacky, ragtag team of teachers have to beat the living crap out of these kids in-order to survive. There's a part of me that thinks teachers may have been involved in the writing of this screenplay... this film employees some very dark comedy.

Fast, entertaining, witty and surprisingly gory, I highly recommend this one for a fun movie night with friends - or in my case - a (non-horror-movie-fan) spouse who was laughing out loud throughout the entire film. I dare say he may have liked it even more than I did, and I really liked it!

Pairs with chicken nuggets. Lots and lots of chicken nuggets (and chocolate milk).

I watched this film on Shudder or use the Find It. Watch It. links on Horror Habit's sidebar to locate where else you can find this gag-inducing side-tickler.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The Birds (1963)

October Challenge: Day 3

Spent too much time today wondering why crazy things happen - only to be left with many reasons why I might never know.

It was a cold day today, a cold day in so many forms. So I needed something cozy and comfortable to cuddle with, and yet also something that reflected a bit of how I was feeling while also providing me with no reasonable answers for anything.

The Birds was the first thing that came to mind.

I first saw this when I was about 10 years old and it left a scar. A scar on my weird, weird heart that I've come to love and appreciate. I've only seen it once or twice over the last near 30 years but tonight just felt right to relive this unique nightmare experience, if only to escape from the real nightmares for a little while.

See you after the show!

Ah yes, pretty much as I remembered. Everything is totally normal throughout much of the film - funny and sweet (dated...) even, sometimes - and then wham! Suddenly you're transported to a completely unsettling and gruesome world were madness is welcomed and chaos flourishes.

I love Alfred Hitchcock's horror, that wonderful, masterful storyteller and nightmare-monger. I love author Daphne Du Maurier, that masterful, wonderful storyteller and expert fear-inducer. Although, Du Maurier's short novel, The Birds, is not remotely the same as the film (side from farms being attacked by birds) I wholeheartedly love the art that is created when these two minds come together.

Spent a lot of time after the show trying to figure out what type of review I could possibly give a classic that really effected me as a child and sits in a category all its own. I spent so much time even that I went to bed with out typing much of a word. Safe to say this film still leaves me speechless.

Nearly 30 years later and I am still amazed by its genius. Hell, the effects alone! ...all those birds.... [shudder] .... it's a quality horror film that I hope continues to amaze audiences for generations to come.

This film is perfect for a cold, dark night, curled up under a blanket, with popcorn and snacks - surrounded by a friend or two. Prepared to be wined and dined by the beautiful scenery, engaging actors, compelling and sweet story line. You can try to brace yourself for when that first seagull attacks, but I can guarantee you'll not be prepared for the next one.

I picked up a VHS copy of this film at the local Value Village. Not even a slightly beat-up tape version of this movie made it less frightening.... OR you can use the Find It. Watch It. links in Horror Habit's side bar to locate where else you can find this stellar feature.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Child's Play (1972)

October Challenge: Day 2

I'm a fan of Robert Marasco's novel, Burnt Offerings, and I'm also a fan of the movie. So when I saw that he also wrote a play (that was nominated for Broadway's 1970 Best Play Tony Award) - a play that became a movie - I was pretty certain I didn't want to miss seeing: Child's Play.

Kicking off this year's October horror movie challenge, I chose a story about a boy's Catholic preparatory school that may or may not be inhabited by the Devil. 

Don't pay attention to the poster image or the tag line, they are both cheeky and hardly represent what this film is about. Also, I realize it might take a moment to not picture Chucky when reading the movie title. 1988 Child's Play and 1972 Child's Play come from two totally different worlds, although they both involve unfortunate children.

First and foremost this is a troubling film. I knew before I even began watching the movie that it was inspired by actual events, and then after viewing, I was left with more questions than I had in the beginning. 

Ominous and dreamy, the viewer is taken to the first day of a new teacher's post among some privileged youth. Things go badly immediately, however, when it's made obvious that the young men are prone to sudden and very, very violent bursts of anger. Matters are made even more worse when a longstanding teacher begins to display signs of madness. 

Religion plays a significant role in this film, naturally, but so does intuition and logic.That, perhaps may be one of the most unsettling aspects of this film, in that you want so badly to understand what is happening (and why) but are left being dependent upon the mysteries of the heart, mind, and soul. 

The editing at times is a little odd, confusing, but the atmosphere makes up for it all. The teachers are powerful and threatening, the students completely frightening. Without it ever being said, or shown, it's obvious that things are not right at this school and that something really terrible is about to happen.

