Tuesday, November 1, 2016

October Challenge 2016: Recap

It was yet another exciting year for Horror Habit's October Challenge! Record breaking views this year, thank you so much!!

Also exciting is that this year's challenge was paired with my Roku Channel's 31 days of movies lineup! I was very happy to see nearly 8,000 viewers got to experience that weekly adventure. If you enjoyed the programming please let me know. If you didn't enjoy the programming then you can let me know that too but I probably won't do anything about it. I'm kidding, I *might* do something about it. No really, in all seriousness, the Horror Habit Roku channel is always in development and looking to be the best it can be. November marks Horror Habit's 1 year anniversary on the Roku, and oh the places we'll go....

If you've been following my Challenge posts this month you may have detected a sad tone from time to time regarding my mother. She left this world too soon, fairly recently, I'm afraid. It's also her birthday month, and although she wasn't passionate about horror films, she directly and with great purpose influenced my horror movie love by introducing me the classics (silent era through the 1950's). She also inadvertently introduced me to the accidental horror/straight up terrifying for children films (Gremlins, that time Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs film caught on fire at the theater). She also encouraged my writing, always, from day one. I'm forever grateful for that, among so many other things. 

She wasn't a devoted fan of Horror Habit per se, I suspect her editing eye couldn't take but more than one or two posts, but she loved that I had this blog and was proud and fascinated at my dedication to it.  In all, this was my first October Challenge without Mom and it made sad.

What made me happy, however, is that I still had a really great October - not just watching and writing about films - but also of time spent with friends, family, and cozy me time. 

Moving forward, I've decided to dedicate a few special days in October to particular events/films:
  • October 1st: 50 Films You May Have Missed
  • October 16th: Celebrate Independent Horror Movies
  • October 26th: Horror Films To Raise The Kids (influential horror films for the young - these could be bad or good ideas, either way, they're all based on personal experience)
  • October 31st: 18 Short Horror Films - a Horror Habit film festival
Thank you. Thank you for checking out my blog and thank you for watching my Roku channel (November's content to be updated on 11/3). And although I'm going to take a little bit of a break, stay tuned for updates on several new independent features. 

Take care, be safe, play nice, give hugs, say I love yous, chill out, and eat pizza. XO


Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween! Here's 18 Short Horror Films You Need To See!

October Challenge Day 31:

In light of last year's success, I've decided to dedicate every Halloween's October Challenge post to 18 brilliant short horror films.

Why 18 you ask? Because this is the 8th month of the old Roman calendar and the 10th month of the current calendar. BRAINS!

So without further ado, below is my pick of some of the best out there. With a review of 18 words or less, and in no particular order, please enjoy Horror Habit's 2016 Short Horror Film Festival. Happy Halloween, everyone!

Vicious: A whole bunch of EEEEEGAAAADS is happening here. Fantastic. Hugs recommended afterwards.

Dog Food: A simply remarkable moral tale of revenge and twisted humans:

Downstairs: Devilishly humorous, but also very intense and twisted. Here a security guard has a very, very bad evening.

Attic Panic: I always thought storage units were pretty creepy, but this one takes it to a whole new level!

The Facts in the Case of Mr. Hollow: Spooky but not scary. Creepy but not frightening. Beautiful and remarkable.

Rake: Urban legend meets camping trip meets ugly demise for just about everyone.

The Smiling Man: Incredibly dark, menacing, and downright disturbing. Consider yourself warned, mediocre horror fans.

Alexia: Scary internet is scary.

He Took His Skin Off More Me: A remarkably gross love story. Prepare yourself for the cringe binge. 

Danny and the Wild Bunch: Your mid-short horror film festival break. Here we have an author who's created more than she can handle....

Invaders: A fiendishly hilarious gore fest that's been turned up to 11 - and just in time for Thanksgiving.

Sister Hell: A striking and remarkably visual tale on religion and self identity.

Occupied: Scary bathroom is scary!

Vienna Waits For You: An absolutely chilling tale that will stick with you for years, guaranteed.

Knock: A Halloween tale sure to shiver your bones just right!

Violeta: A super alarming ick, ick, gross, gross down-right-wrong-on-all-levels claymation.

The Captured Bird: A stunning, vibrant, and spooky fantasy.

I Heard It Too: Pretty much everyone's childhood nighttime nightmare come to life. Nighty nighty, sleep tight!

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Memento Mori (1999)

October Challenge Day 30:

Memento Mori has been suggested to me several times for over 10 years. I rented it last week - didn't get to it so I had to re-rent it again - and here I am, at the 12th hour, with this one remaining film to see this month, and I STILL haven't seen it!!

Right now my time is completely absorbed in the Cubs vs Cleveland World Series baseball game. Mark this one down for the books! This the first time, and probably the only time that a baseball game will trump a horror movie in my October Challenge.

Never fear, I'll get to this film either later tonight or, quite likely, tomorrow. Stay tuned for this super creepy South Korean classic ...

*Update! Several days later ....*

Well, this turned out very differently than I was expecting, but the creepy water remained. What is it about Asian horror and WATER?

I would call this more of an art house ghost story. It's sad, it's complicated, it's a love story and it's not. It took me quite a bit of time to *get* this film. At first I just sat there, trying to piece the story together, gave up, and it was at that time I was finally able to appreciate (and understand) the story unfolding.

Chilling and sad, this is a film to watch with your best friend - maybe - unless you're fighting at the moment, then just watch it alone. Pairs with school lunches, water, and then some more water.

I rented this movie from my local video store (Rain City Video). Use the links under Find It. Watch It. on Horror Habit's sidebar to see where else you can find this cold and calculating art house feature.

Creature Feature Double Feature: Ghoulies (1984) and Ghoulies II (1988)

October Challenge Day 29:

When I saw this two movie disk sitting on the shelf at Rain City Video I just knew what had to happen. I had to have another Saturday night creature feature double feature.

This was the evening for the costume parties and late night out shenanigans, but we stayed home, took a bath, cooked up some chili and settled into a cozy evening of little demons crawling out of the toilet.

What can one say about Ghoulies or Ghoulies II ...

Well ...

I saw one IMBD post that stated if you've seen the cover image for this film then you can pretty much surmise what this film is about and it's quality. This is a true statement.

I saw most of the first film about ten years ago, and I can confidently say after seeing it again that I missed nothing and yet, and yet, everyone wins with a Saturday movie night at home with these devilish demons.

