Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Ghost Whisperer (Television Series, 2005)

It's only taken me four years after the series ended, but I finally finished Ghost Whisperer.

I love this show and let me tell you why (because it may surprise you and this is my blog):

  • It's very very pretty! Pretty in the everlasting fresh laundry smell, immaculate kitchen, what-money-problems kind of way. This show portrays a beautiful day dream, a desirable life, hopes and wishes come true.
  • It's very very ugly! Ugly in the we all have problems, loved ones dying, yes that is madness kind of way. This show portrays a nightmare for everyone, our greatest fears, facing inner demons.

This show simultaneously provided heartwarming entertainment and down-right spooky stuff. *these are a few of my favorite things*

Ghost Whisperer was booted off the air early. I believe Jennifer Love Hewitt's response to this was something to the extent of  "Each episode is about closure, and we didn't have that for the series". Which is very sad! This show should have run its own course. It should have been able to tell the end of the story the way it intended. Not murdered by TV execs in it's prime. I understand that there have been attempts by fans to revive the series, but so far a no go.

But you can still watch every episode on Netflix as of today! I advise you do so stat. 

Here's what I did nearly every Friday night when it was on the air, to prep myself for each episode:

  1. Gather lady friends
  2. Bottles of wine procured
  3. Situate oneself comfortably on the couch
  4. Have tissues handy

I'm not kidding here, folks! This stuff was important to me! I complained very loudly on Facebook (and by that I mean all in caps) when I came home one Friday and discovered the show was canceled. My Friday nights have never been the same...

Ghost Whisperer was one of the best things to have ever happened to 30-something year olds at 7:00 PM on Friday nights. I looked forward to my little gatherings (or some times just me on the couch) watching tales unfold about unfinished business with dead loved ones over a bottle of wine and crying my happy eye balls out by the end of the 45 minute episode.


This is not so much of a review as it is me talking about how much I missed those Ghost Whisperer on the air days. I was never properly able to recreate those days when the show became available on Netflix but I believe you can, and you should.

This is a very fun series that asks for nothing more than your heart and attention for 45 minutes at a time. Although I can see where men or women not in touch with their "feminine" side could find the show comical - too girly, but that is also part of why I liked it so much. This show became a little A Room Of One's Own for me, which I believe is and always will be valuable for everyone. This show was at times comical and girly and there is not a damn thing wrong with that.

Good bye for now, Ghost Whisperer, you did a great job with the time you had. Cheers to all those who discover you in the future, you delicious little perfectly home-baked cookie of wonder, sadness and joy, you.

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