Tuesday, November 1, 2016

October Challenge 2016: Recap

It was yet another exciting year for Horror Habit's October Challenge! Record breaking views this year, thank you so much!!

Also exciting is that this year's challenge was paired with my Roku Channel's 31 days of movies lineup! I was very happy to see nearly 8,000 viewers got to experience that weekly adventure. If you enjoyed the programming please let me know. If you didn't enjoy the programming then you can let me know that too but I probably won't do anything about it. I'm kidding, I *might* do something about it. No really, in all seriousness, the Horror Habit Roku channel is always in development and looking to be the best it can be. November marks Horror Habit's 1 year anniversary on the Roku, and oh the places we'll go....

If you've been following my Challenge posts this month you may have detected a sad tone from time to time regarding my mother. She left this world too soon, fairly recently, I'm afraid. It's also her birthday month, and although she wasn't passionate about horror films, she directly and with great purpose influenced my horror movie love by introducing me the classics (silent era through the 1950's). She also inadvertently introduced me to the accidental horror/straight up terrifying for children films (Gremlins, that time Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs film caught on fire at the theater). She also encouraged my writing, always, from day one. I'm forever grateful for that, among so many other things. 

She wasn't a devoted fan of Horror Habit per se, I suspect her editing eye couldn't take but more than one or two posts, but she loved that I had this blog and was proud and fascinated at my dedication to it.  In all, this was my first October Challenge without Mom and it made sad.

What made me happy, however, is that I still had a really great October - not just watching and writing about films - but also of time spent with friends, family, and cozy me time. 

Moving forward, I've decided to dedicate a few special days in October to particular events/films:
  • October 1st: 50 Films You May Have Missed
  • October 16th: Celebrate Independent Horror Movies
  • October 26th: Horror Films To Raise The Kids (influential horror films for the young - these could be bad or good ideas, either way, they're all based on personal experience)
  • October 31st: 18 Short Horror Films - a Horror Habit film festival
Thank you. Thank you for checking out my blog and thank you for watching my Roku channel (November's content to be updated on 11/3). And although I'm going to take a little bit of a break, stay tuned for updates on several new independent features. 

Take care, be safe, play nice, give hugs, say I love yous, chill out, and eat pizza. XO