This is a perfect film for a dark, cold, stormy night alone. Pairs with cafeteria food, expensive whiskey, and dark clothes in a dark room. If you have a little red light somewhere, turn it on.

I watched this film on Crackle, or use the Find It. Watch It. links on Horror Habit's side bar to see where else you can watch this creeping, crawling thriller. 

Sunday, October 1, 2017

50 Horror Movies You May Have Missed (vol. 3)

Welcome to the third annual mega list of movies you may have missed! Hurrah for more movies, movies and lists!

So, without further ado and to welcome in this year's October Challenge, I present:

50 Horror Movies You May Have Missed (vol. 3)
Because there will be more. Oh yes, there will be more.

Abby (1974)

Abby: This is a film that, unfortunately, was locked in a legal battle with The Exorcist but still stands tall in its own right. A striking movie full of sex, chaos, screaming, and sex, I found it alarming and original. Loud, brash, exploitative, and unapologetic, this is a film horror aficionados must see. Pairs with food on 1970's dishware, watch on uncomfortable couches with a small group.

Antichrist (2009)
Antichrist: I have a friend, who normally doesn't watch a lot of horror films, tell me she had a panic attack when she watched this one in the theater. Even I had moments where I just wanted to look away - whispering to myself, "just make it stop....". An unsettling film in every sense and dimension, this will leave viewers cold, possibly confused, but with a deep-seeded feeling of complete dread. Pairs with food and drink foraged from the forest.

At Midnight I'll Take
Your Soul (1964)
At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul: A Brazilian masterpiece of the macabre. Chilling, horrific, *gastly*, our buddy here, Coffin Joe, will take you on a surreal trip where he torments, tortures, taunts, and deeply troubles everyone he comes into contact with. Brutal and disturbing, this is another film horror fans should not pass up. Pairs with red wine and bread.

Attack The Block (2011)
Attack the Block: If "from the producers of Shaun of the Dead" hasn't already sold you, then let me add that this sharp and witty horror comedy is a delightful tickler for all horror audiences. Aliens vs a rough and tumble group of London kids, this is a fun and feisty little flick for most everyone. Pairs with pizza, beer, and some of your best buds (preferably buds who you can count on to help you fight an alien invasion).
The Baby (1973)

The Baby: Here's a bizarre slapstick scorcher of a horror film, complete with man children and insane women. This film could induce a lot of debate topics afterwards OR it could just be a really strange and unsettling film that's best washed down with a strong drink. You can read more in my review here.
The Bay (2012)

The Bay: I generally have mixed feelings about found footage films, but this one didn't leave me with mixed anything - it was straight up terrifying. Incredibly gross. Gross, gross, gross, nightmares, gross *I'm making gag faces right now just thinking about it.* This film chilled me to the bone and made me gag. To make matters worse, the monsters in this film Actually Exist! This movie doesn't pair with anything except a strong stomach. You can read more in my review here.

Beaster Day (2014)
Beaster Day: Here Comes Peter Cottonhell: This is a wild and wacky film about a super ugly giant killer rabbit. As should be expected in a movie about a giant killer rabbit, there are stupid absurd amounts of blood, skin, gore, groans and laughs. In short, this is a downright awfully entertaining film. It's bad, really bad but really good with bringing on the chuckles. You can read more in my review here.
Black Devil Doll From
Hell (1984)

Black Devil Doll From Hell: I'm not even really sure where to begin with this one.... it's about a religious woman who buys a doll (one she was told not to) and then maniacal exploits proceed (and straight down hill) from there. Wild music, plot, and an even more wild (evil) doll - this is a startling film in many ways. Pairs with dishes from a bizarre titled recipe book.

The Blackcoat's
Daughter (2015)
The Blackcoat's Daughter: Originally called February (which I think would have been more fitting) this film is deeply, deeply, troubling. Oz Perkins, director of this film and another favorite of mine, I Am The Pretty Thing That Lives in the House, has done yet another stellar job of creating a Full Body Horror experience with sound effects, ambiance, with the chilling and eerie slow burn. This is his directorial debut and it damn near gave me a panic attack based on sound alone. Pairs with small sandwiches and ice cold water. Watch alone.