My husband, belly full of chili, promptly fell asleep on the couch about 20 minutes into the film. I managed to stay wake by sitting up in the recliner ... until the second film. I didn't make it through the second film this evening.

Folks, these films are kitchy and time "well spent". By this I mean: you'll not exactly kick yourself for spending a Saturday night in with these films, but you may question some life choices after the laughter stops. Maybe. I didn't, totally, but still you might.

In all seriousness - these films, all about accidentally conjuring up menacing little beings (isn't that how it always happens?), are probably best seen with a group of friends. Make it an evening full of laughter, cheekiness, cheep beers, and some great tasting chili. My Husband left me alone with these things and it wasn't as fun as when I can share the camp with company other than the cats.

Still glad I picked these films for this year's Creature Feature Double Feature, though. I'll resume Ghoulies II right after the Sunday football games. If anything amazing happens in the second film then I'll be sure to update this post. Otherwise, and in the mean time, know that these films are certainly something to experience at least once. They are ... special.

I rented this movie from my local video store (Rain City Video). Use the links under Find It. Watch It. on Horror Habit's sidebar to see where else you can find these silly, entertaining, not entertaining, but still entertaining features.

House of the Damned (1963)

October Challenge Day 28:

The movie store was hustling and bustling this Friday before Halloween! As I made my way to the horror movie section, nestled in a corner room that is both creepy and a little silly, I found three boys already hanging out there, musing over their movie options.

These three kids could have been plucked right from the Stranger Things series. It was super cute to see! As they were laughing at classic titles, oooohing and ahhhhing over gruesome DVD covers, I felt I had to intervene - just a little bit.

"You guys should totally check out the Hammer Horror collection over here", I said as I pointed to the store's impressive inventory. They immediately started laughing "Hammer Horror, hahahahaha!" Well, I tried. But apparently the words Hammer and Horror together was just too much for them. I'm sure they were picturing a movie series where a killer hammer is on the loose.

In any case, I pulled this film from the "If You Like Hammer Horror..." collection, and told myself that although they may not understand Hammer Horror now, just maybe I made some sort of impression they'll appreciate later.

On to House of the Damned....

Well, it started out creepy and strange, proceeded to wind it's finger around the curiouser and curiouser, but then the very end happened and I swear I heard a balloon deflate and sputter around the room with sad sounds.

This film is well-made, has great cinematography, and is chilling and strange - it's just the end, the "unveiling" is, ah, no. Frankly, the very end is odd and uncomfortable in an awkward way.

I can see this as a fun one with friends for a goofy late Saturday night, but I would warn against investing too much attention for fear of the sad disappointment feeling. I don't want you to experience the sad disappointment I did.

Pairs with scary looking jello dishes, bitter married couples, and martinis.

I rented this movie from my local video store (Rain City Video). Use the links under Find It. Watch It. on Horror Habit's sidebar to see where else you can find this lackluster feature.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Scanners (1981)

October Challenge Day 27:

Today was a day to relax and dry off (my clothes were still wet from the previous day's downpour), and curl up on the couch to a highly recommended classic: Scanners

I had a really difficult time getting excited about this film, for reasons I couldn't pinpoint. As much as a read the description, I was having a difficult time understanding what this movie is really about or how it could be considered horror. Which is a little funny now since the entire film is about the power of the mind!!

In any case, my assumptions were wrong entirely. Very soon into the film there is a head explosion scene that is (I'm gonna say, I'm Gonna Say IT!): Mind Blowing.

I sat up on the couch and was all: OH MAN! My Husband jerked around from the computer and that's when we became fully involved with this mental nightmare. 

This is certainly a horror show, and it's surprisingly gruesome at times (particularly, in good ol' Cronenberg fashion, at the very end).

With a very unique story line and an even more brilliant plot twist, this is a well made psychological and body horror show that will make you question your vitamin intake.... That said, as great of a horror show that this is, it didn't overpower the magic of a warm blanket and cozy couch. I fell asleep in the last 30 minutes and MISSED some of the most important scenes. I woke up during the credits and had to re-watch it even though it was past my bedtime. I'm so glad I did.

Cronenberg films often leave me feeling cold and helpless by the end, and this one is no exception.

Pairs with a small, quiet group of researchers in the medical field, or best yet: alone on a cold and rainy night. Pairs with vitamin supplements, fast food or dainty meat and cheese plates.

I rented this movie from my local video store (Rain City Video). Use the links under Find It. Watch It. on Horror Habit's sidebar to see where else you can find this highly disturbing feature.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Hocus Pocus (1993)

October Challenge Day 26:

October 26th would have been my Mom's 70th birthday. *if you haven't already noticed a tone in this year's October Challenge, yes, I miss her*

So my brother and I went to one of her favorite parks in town and hid some of the rocks that she painted with us when we were children. We made a little map out of the rocks planted, if you will, so we can find them all again in the future, if needed. Something Mom would have appreciated.

And just as we were dusting the dirt from our hands, the sky let loose a barrage of rain unlike anything we've seen in a long while. At the very least, unlike anything I've been caught in. We thought we'd tough it out, stroll through the wetness and look at all the cool, old mansions in the area. That lasted for, oh, about three blocks.

We had to cab it to our next destination or else risk the perils of getting very miserable - very sick and miserable. Our next destination was to a fancy, beautiful, and very haunted hotel to attend a birthday event for a friend who also calls the 26th a birthday. At the party we were looking forward to gathering around on big couches next to a large fireplace and listening to a guest speaker talk about Ghosts!!!

We arrived a little early so we found a seat at the bar and plopped down, sopping wet, with a hand up: "Beer, please." I couldn't help but laugh at the sight of us. Matt had to change socks (yes, he was carrying another pair) in the fancy hotel bathroom because his feet were so wet, and I moved around like a robot, stiff and chilled. During that time though, I could not help but feel Mom's heartfelt mirth at our goofy selves in such a stylish and upscale setting.

We all had a wonderful time with friends while listening to the ghost stories that unfolded that evening. My brother left a little early however, and I hitched a ride home with another friend while birthday girl traveled home to indulge in some Hocus Pocus.

I could not join her, unfortunately, I was too tired and still too wet. In fact, I could still *smell* my mustiness.

What happened next, as I hopped in the passenger seat and we were about to drive home, is beyond explanation and will simply take too long to tell. Let's just say we had an unexplainable event related to the car that was witnessed by both of us, and this event shook us mightily.

