Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Slither (2006)

October Challenge Day 17:

I got a toaster oven in the mail last night - a toaster oven I was SUPER excited about. So excited that I spent a majority of my evening fussing with it. Which turned into rearranging the kitchen, which turned into my Husband helping me rearrange the kitchen, which turned into both of us cleaning out the kitchen, resorting everything, rearranging, and staring at our *new* kitchen (thanks to a toaster oven) for more hours than is probably deemed "normal".

And then 8:30 PM showed up and I was all like, "Oh my goodness! I have a movie to watch!".

Slither crept into our evening like the sly thing it is, until we both realized about 20 minutes in that we've already seen this movie!


There's a cold, dark place in a horror movie fan's heart when they realize they've completely forgotten seeing a really well done horror film. 

I can't tell you exactly when or how, but if my math and charts are correct, this movie and I likely crossed paths when Pabst Blue Ribbon, a Taco Bell *and* a Blockbuster video store across the street were a priority in my life. 

Yes, yes. I think this must have been the time when Slither and I initially met. Oh the 20s.

I can't exactly speak for my Husband. He has no idea where he saw this movie but 20's and PBR were also involved - that he's pretty sure of.

Oh, how life has changed from the days of my laying on the floor because I couldn't afford furniture, watching rented VHS tapes - to lounging on the recliner chair watching 99 cent VHS tapes from Value Village because I'm thrifty...

Much like my day-to-day, this film is HILARIOUS. Unlike my day-to-day, this film is incredibly gross.

*** You have been officially warned all those who fear the creepy, slicky, bloated tick, crawly ***

In all seriousness, this is a very fun alien horror film packed with smart wit and banter. I'm very, very surprised I had completely forgotten about this film. I thought about how this could have possibly happened, and ruling out the Taco Bell and PBR, I'm still sticking to the: I Don't Really Like The Title reaction. 

Yeah....okay, the title works. It just didn't *stick* with me - which is a little funny in itself. I think I forgot this film because "slither" is not the first word that comes to mind when seeing it.  I get it! But still, for some reason the title and the premise of this movie did not jive in my memory banks.

In all, this is a goretastic creature feature of all type of creep fest, filled with puss, grime, and everything you need for an entertaining movie night with friends. You'll laugh more than expected, you'll cringe more than expected, you'll be grossed out of your mind more than your Taco Bell growling belly is expecting (I'm kidding. I still love Taco Bell from time to time. Haters gonna hate). By the end, however, you'll be happy you've seen it .... even though it might take you 10 years to remember seeing it ...

Pairs with (you guess it!) Pabst Blue Ribbon and Taco Bell!!! 

Or, I suppose, fine and exotic beers from a brewery start-up, and expenses cheeses with crackers that look good but really just make a mess everywhere. Sushi works too.

I rented this movie from my local video store (Rain City Video). Use the links under Find It. Watch It. on Horror Habit's sidebar to see where else you can find this deliriously, disgustingly, side-tickling feature.

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