Saturday, October 15, 2016

Friday the 13th (1980)

October Challenge Day 14:

I spent yesterday evening at St. Patrick's Catholic church, listening and singing along to a mass that was entirely in Gaelic.

This particular evening gathering was a tribute to loved ones who passed within the last year. We sang to their souls, wishing them safe travels on their new adventures. I'm sad to say my Mom, quite suddenly, was one of those souls, but I was touched beyond words that the choir dedicated their singing to her this year. She was a devoted member of that choir and they are still in shock with her passing (as we all were/are still).

Now, I'd like to point out that we are neither Irish nor Catholic. Mom just really loved singing in Gaelic (she was pretty fluent in it too), and frankly her spirit was more Irish than her blood was Danish.

Last night was the second time I've been in a Catholic church since 1997 - you can safely say I'm not much of a fan - but as Father John Madigan was delivering his brief welcoming in English, he turned to my brother and I in the audience and gave his own, beautiful dedication to Mom. Matt and I were pretty much like this by the end:

It was a  heart-felt evening, and it was wonderful seeing so many of Mom's friends. An experience I will never forget, and I will do my best to keep the connection in our family with the local Irish community that Mom was so devoted to.


I finally got home around 11:30 PM last night, looked up and saw a most brilliant bright moon, nearly full, playing hide-and-seek behind some marvelously spooky clouds. It was a perfect Halloween (or Samhain) moon, and particularly eerie after spending a night talking to spirits. That said, seeing as it was still, technically, Friday the 14th and I wasn't quite ready for bed yet...

Folks, I'm going to need you to sit down for a moment because I have a *confession* to share. It's a pretty serious one, but since I spent most of my evening sitting near a confessional booth, I feel it's necessary to say it:

I've never seen Friday the 13th before, not even any films following. Never, not once, not even clips.

....I feel better already. Thank you.

I don't think it should come as much of a surprise to anyone that approaching this film for the first time nearly 36 years after it's initial debut, has it's own entertainment. For instance, with every introduction of a new woman to the scene came a sexual comment from one of the guys. Every. Single. Time. And that's just 20 minutes into the film.

However, another entertaining element came in the form of Kevin Bacon. Folks, I HAD NO IDEA Kevin Bacon was in this film. Not a hint of an idea. Ever.

Mind. Blown.

Roughly the 45 minutes of the film was a little silly for me - but not the last part of the movie. No, no, no. That's when this film started racing to the top of some of my favorite horror movie charts. My jaw-dropped at this time and stayed there until the climatic end. This movie surprised me in many ways. What I thought was going to be cheeky turned disturbing, and what I thought was going to be cheesy turned into a gourmet of the macabre. Straight up, I absolutely understand why this has become such a classic horror show.

Now, I'd like to point out to anyone saying to themselves: What kind of sick person writes up a review connecting the passing of their mother with Friday the 13th, of all movies?! This person, right here. Mom introduced me to horror films, and she also had a fabulous sense of humor - a very dark and yet delightfully silly sense of humor. I can hear her laughing now (and pointing out every one of my typos).

To any horror fan out there that's never admitted to seeing Friday the 13th before then now is your chance. Say it loud and proud, but also get thee to a couchery and see it as soon as you can. This is an experience every horror fan should behold at least once. Consider it a right of passage.

Pairs with rare burgers and veggies. Watch with a group - preferably in your swim trunks or camping gear. Play a game of Monopoly afterwards.

I rented this movie from my local video store (Rain City Video). Use the links under Find It. Watch It. on Horror Habit's sidebar to see where else you can find this highly entertaining feature.

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