Were several logical explanations for core shaking to blame? (e.g., it's getting late, bad traffic trying the nerves, rain rain rain, listening to ghost stories for hours). Yeah, sure.

Were paranormal events playing a hand? (i.e., we had no explanation for what happened). Yeah, sure.

Likely impossible to know for certain, but please trust me when I say it sure as hell felt like some divine intervention hocus pocus had just happened. In any case, we were both pretty rattled all the way home and couldn't stop talking about how the seemingly impossible became possible.

Why am I sharing this already long post and naming it the 1993 cult classic Hocus Pocus?!

First: I Love Hocus Pocus! LOVE IT. I remember seeing it in the theater when it came out, with Mom and my younger brothers all laughing and enjoying every single minute of it. Mom particularly enjoyed this film. In fact, when I came home from the theater that evening I was ready to pack my bags and move to the East Coast to join the witchery fun.

Second: It's Mom's birthday, and it's my friend's birthday: both wonderful ladies who LOVE this film.

Third: We spent the afternoon paying tribute to Mom, then spent the evening talking about ghosts, particularly on helpful spirits and loved ones who watch over you after they pass.

Fourth and final: I experienced some Straight Up HOCUS POCUS by the evening's end. Something my friend and I will never forget. It will likely give me the chills and perhaps even a few happy tears for years to come (not unlike the film). I could not help but think that Mom maybe had a hand in it all this somehow....

PS: Five and final: I just received an email reminder to RSVP for the 2nd Annual Celebration of Witches event on Sunday. I'm witchy like that, folks. Mom taught me well.

In all, whew. October 26th was a bit of a doozy. And I really don't care if you believe in the paranormal or not, I really don't. But in all honesty, I wanted to dedicate this year's 26th October Challenge day post to Hocus Pocus, for all the feel reasons and for all the real reasons. It's a great film for the whole family, it's a great film for a room of hilarious adults, and it has a very special and specific hold on my heart.

Tell your loved ones you love them, watch this film with them, run out and play in the rain with them (for a little while, not too long, you could get sick), and then sit by the fire and spend quality time with each other. These moments are precious, and perhaps someday you too will experience a little bit of hocus pocus to remind you of that.

I own this movie on VHS, and I guard it like a dragon does gold. Use the links under Find It. Watch It. on Horror Habit's sidebar to see where else you can find this Must See for all horror fans feature.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Army of Darkness (1992)

October Challenge Day 25:

It was brought to my attention that my Husband had never seen Army of Darkness. Makes one wonder if they *really know* who they married ...

I had to rectify this pronto - it was necessary to bring peace to the home and to help makes Mike's life more complete.

My older brothers brought this film to my attention right after it came out. I couldn't even guess how many times this film was rented from the local video store, or how high the late fees mounted up because we simply couldn't part with it. 

It's safe to say that this film is one of the crown jewels in our family's horror movie watching experience.

I Love This Film So Much I Could Just Burst.

It's hard for me to even write up a review about it because, well, how do you write up a review about breathing in a peaceful forest, falling asleep when you're tired, or being hungry when it's time to eat. This film has become so much a part of my life that I'm not able to probably review it. It just *IS*.

Here we have everything you love from the Evil Dead films, monsters, demons, wit, banter, hilarious gore, absurdity, plus a happy ending and King Arthur gets punched in the face. What More Do You Need?

Watch with your best people, particularly with anyone who needs a Really Good laugh. Pairs with messy food such as spaghetti (lots of red sauce - like, too much red sauce). Or, just start shoving your face with all the junk food you can find on sale at your nearest S-Mart.

I watched this film on Crackle - please don't ask why I don't own it. It's hard enough already to realize that I don't own a copy. Use the links under Find It. Watch It. on Horror Habit's sidebar to see where else you can find this Must See for all horror fans feature.

Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982)

October Challenge Day 24:

My brother has been asking to watch Halloween III: Season of the Witch with me since September. Finally got to it on Monday!

He had seen it already but really wanted to share this viewing experience as an October Challenge post. Done and done, bro.

It's a silly film. Silly in all the right ways, though.

I think I can sum up the silly by stating: this is the only Halloween film in the franchise that doesn't have Michael Myers in it. It has absolutely nothing to do with any of the other films. So why is it called Halloween III? I have no idea aside from the fact that the focus is on the Halloween holiday.

Here we have a menacing company hell-bent on destroying youth because no one cares about the True Meaning of Halloween anymore. It's a war on Halloween, y'all, and pumpkins everywhere are spittin' mad. These statements may or may not have spoilers in them...

With some classic 1980's horror camp, awkward romance scenes, a Very Angry Mother, a factory town that gives new meaning to factory towns, and a weird and twisted turn of events in a plot that still leaves me wondering how it could have been conceived, this is a movie to behold with a six-pack of beer and a bag full of candy.

Watch with company, and put on that suffocating rubber or flimsy plastic (disturbing) mask you wore on Halloween as a youth. *Be sure you're wearing that mask at the very end of the film. It will be fun, I promise*. 

Pairs with canned beers, candy, candy, candy, and an Irish dish.

My brother rented this movie from his local video store (Scarecrow Video). But he rented a Blu-ray disk, and we don't have a Blue-ray player so I had to rent it from Amazon Prime. Thanks, bro. Use the links under Find It. Watch It. on Horror Habit's sidebar to see where else you can find this odd, silly, original feature.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Eight Legged Freaks (2002)

October Challenge Day 23:

When I picked up Eight Legged Freaks, all I could do at first was just stare at David Arquette's face on the DVD cover. I mean, look at this face:

No, I mean really look at it:

No, really LOOK at it:

This is perhaps going to be one of Horror Habit's shortest reviews because, all you really need to know about this movie in David's face.

This is a ridiculous, heart-warming, hilarious, creepy-crawly, and a downright fun time for the whole family. Seriously, this is one for everyone regardless of your horror preference and pretty much for all age groups. 

Pairs with popcorn, soda, and a couple of crisp beers. Grab the fam, sit back and prepare to fill your belly with laughter. Note: probably the only person who might not enjoy this film is someone from the grammar police. They'd just sit there, trying not to think of eight leggy individuals...

I rented this movie from my local video store (Rain City Video). Use the links under Find It. Watch It. on Horror Habit's sidebar to see where else you can find this goofy, fun-loving feature.