The Burrowers (2008)
The Burrowers: This is a surprising film on multiple levels. At first glance it looks a little hokey - it's far, far from hokey. It also takes place in South Dakota (shout out to my home state)! It's a wild west creature feature that is well worth nearly every horror fan's time and attention. Sharp, smart, wild, and completely engaging - you don't want to miss these monsters. One IMBD reviewer wrote: "If Lovecraft wrote a western..." while another said "If Deadwood, Tremors, and Night of The Living Dead had sex..." and I don't disagree with either. Pairs with anything made in a cast iron skillet or over a fire.

The Canal (2014)
The Canal: This Irish creeptastic feature disturbed me so much that I still have trouble conjuring up memories about it. It's a ghost story and also so much more (in the psychological sense). It's cold, damp, heart pounding, messed up, and unforgiving. Frankly, this psychological thriller really messed my head up. You can read more in my review here.
The Changeling

The Changling: Speaking of super great ghost stories... this film tops my restless spirits chart. I know it's not really an unknown film, and already tops the charts of others, but I just want to point it out because it seems to me some will pass it up for no good reason at all, or some people just don't *get* it. It's spooky, it's atmospheric, it's a haunting, sad, yet a startling little tale about a boy's ghost. I love this film. Love it, and I'm sure you will too with some patience. Give it a try on a dark, quiet night alone. You can read more in my review here.

Chopping Mall
Chopping Mall: Mostly, all you need to know about this slashic is that it's about robotic mall security guards that go rouge. What more do you need to know!? Oh, I guess also it's obviously ridiculously fun, wrong wrong wrong, sleazy, cheesy, and your new favorite late night movie. Pizza, beer, friends, laughs - you get the picture. You can read more in my review here.
The Company of
Wolves (1984)

The Company of Wolves: I find this film mesmerizing. Following hot on the heals of the Little Red Riding Hood tale, this film meanders around the life of a young woman - on the verge of adulthood - and the possible monsters/wolves/men she could encounter. An incredibly unique werewolf film, this is sure to be enjoyed by cinephiles and those of the horror/fantasy blend. Pairs with picnic basket snacks, watch alone.

Dark Water (2002)
Dark Water: I've seen the U.S. version and the Japanese version and hands down, the Japanese (original) is far, far more frightening. I actually felt cold and damp after seeing it. Absolutely Chilled. Fantastic setting, ambiance, and most terrifying of all - the sound of water, this movie is one to be seen and one you'll never forget. Pairs with something warm but only after viewing. You can read more in my review here.

Deep Dark (2015)
Deep Dark: This one takes the Genie in the Lamp story and twists it into something far more insane and horrifying. It's about an artist who gets inspiration and his wishes granted by a super sexy talking hole in his dingy apartment wall. You might be chuckling now but this is not a movie for the yuk yuk yuks. It's serious, sad, unnerving, gross and completely outrageous. Watch with a small silent group, serve hors d'oeuvres.

Dig Two Graves (2014)
Dig Two Graves: Looking for a feel good fun revenge horror story? Don't try this one. Although revenge plays a significant role here, the story is far more sinister and macabre. Along with the paranormal horrors, this movie is jam-packed full of real life horrors. Humans are just simply the worst sometimes. Simply the worst. The movie begs the audiences' heart and attention in several different directions, while the eyes will be all about the cinematic beauty, but by the end you'll be exhausted, sad, and needing a good hug. Pairs with home cooked meals.

Don't Look Now
Don't Look Now: Don't pay attention to the warning and look at this film - soak this film in - BE this film. I realize that this movie is likely already on many Best Horror Film charts but I still need to share it. Partly because I am super fan of Daphne Du Maurier's work (also author of The Birds and Rebecca), but also because this is one of a very few number of films that had me scream out loud, jump/crawl back up on the couch, and sit in silence for a moment just so I could try and understand what happened. The ending of this slow burn psychological thriller is absolutely not something you want to miss.

Dumplings (2004)
Dumplings: This shocker out of Hong Kong crosses so many boundaries - I loved it. A super sketchy cook has a dumpling recipe for eternal youth. What price are you willing to pay for it, and do you want to know the ingredients? Oh this film is so GROSS! It's wonderfully detailed, sound effects are marvelous, and the story is sure to crawl right up your spine. You can read more in my review here.
Eraserhead (1977)

Eraserhead: I'm sure for most horror fans this film is both loved and cherished, but for those just getting started: don't let this one slip from your radar. A David Lynch classic, this visual and audio cringe binge stunner is one of my very favorite films and one that might best be appreciated alone or in a small, quiet group - preferably with anyone *considering* having children. Pairs with dishes from this list of truly upsetting recipes.

