Friday, October 7, 2016

10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)

October Challenge Day 7:

Heads up: I've eaten a lot of gnocchi today. There's a little place about a mile away that my Husband and I walk to once or twice every couple of months. They have a great happy hour but it's also a rather fancy Italian restaurant on the pulse of waterfront mansion town.

We actually kindasorta get dressed up for the place and pretend we're the eccentric famous artists just chilling with millionaire business owners. I'm kidding, we're not kindasorta doing that thing, that's actually who we are and what we do - just not famously. The first time we visited my Husband turned to me and said, "We don't belong here." And I said we totally did, eat this gnocchi, it's delicious.

Years later we still visit and we still feel rather out-of-place but the waitstaff all know us and we're welcome with open arms. Open arms and I still eat too much of their damned delicious gnocchi dish.

I mention this because I might just fall asleep before I get my final review of tonight's film posted. Nothing to do with the quality of the film at all but experience tells me that after a long work week, a full belly, and being tucked nicely into the recliner has *often* lead to bed time at around 8:30 PM on a Friday. To all those who find this idea horrifying, let me assure you it is also bliss.

I had intended on seeing 10 Cloverfield Lane in the theaters but then life happened and all of a sudden I no longer had that chance. There's a part of me that's sad I'm not experiencing this one on a huge screen for the first time.

I'm very excited for this film and that alone might keep me up! Either way, ladies and gentlemen, I'll see you after the show.

Update **Several days later**

I've been struggling with how to review this film. It's CREEPY - extremely creepy! It's rather a hodgepodge of horror. We have kidnapping, dedicated (in a scary way) conspiracy theorist, obvious outside health threats - and all with no clear way out or resolution.

I'd call this a mighty fine nightmare for just about everyone.

Intense, nerve-wracking, and surprisingly fast-paced, a majority of this film is a horror show for the brains. The last half hour of the film is a different kind of horror show ... and I see that there are some reviewers who didn't like it.

I kinda liked it. Surprising, little odd, and it certainly kept me on the edge of my seat but I didn't find it all that satisfying. The entire film was great and then the last half hour happened and I was all like, "What? Eh gads! What? Wait. What?!"

This is certainly a *fun* horror movie if you're ready to cringe binge. Pairs best on a dark, lonely, night preferably alone. Dried or canned goods, water, and take a few nips off that flask hidden in the couch cushion.

I rented this movie from my local video store (Rain City Video). Use the links under Find It. Watch It. on Horror Habit's sidebar to see where else you can find this dark, and very uncomfortable feature.

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