Monday, October 24, 2016

A Christmas Horror Story (2015)

October Challenge Day 22:

Saturday afternoon (two days ago) was full of chores and running errands, but Saturday night turned into a simply delightful movie marathon with me, my Husband, our two cats, and the couch.

We started our evening with some horror comedy - and I'll get to that one in another post soon - but I wanted to focus on the film we watched TWICE that night. Twice. Two times. In a row.

We both made the mistake of messing with our phones too much through the first half hour of A Christmas Horror Story, and that was in part why we needed to see it again. The other reason we needed to see it again, immediately, was because it was that good. It was *that* good, folks.

The first 10 minutes are especially crucial to pay attention to so that the entire movie will fall into place perfectly. And what I thought would be a sinister horror comedy (and it is ... a little), actually turned into a brilliant play on symbolism, society, and morals. This movie took a serious turn - not something one would expect based on the poster image...

The film is also more of an anthology than it is one big story about Santa. And yet it's also one big story about Santa. There are three different "stories" happening all at the same time, but they are connected and here's where this film requires your full attention. The stories are interwoven so well, so cleverly, and with such innovation that when we watched it a second time our minds were pretty much blown by what we did not see/connect previously.

Other bonus points:
  • Scandinavian Santa. I particularly enjoyed the embroidery detail around the collar. My Scandinavian heritage approves.
  • The importance of William Shatner's role.
  • The demons were especially effective. 
  • One story revolves around women's health and their rights to it - and I didn't get worked up and angry even though the subject would suggest otherwise... I was a merrily mystified by how well done this story was told.
  • I could probably spend hours in awe, hunting down all the tiny details and symbolism.
  • It make me laugh - at parts. It's also very frightening. It's also very sad ... bone-chilling sad...
  • The twists, particularly the big one at the end, really blew me out of the water.

You'll probably need someone nearby to hug by the time the ending rolls around. Don't say I didn't warn you. 

Superb, shocking, brilliant, jarring, and Cold-Hearted. This is a surprising film on all fronts.

Pairs with cozy winter food and stiff drink - right out of the bottle. Watch with some friends, make it a mimosa afternoon or a session IPA evening, but again - you really really really need to pay attention to everything otherwise you're cutting this movie watching experience short. 

I rented this movie from my local video store (Rain City Video). Use the links under Find It. Watch It. on Horror Habit's sidebar to see where else you can find this really amazing feature.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Bone Tomahawk (2015)

October Challenge Day 21:

After a simply delightful dinner with friends, and some much needed one-on-one girl time with a bestie, I came home to a cozy couch and a Husband surprisingly interested in watching a horror movie.

Seeing as we both like Westerns, I thought Bone Tomahawk, a film revolving around cannibals and 'good-guys' would be a wise decision for the evening's movie of choice.

About 20 minutes in I said aloud, "What in the world is this?" Mike burst out laughing - thankful we were on the same page about the film.

No, either of us were having a good time with this movie. Not at all. Although, we started to have a good time when we both realized how much neither of us were enjoying it!

Now, I get slow burning horror movies - in fact I rather enjoy them - but this was not what I call a slow burner. I'd call it more of the pilot light when out, early, kind of movie.

We sat agape at the lack of anything remotely interesting happening, aside from the very unusual acting, oddly disjointed dialog, and there was something about the cinematography that really bugged me ...

"Flat," Mike said suddenly, "The shots are flat." Indeed they were! Once he said that I couldn't Un-See how flat/uninspiring/disconnected/boring the scenes were filmed.

  • Then we couldn't stop noticing the (unintended???) racism. 
  • Then I said, "...we're only 40 minutes in - can we Fast Forward now?" (He said No, we have to preserver).
  • Then I said, "This movie has a 7.1 out of 10 rating on IMDB..." We simply couldn't believe, but keep going because maybe there's something we're missing. 
  • Then I feel asleep for a little while but ultimately missed nothing.

The movie appeared to have had a lot money invested but none of that jumped out to us. We also couldn't believe Kurt Russell was involved in this - in all we just couldn't believe what was happening on our screen was actually happening.

This movie struck us both as flat, boring, racist, odd, cheep, and not a fun movie watching experience at all. Then why in the world does it have a 7.1 rating on IMDB, a 90% Critic rating and a 72% Audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes?

Is there something wrong with us???

You decide, dear readers. I'd be interested to know what you think.

I rented this movie from my local video store (Rain City Video). Use the links under Find It. Watch It. on Horror Habit's sidebar to see where else you can find this unfun feature.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Creeping Flesh (1973)

October Challenge Day 20:

Stopped by the video store to select this week's movie picks today! While browsing their horror section (which was once the 18+ hush hush wink wink section), saying to myself: "seen that, seen that, seen that, ah ... don't want to see that, seen that, seen - " I spot The Creep Flesh.

I knew nothing of the film but I know that time spent with Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing is never time wasted (never, ever, ever, ever), so I reached to pluck the video off the shelf  and that's when I heard it: "eeeeek!! eeek! [shuffling sounds] eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! [lots and lots of shuffling sounds]"

EGAADS MAN! What is that?!

I looked around the tiny, cramped little room I was in and saw nothing. but the sounds continued. They were coming from the wall! Folks, these creepy wailing sounds were coming from the wall right in front of me!

They didn't stop either, which escalated the remaining movie picking experience threefold. *Assuming* they were a large pack of mice just waiting to burst through the wall and topple me with a shelf of horror movies, I popped out of there faster than you can say Willard.

That was my initial introduction to the masterpiece of horror that is The Creeping Flesh.

This movie is nothing short of a stellar, absolutely stellar horror film. To be perfectly honest, by the end, my heart was racing and I was literally on the edge of my seat.  It's safe to say I was pretty much like this throughout the entire film:

Remarkable performances by all, stunning effects, incredibly twisted story, and with an even more twisted end, this is one for the ages and Must Experience for anyone who thinks they've seen it all in the creature feature realm. Bonus: its jam-packed with all the super fluffy and colorful boas anyone could ask for.

Although it's a 1970's Gothic tale, don't be fooled into thinking you're going to experience a lot of camp and cheese. There is a little, but only very little. Additionally, there is an attempted rape scene that is incredibly disturbing - please be aware of this.

The monster in this film (and there are a couple, mind you) - but the monster monster, the skeleton, scares me, still. Straight up. This thing gives me the creeps like few monsters do. Also, while there's not a whole lot of gore, there are original and disturbingly detailed graphic scenes. The other monsters in this film, primarily:
  • greed
  • Victorian morals and views on poverty
  • primitive scientific methods
are sure to dig a heal sturdily into everyone's shivering bones. Bonus: if seen in a group you'll have LOTS to talk about regarding these other monsters afterwards...

