Saturday, October 8, 2016

Quicksilver Highway (1997)

October Challenge Day 8:

I adulted so hard today I think I deserve an award - at least a gold star sticker.

Chores done, bills paid - all of it. Done. Before noon. Better yet, most was done in a car. We don't own a car but we had one today. I had to stop myself several times during grocery shopping from checking my phone for when the next bus was to arrive. Grocery shopping with a car changes the grocery shopping experience, entirely. I *Just* figured this out.

After stops to the grocery store, pet store, hardware store, outlet-ish store, we decided to make one last trip to Value Village (because why not - We have a Car!).

There Mike found a set of leopard print knives (not the handles .. the blades were leopard print), and a VHS copy of Quicksilver Highway. After no debate whatsoever about Not Buying the knives, we walked out with respectable kitchenware and this 99 cent video.

I have very vague memories of this film, and I think those memories only revolve around the first 10 minutes. Also, I seem to recall my Dad and brothers were more interested in watching it than I was...

I'm excited about seeing it now! I feel it's a perfect pick for a dark, rainy, Saturday night after adulting so well.

See you after the show!

**** several hours later ****

Okay, so I was wrong about remembering the first 10 minutes of the film. It was really only a few segments of the first tale (out of two) that I remembered. It was nice to piece those segments together after so many years though.

I was right, however, about it being a delightful pick for a dark, rainy, Saturday night. That said, by tale #2 I found myself not remotely paying attention to the film but rather browsing and taking part in political arguments on Facebook. I hate Donald Trump, by the way. The man makes me physically ill, literally.

As a late Saturday night film goes, it works. It's just not as entertaining as I thought it was going to be (99 cents well spent all the same). It is a great film to have on in the background and pay attention to every once an a while - after the first tale.

It's odd, it meanders, it has unusual moralist tales, and it's totally goofy. It's not great, but it has a charm that's hard to resist. I absolutely see this film as being a favorite in the bar - no sound - just playing in the background with everyone talking to and about it.

I spoke about how proud I was of my adulting today - this film is all about how people fail at adulting. Fun fact.

Watch this film if you're in the mood for cheeky horror, and watch with rowdy but lovable friends. Pairs with champagne, PBR, food found at a gas station, and expensive crackers.

I bought this still in pretty good condition VHS tape from Value Village for 99 cents! Use the links under Find It. Watch It. on Horror Habit's sidebar to see where else you can find this odd and not entirely not delightful feature.

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