The Flesh Eaters: Don't be fooled - granted this is another classic 1960's creature feature, it also isn't. Super witty, surprisingly dark-humored, and downright not what you expect from a 1960's creature feature, this film is a perfect for a late night gathering of friends who are looking for more than just cheap laughs. Pairs with surprisingly complicated appetizers.

The Fly (1986)
The Fly: You might be asking yourself: what is this film doing in this list - of course I've heard of The Fly. That may be, but when was the last time you saw it?! This is one of those films that surprises me every time I see it. Egaaads! surprising. The Oh My! type of surprising. To be shelved in the same section of "Pretty Good 1950's Horror, Even Better 1980's Remakes" along with The Thing and The Blob. Pairs with food that flies are attracted to.

High Plains Drifter
High Plains Drifter: I know, I know, this is a Western - but it's a really chilling, unsettling, supernatural Western! I love Westerns in addition to Horror, so I especially love Horror Westerns and I put this one right at the top of that list. Clint Eastwood at one of his most Clint Eastwoodness, this eerie and extremely disturbing tale follows the residents of Hell after a stranger floats into town... pairs with whiskey, more whiskey, and dust in your face.
Hobo With A Shotgun

Hobo With A Shotgun: Blood, guts, chaos, exploitation, super violence everywhere - this is grindhouse horror all the way. I think the IMDB summary provides the best overall picture of what to expect from this film: "A homeless vigilante blows away crooked cops, pedophile Santas, and other scumbags with his trusty pump-action shotgun." Pairs with lots of junk food.

I Am The Pretty
Thing That Lives In
The House (2016)
I Am The Pretty Thing That Lives In The House: I've already mentioned this film with the director's debut: The Black Coat's Daughter, and I want to stress that this film is not for every horror fan. It's an ultimate slow burn that oozes tension, dreamy realities, and a sad/shocking ending. Complaints about this film seem to come from people who do not understand that a good horror story doesn't always involve jump-scares. Requiring your full attention 100% in order to truly appreciate it, I recommend this one for Gothic horror fans on a dark, cold, lonely day. Pairs with soup. You can read more in my review here.

I Bury The Living (1958)
I Bury The Living: I was completely blown out of the water with this classic. Expecting something along the lines of House On Haunted Hill (which is Great! Just in a different way...), this film surprised me with its great acting, startling story line, and brilliant ability to completely chill the viewer. This is not a 1950's B horror film, not at all in my book. It's a beautifully compelling thriller with a Twilight Zone feel throughout. Pairs with popcorn, a frosty mug of beer, and a spooky evening alone. You can read more in my review here.

The Invitation (2015)
The Invitation: It took me some time to really *get into* this film, but once hooked, I was dragged to the bitter end with a horrified look on my face and a cold, calculated dread settling into my bones. This is a scary film, but it takes a while to really understand what exactly makes it so terrifying. Is it the odd couple? The lingering threat hiding in the darkness? The uncomfortable collection of old friends talking about uncomfortable things? It all will surprise you. Watch with friends after bailing on a dinner night with other friends.

Isolation: Scientific experiments have gone wrong at this small Irish farm. Really, really wrong. My brother reviewed the movie, here. The only thing I have to add is that this was also my face throughout much of the film:
Isolation (2005)

Juan of the Dead

Juan of the Dead: Some friends came back from Cuba with amazing stories and a recommendation that I see this film. I'm very grateful for both! Gory, fun, serious, exciting - zombies take over Havana and the laughs and screams are in equal measure. A great film for a movie night with friends, but also a great film to discuss the variety of topics this movie hones in on. You can read more in my review here.

Kwaidan (1964)
Kwaidan: Based on the tales collected by late 19th Century author, Lafcadio Hearn, these simply stellar ancient Japanese legends are a marvel to experience. Beautiful, stunning, heartbreaking, and chilling - this film and its stories is one of my favorites. It's just so, so, so beautiful. The music, cinematography, the sound effects, costumes, choreography - All Of It: Marvelous. Watch with artsy fartsy friends or alone. You can read more in my review here.
The Little Girl Who
Lived Down The
Lane (1976)

The Little Girl Who Lived Down the Lane: Resourceful and incredibly creepy little Jodie Foster, battles inquisitive neighbors and a really really creepy and super gross Martin Sheen. Watch out folks, this little girl down the lane is not someone you want to mess with. Disturbing and atmospheric, watch this one alone on a rainy afternoon. Pairs with PB and J sandwiches and orange juice.