This is a film like none other and it raced right to the top of some of my favorites within the first half hour. It's a stellar, stellar, stellar horror movie. Immediately after it was over I kindasorta wanted to watch it again, but it's getting late and I have this review to type up.

Gasp. Seriously, folks. I've let out a gasp after seeing this one. Bravo, The Creeping Flesh! Bravo.

Pairs with champagne, water, or English teas in beakers, and some sausages - questionable finger-sized sausages....

Watch with anti-vaccine supporters, scientists, anthropologists, and archaeologists. Enjoy.

I rented this movie from my local video store. Use the links under Find It. Watch It. on Horror Habit's sidebar to see where else you can find this simply amazing feature.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Ernest Scared Stupid (1991)

October Challenge Day 19:

I didn't get a chance to stop off at the video store today so I'd like to talk a little bit about a film that delighted me to no end, frightened me a little, and played a significant role in my movie/horror movie/family time appreciation.

I know Hocus Pocus has experienced the crowd appreciation in recent years - And It Deserves It! LOVE That Movie! I was a fan before it was cool to be a fan, by the way. Straight up.

But there's another film, along the same lines, in *roughly* the same era, that had a similar impact on me, and that is the brazenly outlandish Ernest Scared Stupid.

I grew up with Jim Varney (and his best friend Vern). I remember him quite clearly talking to *me - he was talking to me, you guys!!* (and Vern) through the TV.

I grew up with all his movies, his TV commercials, and his various TV roles. To be completely blunt, this guy was an icon to me before I understood what an icon was.  More-over, he taught me about theater, acting, character development, performance humor, and ways to engage an audience at just the time I was beginning to understand it. As someone who has spent her life in an artistic realm, this was f**king important.

I was a roughly eight, darn near nine years old when I first remember seeing his mug, and he really had an impact on me. An impact that I thoroughly appreciate to this day. In all, he was saying a lot by saying very little (or seemingly) very silly things.

Whenever this guy was around, so was my family. Mom, brothers, Dad - all of them. Hanging out in some form or another - either at the theater, or at home watching Dad complete his video collection by taping movies directly from TV (we, the children, sitting right next to the VHS player, ready to push Pause when the commercials showed up...). When I hear an "Earnest" movie creep into conversation, I immediately go back and remember these days fondly.

I remember the day I saw this movie in the theater with Mom and my two youngest brothers. It scared me - not stupid - but it scared me. The troll in this film is nothing to mess with! In fact, I've had a problem with trolls ever since. It's doubtful a movie like this can be made for kids today. In fact, I believe the film was criticized for being "too scary" when it came out!

At this point in my life none of that matters. This was a fun film - albeit a little terrorizing for the kiddos - but it was also very fun for adults. I know that now because I just watched it again for the first time since 1991 and laughed my ass off (although my 10 year old self was hiding under blankets).

It's difficult to say if anyone approaching this film for the first time as an adult (and with no kids) would appreciate this film as much as I do, but there's a good part of me that thinks they might. It's just the funny, and it's simply perfect for anyone who is looking for a "horror" film to fill the Halloween time without peeing their pants.

I have a strong connection to this bumbling man, getting himself in all kinds of trouble by just trying to be a good person. I have a strong connection to this movie in that it was a part of my life where family was around always (better or worse). That's about the best way I can sum up a movie with the words, "Scared Stupid" in the title....

I love this film. You might not love this film and that's okay. More Ernest for me. Best watched in a group that you call family, and in some place that fosters good memories. Pairs with sodas, cheep beer, laughter, and popcorn from a home popcorn machine (Not Stove Top! and not microwave) - I'm talking this stuff:

Peace, love, and happy memory making to you all.

I re-watched this movie from HBO Now. Use the links under Find It. Watch It. on Horror Habit's sidebar to see where else you can find this heartwarming yet frightening feature.

Witchboard (1986)

October Challenge Day 18:

For no good reason whatsoever, I didn't get to last night's film until it was a little too late to type up a review.

No worries! It's here now.

Let's see, how does one begin a review of Witchboard ...

First and foremost, this film opens up in a party with yuppies discussing the possibility of Intelligent Design and ghosts.

I really didn't know how to react to this situation, except with a great big: "Whaaaaaaaat is happening here...."

This is a 1980's B Horror movie bred in the bowels of the most 1980s B Horror movie you can think of. It couldn't have come from nowhere - there had to be some magical intelligent force that created this mystical beauty that might be a *perfect* example of 1980s B Movie Horror...

Yes, yes. That must be the answer because while this film has some rather outrageously terrible acting, prime examples the 1980s clothing and hair styles should never return, and is all shown with the grace of a drunk pickup artist - this movie is still wildly entertaining in its perfect imperfection.

Where first I started this film with chuckles, the clucks soon turned into a big fat grin of total contentment.

What in the world was I watching? I no longer cared, it was too amusing to second guess why that murderous pile of dry wall tumbled down, or why a yuppie is toting a spirit board around to social functions.

This movie is so great in its not greatness that I Completely, Totally Understand why they made three more Witchboard movies. I totally get it now.

Hilarious, shocking, silly, and serious, this is a Must See film for 1980s horror fans. A Must See.

Perfect for a party gathering, particularly a party where you can reunite friends who are bickering with each other. Pairs with Tab,  Ritz crackers, caviar, and heaping plate of your favorite gut bomb dish.

I rented this movie from my local video store (Rain City Video). Use the links under Find It. Watch It. on Horror Habit's sidebar to see where else you can find this oddly entertaining feature.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Slither (2006)

October Challenge Day 17:

I got a toaster oven in the mail last night - a toaster oven I was SUPER excited about. So excited that I spent a majority of my evening fussing with it. Which turned into rearranging the kitchen, which turned into my Husband helping me rearrange the kitchen, which turned into both of us cleaning out the kitchen, resorting everything, rearranging, and staring at our *new* kitchen (thanks to a toaster oven) for more hours than is probably deemed "normal".

And then 8:30 PM showed up and I was all like, "Oh my goodness! I have a movie to watch!".

Slither crept into our evening like the sly thing it is, until we both realized about 20 minutes in that we've already seen this movie!


There's a cold, dark place in a horror movie fan's heart when they realize they've completely forgotten seeing a really well done horror film. 

