Sunday, October 16, 2016

Celebrating Independent Horror Movies (2016 edition)

October Challenge Day 16:

I'm going to try something a little different here...

It's my Husband's birthday today and he is not a fan of horror movies, at all. So we made a pact that I wouldn't watch a horror movie on this day. Rather than post a review of a specific movie I've already seen (some year past or recently), I thought I'd give a shout out to some independent horror movies.

A few directors have contacted Horror Habit recently, and I haven't had a chance to give their movie a proper plug due to circumstances outside my control - until today.

I'm going to list these movies in the order that I've been contacted. I haven't had a chance to review these films yet so consider this your exclusive preview! Where possible check these films out, support your local artists, support independent horror films, and be on the lookout for the reviews!


Title: Webcast
Directed by: Paul McGhie

This film is currently being submitted into festivals, but the goal is to get this film into a cinematic release. Inspired by such films as The Blair Witch Project, The Wickerman, Rear Window, and Race With The Devil, this film is self funded and has taken over five year to complete.

SHORT SYNOPSIS: It’s the story of two student filmmakers who come to suspect their neighbours might be holding a woman against her will. Keen to discover the truth of the matter, they start to run surveillance on the house next door. And that’s when things go bad.

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Title: Hades and the sequel Tlmea
Directed By: Kevin Kopacka

Hades has played at 25 festivals, including Cannes, Raindance, The Artist Forum in NYC, Genrenale, 30Under30 FF, The Buried Alive Festival, and won 8 awards in 2015. Both films are rather unconventional in its narrative and style, and is influenced by the director's work as a professional artist and graduate of University of Arts in Berlin.

SHORT SYNOPSIS: Hades tells the story of a woman trapped in an endless dream in which she has to cross the five rivers of Hades, each representing different stages of her relationship. The sequel Tlmea (pronounced Tolomea) tells the story of two undercover cops, caught in a dream during a drug raid, in which they descend down the 9 levels of hell.

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Title: Shadows Fall
Directed by: Aditya Vishwanath

This film is the team's first feature film - a supernatural thriller in the vein of Bram Stoker's Dracula, and with a style inspired by the works of David Lynch.

SHORT SYNOPSIS:  Shadows Fall is the haunting story of Senka, a young widow who confronts and answers that eternal question - what would you do for one more moment with someone that you love? Resorting to the supernatural, she makes a bargain with a demon for the life of her dead husband, Jonas. Now she must live with the price of that deal. Trapped in her once happy home, she is caught in the balance between every moment of happiness with Jonas and the terror and darkness slowly invading their lives. Yet more terrifying is the fact that Jonas is no longer the man that he was. And the only ally she may have in understanding what happened to him, may be the demon himself.

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Title: A Film by Vera Vaughn
Directed by: Sorrel Brae

This film has spent the last year in the film festival circuit, playing in Nashville, Brooklyn, Maryland, and Portland. It won the Jury Prize for Best Narrative Short at the Sidewalk Film Festival , and will premiere on Short of the Week on Wednesday, October 19th 2016,

SHORT SYNOPSIS: In this ghost story for the digital age, filmmaker Vera Vaughn works late into the night, editing her psychological thriller about a woman jeopardized by a mysterious home intruder. But when she’s interrupted by a knock at the door, Vera’s world takes a frightening turn toward the surreal as life threatens to imitate art – or is it the other way around…?

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Title: Wekufe: The Origin of Evil
Director: Javier Attridge

SHORT SYNOPSIS: A journalism student travels with her boyfriend to ChiloĆ©, a remote Patagonia island in the south of Chile, to investigate the connection that exists between the great number of sexual related crimes and the myths ‘n’ legends that surround this isolated and mysterious place. Soon they will find out that behind these legends lies something much more obscure that will begin to unravel towards an unavoidable destiny. Gradually they will come to understand that all too often it is best to keep your sanity than to discover the truth.

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A huge thank you to everyone who has reached out to Horror Habit and I hope all of your projects will be a wonderful success.

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