Long Weekend (1978)
Long Weekend: Scenes from this film come back to me for no reason, from time to time. Disturbing scenes. Dead animal scenes... Needless to say, the movie will stick with you. This Australian classic is a creeping crawler of man vs. nature. Do I have to say who wins in the end?!? You can read more in my review here. Pairs with anything picked up at the local farmer's market.
The Loved Ones

The Loved Ones: Another film to add to your Australian cringe binge marathon. Here you'll follow a young man on his worst prom night ever. A goretastic blood bath and torture festival, that is also a dark comedy to the darkest degree. It's a film will leave you with slack jaw and a solid punch in the gut. Cringe Binge Galore. Pairs with cake, a nasty nasty gross looking cake (that may or may not have already fallen on the ground).

Lovely Molly (2011)
Lovely Molly: This is not one of my favorite films, but I think it's a must see for horror fans. One IMDB user titled a review: "This Film Will Leave A Disturbing After-Effect To Your Memory Long After You See It". I absolutely could not agree more! Not one of my favorites but I can't stop thinking about it - particularly certain images from the film. Harrowing, unsettling, heartbreaking, and downright wrong, this film will stick with you (and mess you up) long after seeing it. You've been warned. Pairs with don't do drugs.
The Magdalene Sisters

The Magdalene Sisters: You'll likely never find this film in the Horror section, it's a Drama, but I find a lot of dramas absolutely terrifying (see also Requiem for a Dream, Quills) because real life can be terrifying. Based on actual events, this film follows young women thrown into a Catholic asylum against their will in 1960's Ireland. "Thrown into a Catholic asylum against their will" should be enough to make it a horror story but it gets so much worse. So much worse. Pairs with crackers and wine.

Memory of the Dead
Memory of the Dead: An Argentinian horror film of epic proportions! A gortastic gorefest that is visually stunning while also being a super macabre love story. Not a film to miss if you're looking for something new in the horror and supernatural world. Monsters, witchcraft, blood, blood, blood, overall brutality - and it all spins wildly at the very end. Watch with friends you invited over for dinner. You can read more in my review for The Bloodlust, here.

The Monster (2016)
The Monster: I had a bit of trouble really *getting into* this one at first. Mostly because the mother seemed so laughably young to possibly be the mother of a kid her daughter's age. My mind just made them sisters, with the oldest being the awful older sister. Once their road trip began, however, my attention changed and the story got really, really interesting, and heartfelt. Bonus: the monster here, the actual creature in the woods (because there really is more than one *monster*), is strikingly terrifying. Pairs with road trip food and bottles of beer - will need a hug afterwards.

Neon Demon (2016)
Neon Demon: Love this film, I absolutely love it. Thing is, I'm not entirely sure what I love about this film. It's tactile, sticky, gaudy, beautiful, striking, mesmerizing and very very very creepy. Unsettling. Disturbing. Chilling. Hard. Completely full of WTFs - this is a film pulled from the bloody and traumatizing nightmares of deserted streets, lonely but budding youth, and the modeling world. Not a horror film for every horror fan, but certainly one for fans of art house horror and mind melty slow burners. Pairs with rice cakes, water, and a stiff martini. Watch alone.
Night Tide (1961)

Night Tide: I believe this might be Dennis Hopper's first film, and he's absolutely fantastic in it. Also speaking of art house horror and mind melty slow burners - this thriller of a creature feature is a delightfully heartfelt and frankly, distributing, love story between a man and a mermaid. A classic black and white film that requires your full attention at all times, this is a great choice for a dark and stormy afternoon/evening curled up on the couch. Watch with sailors, pairs with seafood.

Primer (2004)

Primer: I saw this film once, over ten years ago, and I still can't forget it. A full-on quiet thriller that is also a psychological horror film, this when-science-goes-too-far startup company has bit off more than it can chew when their idea actually works. Another slow burner that requires your full attention, I suspect this one gets better the more often you watch it. I advise watching it at least once, however, over vending machine food, with extremely patient friends who work in the tech industry.