I can't tell you exactly when or how, but if my math and charts are correct, this movie and I likely crossed paths when Pabst Blue Ribbon, a Taco Bell *and* a Blockbuster video store across the street were a priority in my life. 

Yes, yes. I think this must have been the time when Slither and I initially met. Oh the 20s.

I can't exactly speak for my Husband. He has no idea where he saw this movie but 20's and PBR were also involved - that he's pretty sure of.

Oh, how life has changed from the days of my laying on the floor because I couldn't afford furniture, watching rented VHS tapes - to lounging on the recliner chair watching 99 cent VHS tapes from Value Village because I'm thrifty...

Much like my day-to-day, this film is HILARIOUS. Unlike my day-to-day, this film is incredibly gross.

*** You have been officially warned all those who fear the creepy, slicky, bloated tick, crawly ***

In all seriousness, this is a very fun alien horror film packed with smart wit and banter. I'm very, very surprised I had completely forgotten about this film. I thought about how this could have possibly happened, and ruling out the Taco Bell and PBR, I'm still sticking to the: I Don't Really Like The Title reaction. 

Yeah....okay, the title works. It just didn't *stick* with me - which is a little funny in itself. I think I forgot this film because "slither" is not the first word that comes to mind when seeing it.  I get it! But still, for some reason the title and the premise of this movie did not jive in my memory banks.

In all, this is a goretastic creature feature of all type of creep fest, filled with puss, grime, and everything you need for an entertaining movie night with friends. You'll laugh more than expected, you'll cringe more than expected, you'll be grossed out of your mind more than your Taco Bell growling belly is expecting (I'm kidding. I still love Taco Bell from time to time. Haters gonna hate). By the end, however, you'll be happy you've seen it .... even though it might take you 10 years to remember seeing it ...

Pairs with (you guess it!) Pabst Blue Ribbon and Taco Bell!!! 

Or, I suppose, fine and exotic beers from a brewery start-up, and expenses cheeses with crackers that look good but really just make a mess everywhere. Sushi works too.

I rented this movie from my local video store (Rain City Video). Use the links under Find It. Watch It. on Horror Habit's sidebar to see where else you can find this deliriously, disgustingly, side-tickling feature.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Celebrating Independent Horror Movies (2016 edition)

October Challenge Day 16:

I'm going to try something a little different here...

It's my Husband's birthday today and he is not a fan of horror movies, at all. So we made a pact that I wouldn't watch a horror movie on this day. Rather than post a review of a specific movie I've already seen (some year past or recently), I thought I'd give a shout out to some independent horror movies.

A few directors have contacted Horror Habit recently, and I haven't had a chance to give their movie a proper plug due to circumstances outside my control - until today.

I'm going to list these movies in the order that I've been contacted. I haven't had a chance to review these films yet so consider this your exclusive preview! Where possible check these films out, support your local artists, support independent horror films, and be on the lookout for the reviews!


Title: Webcast
Directed by: Paul McGhie

This film is currently being submitted into festivals, but the goal is to get this film into a cinematic release. Inspired by such films as The Blair Witch Project, The Wickerman, Rear Window, and Race With The Devil, this film is self funded and has taken over five year to complete.

SHORT SYNOPSIS: It’s the story of two student filmmakers who come to suspect their neighbours might be holding a woman against her will. Keen to discover the truth of the matter, they start to run surveillance on the house next door. And that’s when things go bad.

Learn More Here:! https://www.facebook.com/isawthewebcast


Title: Hades and the sequel Tlmea
Directed By: Kevin Kopacka

Hades has played at 25 festivals, including Cannes, Raindance, The Artist Forum in NYC, Genrenale, 30Under30 FF, The Buried Alive Festival, and won 8 awards in 2015. Both films are rather unconventional in its narrative and style, and is influenced by the director's work as a professional artist and graduate of University of Arts in Berlin.

SHORT SYNOPSIS: Hades tells the story of a woman trapped in an endless dream in which she has to cross the five rivers of Hades, each representing different stages of her relationship. The sequel Tlmea (pronounced Tolomea) tells the story of two undercover cops, caught in a dream during a drug raid, in which they descend down the 9 levels of hell.

Learn More Here!: https://www.facebook.com/hadesthemovie and: http://kevinkopacka.com/news/films/tlmea 


Title: Shadows Fall
Directed by: Aditya Vishwanath

This film is the team's first feature film - a supernatural thriller in the vein of Bram Stoker's Dracula, and with a style inspired by the works of David Lynch.

SHORT SYNOPSIS:  Shadows Fall is the haunting story of Senka, a young widow who confronts and answers that eternal question - what would you do for one more moment with someone that you love? Resorting to the supernatural, she makes a bargain with a demon for the life of her dead husband, Jonas. Now she must live with the price of that deal. Trapped in her once happy home, she is caught in the balance between every moment of happiness with Jonas and the terror and darkness slowly invading their lives. Yet more terrifying is the fact that Jonas is no longer the man that he was. And the only ally she may have in understanding what happened to him, may be the demon himself.

Learn More Here!: http://www.shadowsfallthefilm.com


Title: A Film by Vera Vaughn
Directed by: Sorrel Brae

This film has spent the last year in the film festival circuit, playing in Nashville, Brooklyn, Maryland, and Portland. It won the Jury Prize for Best Narrative Short at the Sidewalk Film Festival , and will premiere on Short of the Week on Wednesday, October 19th 2016,

SHORT SYNOPSIS: In this ghost story for the digital age, filmmaker Vera Vaughn works late into the night, editing her psychological thriller about a woman jeopardized by a mysterious home intruder. But when she’s interrupted by a knock at the door, Vera’s world takes a frightening turn toward the surreal as life threatens to imitate art – or is it the other way around…?

Learn More Here!: https://www.facebook.com/veravaughnfilm


Title: Wekufe: The Origin of Evil
Director: Javier Attridge

SHORT SYNOPSIS: A journalism student travels with her boyfriend to Chiloé, a remote Patagonia island in the south of Chile, to investigate the connection that exists between the great number of sexual related crimes and the myths ‘n’ legends that surround this isolated and mysterious place. Soon they will find out that behind these legends lies something much more obscure that will begin to unravel towards an unavoidable destiny. Gradually they will come to understand that all too often it is best to keep your sanity than to discover the truth.

Learn More Here!: https://www.facebook.com/Wekufemovie


A huge thank you to everyone who has reached out to Horror Habit and I hope all of your projects will be a wonderful success.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Clown (2014)

October Challenge Day 15:

Well, we packed the cupboards, hoarded the water, and hunkered down for what we were expecting to be a record-breaking storm for the Pacific Northwest. Don't get me wrong, some parts were hit very hard - a tornado hit the Oregon coast for crying out loud! - but our little home in Seattle remained free of any sign of chaos.

This didn't stop me from hunkering down, hiding from the world, and watching horror movies all day though.

I'll get to the other movies soon, but I wanted to take a moment and focus on Clown. I can't think of a time when clowns are not at least a little creepy - especially since the streets of this nation are currently under a clownocalypse siege.

I'm not exactly sure what I was expecting from this film, but it turned into a gortastic freak fest within 30 minutes. This fast-paced creature feature absolutely blew me away - because I know the storm certainly didn't.

What struck me most about this film is its humor. And by that I mean the kind of humor that comes from the most cynical, driest part of your gut. The Ha-Has that make you a little shocked you even Ha-Haed. Some might call it dark humor but it's deeper than that - it's an odd combination of shock, horror, Schadenfreude, cringe binge, and yes, a few chuckles. It's also incredibly gross. Very gross. There's a few torturesk scenes where even I kindasorta turned my head and curled up into the chair.

This one is some great horror, folks. 

Great effects, and even more outrageous scenes (scary evil dog, rainbow clown blood), this is a fantastic horror film for proud nerds and anyone who can't look away from a jolly fellow's living nightmare.

This is not a campy film for casual horror viewers, it's much more suited for the horror fans that need a little break from Martyrs or The Audition. Big pants, perhaps even over-sized, horror.

A great film for a group, but you might want to eat at least 45 minutes before viewing. Not exactly 'suited' for parents who lack a very, very, very dark sense of humor. Parents with only a very, very dark sense of humor *may* find it entertaining. Wait, you know what, scratch all that. Parents: enter at your own risk.

Pairs with cake, pancakes, cotton candy, and anything Icelandic.

I rented this movie from my local video store (Rain City Video). Use the links under Find It. Watch It. on Horror Habit's sidebar to see where else you can find this devilishly fine feater.

Friday the 13th (1980)

October Challenge Day 14:

I spent yesterday evening at St. Patrick's Catholic church, listening and singing along to a mass that was entirely in Gaelic.

This particular evening gathering was a tribute to loved ones who passed within the last year. We sang to their souls, wishing them safe travels on their new adventures. I'm sad to say my Mom, quite suddenly, was one of those souls, but I was touched beyond words that the choir dedicated their singing to her this year. She was a devoted member of that choir and they are still in shock with her passing (as we all were/are still).

Now, I'd like to point out that we are neither Irish nor Catholic. Mom just really loved singing in Gaelic (she was pretty fluent in it too), and frankly her spirit was more Irish than her blood was Danish.

Last night was the second time I've been in a Catholic church since 1997 - you can safely say I'm not much of a fan - but as Father John Madigan was delivering his brief welcoming in English, he turned to my brother and I in the audience and gave his own, beautiful dedication to Mom. Matt and I were pretty much like this by the end:

It was a  heart-felt evening, and it was wonderful seeing so many of Mom's friends. An experience I will never forget, and I will do my best to keep the connection in our family with the local Irish community that Mom was so devoted to.


I finally got home around 11:30 PM last night, looked up and saw a most brilliant bright moon, nearly full, playing hide-and-seek behind some marvelously spooky clouds. It was a perfect Halloween (or Samhain) moon, and particularly eerie after spending a night talking to spirits. That said, seeing as it was still, technically, Friday the 14th and I wasn't quite ready for bed yet...

Folks, I'm going to need you to sit down for a moment because I have a *confession* to share. It's a pretty serious one, but since I spent most of my evening sitting near a confessional booth, I feel it's necessary to say it:

I've never seen Friday the 13th before, not even any films following. Never, not once, not even clips.

....I feel better already. Thank you.

I don't think it should come as much of a surprise to anyone that approaching this film for the first time nearly 36 years after it's initial debut, has it's own entertainment. For instance, with every introduction of a new woman to the scene came a sexual comment from one of the guys. Every. Single. Time. And that's just 20 minutes into the film.

However, another entertaining element came in the form of Kevin Bacon. Folks, I HAD NO IDEA Kevin Bacon was in this film. Not a hint of an idea. Ever.

Mind. Blown.

Roughly the 45 minutes of the film was a little silly for me - but not the last part of the movie. No, no, no. That's when this film started racing to the top of some of my favorite horror movie charts. My jaw-dropped at this time and stayed there until the climatic end. This movie surprised me in many ways. What I thought was going to be cheeky turned disturbing, and what I thought was going to be cheesy turned into a gourmet of the macabre. Straight up, I absolutely understand why this has become such a classic horror show.

Now, I'd like to point out to anyone saying to themselves: What kind of sick person writes up a review connecting the passing of their mother with Friday the 13th, of all movies?! This person, right here. Mom introduced me to horror films, and she also had a fabulous sense of humor - a very dark and yet delightfully silly sense of humor. I can hear her laughing now (and pointing out every one of my typos).

To any horror fan out there that's never admitted to seeing Friday the 13th before then now is your chance. Say it loud and proud, but also get thee to a couchery and see it as soon as you can. This is an experience every horror fan should behold at least once. Consider it a right of passage.

Pairs with rare burgers and veggies. Watch with a group - preferably in your swim trunks or camping gear. Play a game of Monopoly afterwards.

I rented this movie from my local video store (Rain City Video). Use the links under Find It. Watch It. on Horror Habit's sidebar to see where else you can find this highly entertaining feature.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Dead of Night (1945)

October Challenge Day 13:

I found this gem hiding in the Hammer Horror section at my local video store.
I've seen it heralded as one of the most frightening films ever created, and this amazing piece of work (in a good way) has earned every praise it has received. 

An anthology film, showcasing alarmingly grotesque (as in story telling and not so much on the actual gore) stories, Dead of Night straight up shocked me. It shocked me for how vibrantly these stories were told, how morbidly they unfolded, and how ghastly the outcomes were revealed. 

Actually, in a word, this film is: Ghastly.

Folks, there is a ventriloquist doll here that will forever give this grown-ass woman nightmares. I really couldn't believe what I was seeing - and it was only for a moment. But like so many superb horror films, it often only takes just a few moments for one particular scene to scare the pants right off you.