Pumpkinhead (1988)
Pumpkinhead: I'm putting this super great (is it a classic yet?) out there to be triply sure every horror fan has seen this film, as I'm not sure how many lists this one already tops, but it needs to be added here just in case. An epic creature feature with an absolutely frightening creature, this story revolves around love, lost, revenge, and the costs of all those. The cost of Pumpkinhead. I am hard pressed not to re-watch this film whenever I see it come on TV or streaming services. Watch this film, people. Watch with friends on a movie night, but just make sure you watch it. Then watch it again.

Santa Sangre (1989)

Santa Sangre: It took me years to get through this absolutely chaotic Mexican horror film. Years. Considered one of Alejandro Jodorowsky's best movies, this psychedelic nightmare is not for every horror fan but I strongly encourage all horror fans see it, even if it takes a while. Madness, chaos, religious tortures, disturbed love - and hell, let's throw in some clowns and elephants too. This is a moral tale, wrapped in a nightmare, wrapped in the souls of hundreds of tortured persons. This is not my favorite horror films but I respect the hell out of it. Approach at your own risk. Watch with brave friends. You can read more in my review here.

Slither (2006)

Slither: This one slide right into my life years ago - I laughed and loved it. Then years later I was like, "Wonder what this film is about - I'm going to watch it. [a few minutes in] Wait. I've seen this already!" I blame the poster image. It's not an accurate representation of what this creature feature is all about, and not remotely affiliated with anything I remembered about the film. A gross, funny, creepy crawly feature that will leave you covered in guts and bellowing with laughter, it's a great pick for a fun movie night with friends. Pairs with hot dogs or sausages. You can read more in  my review here.

Starry Eyes (2014)
Starry Eyes: Turn that Neon Demon into a double feature night with another nightmarish thriller about the entertainment industry. This movie emulates the quote (still unsure who it's from but I love it anyway): "Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure that you are not, in fact, just surrounded by assholes". Also, be careful what you ask for - you might just get it. Pairs with cheap food and people that won't stab you in the back or, well, invite you into a cult.
Teeth (2007)

Teeth: I want to see more films like this. Not quite a thriller, not quite a creature feature, not quite a bloody revenge story - but something just a liiiiiiiittle different. A super smart, sharp, tale about killer body parts. Sexual parts. We need more movies like these in our lives. Watch with your best friends at a ladies night out, serve with booze and food that screams IDGAF. 

The Tenant (1976)

The Tenant: Regardless how you feel about Roman Polanski, myself included, I strongly urge horror fans to give this thriller a try. A surreal story about apartment dwellers, this film is quick to start giving you the creeps right fast and furiously. Full of questions, comments for after the show, and a deep, dreadful overall feeling of "what just happened?", this art house horror is one that will taunt your memories for years to come. Pairs with French food, watch alone or with a trusted neighbor.
The Vanishing (1988)

The Vanishing: This is the Dutch original that spawned the U.S. 1993 release of the same title. I saw the remake first and loved it. Nearly 15 years later I saw the original. Both are absolutely horrifying but naturally, the original is better. This twisted story follows an abducted woman, a boyfriend that won't stop looking for her, and the psychopath that toys with them both. This is a deeply, deeply troubling film in every sense of the word. Frankly, I've never been able to look at a truck stops the same since. Pairs with gas station food, and hold tight to your loved ones.

The Video Dead (1987)

The Video Dead: Zombies start crawling out of a TV set and begin killing people (but not before they start stealing stuff!). Hold on to those remotes, folks, this one is bonkers. It's terrible. It's a horribly, horribly hilarious *horror* film. Gather your best peoples, bring plenty of booze, and make a day of fun with this film, Chopping Mall, and Beaster Day. You'll laugh until your face falls off. You can read more in my review here.

The Void (2016)

The Void: Not to be confused with the anthology that was released the same year, this feature taps into creatures, religions, madness, isolation, and the pure chaos that nearly all horror fans have come to love and appreciate in their fine horror entertainment. With fantastic monsters, and a story that quickly tailspins into crazy town (all while wrapped up in dirty blanket that smells like a sci-fi fiasco), this would be a good pick for a night alone or watch with a small group of friends who are just as weird as you are.

The Woman Despiser
Woman Despiser: An absolutely fascinating horror story out of 1960's Turkey where miniskirts, pop music, and big hair rules. It's also about a psychopath with a particular hatred towards woman ... not new news anywhere in the world, sadly, of course, but this film takes it to a whole new level. Completely absorbing, raw, unsettling and original - this is not a film to miss if you like art house horror meets Hitchcockian thriller. Watch with a very small group where no one despises each other, pairs with Mediterranean dishes.