My only complaint is with the DVD I rented. It said it was "digitally remastered" but I find that hard to believe. The sound and picture were terrible, the cropping was awful - with too many times a person's head was completely cut off from the screen ... unnecessarily. That said! I still found the film horrifying. I hope this tells you something about the quality of the movie itself.

In any case, should you rent it/buy it please be sure it's a very recent version. The one I rented is quite a bit older and I have faith newer releases are of better quality.

This is not a late night black and white for those who only like House On Haunted Hill late night black and white. No, this is dark picture that will likely blow you out of the water.

Pairs with British teas or brandy, and dainty snacks on soiled doilies. If you watch in a group please be sure everyone remains mostly silent, although I think this one is best seen alone on a dark and stormy night - literally.

I rented this movie from my local video store (Rain City Video). Use the links under Find It. Watch It. on Horror Habit's sidebar to see where else you can find this very ghastly feature.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

[Rec] (2007)

October Challenge Day 12:

Received news today that a massive (record breaking) storm is headed right my way, scheduled to arrive tomorrow afternoon and last until next Tuesday.

This is bad, mmmmkay.

Decided to get started with my hunkering down by hunkering down to a horror film that has long been on my recommended list and I've seen topping many a horror fan's list: the 2007 Spanish found footage film, [Rec].

I've been avoiding this film for a while because I think I have a problem with brackets .... No, seriously, I've not been super excited for this film because I've seen some trailers and the shaking cam is serious SHAKY CAM.

But, the movie is due back to the video store soon and since I'd rather not walk to the store through the middle of a storm, I decided it was now or never.

We did not get along well at first, [Rec] and I. First the subtitles in my video copy were, how should I say this, f**king terrible. Subtitles would appear once, every other minute or so and would only included a few words. This is a dialog heavy film. I tried fiddling with the settings - nothing changed, that is until I reset my television to include subtitles and quit them from the DVD itself. By that time I was more angry that I never learned a second language in school than I was at the DVD, but we'll talk about our school systems another time ...

As I was trying to suss out if the terrible subtitles were a part of the movie experience or not, I finally read the movie synopsis on the DVD case which started with: "A beautiful TV reporter ..."

What in the holy hell do her looks have to do with a movie about being trapped in an apartment complex with monsters?!?! To who ever wrote this synopsis: get out.
I was about to toss this movie out the window - until I saw how many awards it's received and I figured out how to program my TV for DVD subtitles...

We got off to a bad start, this film and I. This bad start continued to unimpressed me until the last half hour of the film. Turns out that being nearly 10 years behind on this particular monster feature did not age it well for me. I was nonplussed by most of it - until the last half hour.

The last half hour was impressive, little classic horror cheeky, but very well done.

I would recommend this film to horror fans who are just now getting into the genre. Well seasoned horror fans who are just now plucking this one off the video store shelf may not find it as innovative (any more). That said, the ending .... the ending was very well done no matter what your horror 'expertise'.

Pairs with saltine crackers, drip bags, and maybe a crinkled bottle of water or two. You might want to see this with a couple friends.

I rented this movie from my local video store (Rain City Video). Use the links under Find It. Watch It. on Horror Habit's sidebar to see where else you can find this dark, and very uncomfortable feature.

Motel Hell (1980)

October Challenge Day 11:

Oooooooooh maaaaaaan!

Motel Hell has been in my Have You Seen list for who knows how long. Why I never made the effort to see it sooner I have no idea. But yesterday changed all that - in the form of a cozy night in with friends, chili, and a barrel of laughs.

Movie nights with friends are the best. Movie nights with friends and an insanely odd, wonderful, hilarious 1980's freak fest is even better!

Fun facts about the film:

  • It's a lot better than you think it's going to be.
  • Apparently there is a tribute to this film in the television series Scream Queens.
  • A great film to shout at or to create your own Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode.
  • You'll never look at burlap bags the same again.
  • The 'motel' plays a minor role ... in fact I don't recall anyone actually checking in ...
  • It more than satisfies all your 1980's horror movie needs.
  • In all, it's devilishly delightful in all ways.

This quirky film surprised me with it's unique and yet blatantly ridiculous story line, over-the-top characters and their rather alarming behavior, but more so this film surprised me by how much I enjoyed it.

I had a lot of fun watching it, and it was made more fun with the fun company. It's safe to say that we all (and there were widely varying degrees of horror appreciation in the room), thoroughly enjoyed this movie.

Pairs with a gooey, cheesy, feel-good food that is undoubtedly bad for your health. Eat as much as you can - life is short anyway. Beers, or anything that is inevitably burp-inducing. Candy, popcorn, jerky for sides. OR! If you want to go all out: fritters.

I watched this movie at a friends house. Use the links under Find It. Watch It. on Horror Habit's sidebar to see where else you can find this bizarre and side-tickling feature.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Ash vs Evil Dead (Television Show, 2015)

October Challenge Day 10:

I'm a little bit ashamed to say that I've never seen this series. Even as I type this, I know nothing about it except I'm pretty sure I'll like it.

We don't have cable, and I recently obtained the first five episodes.

I do know that I love both Evil Dead movies, as well as The Army of Darkness. I also can't quite get enough of the awesome that is Bruce Campbell. Figuring there's going to be a win win here. 

That said, I'm afraid I'm not going to be confident in my final review until I see at least the complete first season. Which means my final review might not show up for several more days (a week?).

In all, I'm getting started on this show now, finally. Stay tuned for more - the binge watching of Ash vs. Evil Dead beings.... NOW

Stay Tuned.

*Update! Several weeks later*

Okay!! So I finished the first season of this show and have concluded (to no one's surprise) that it's awesome.  

I actually enjoyed the second season more than the first. The first felt a little clunky - until the final few episodes. Second season shot off like a shotgun - spraying demon guts everyone.

I even got my Husband to join in the demon killing fun. He's was like this through pretty much every episode, though:

He'd be laughing one minute and then grossed out and alarmed the next. It was fun watching him watch Ash vs. Evil Dead

In all, this series is exactly what you think it's going to be: gross, fast, hilarious, a little creepy, very messy, smart, and even a little sad and serious at times. Well done and fun! Watch with friends.

I rented this TV series from my local video store (Rain City Video). Use the links under Find It. Watch It. on Horror Habit's sidebar to see where else you can find this bloody hilarious television show.