Thursday, June 5, 2014

Grabbers (2012)



I was advised by multiple people, in a bar no less, to watch this fantastic Irish film. They know me so well! 

Things that make this movie absolutely awesome:

  • My anti-horror movie fan Husband loved it. Huge points for that.
  • It's hysterical
  • The story line is so clever I could just pee my pants
  • The fast and efficient dialog is some of the wittiest I've heard in a long time
  • The monsters were scary
  • Lovely scenery

That said, the major element of this film taps (just enough) into a dangerous and dark humored social respect edge:
  • This movie is about Irish people drinking excessively
If any other country/culture/society made this film I don't think it would go over well. And yet, Grabbers pulled it off and turned it around to punch a few stereotypes right in the face. This movie is brilliant.

This is a great film for people who love, silly, witty not-overly scary horror movies. This is not. I repeat: Not a good film if you are struggling to abstain from alcohol. Grabbers is a movie about people who survive an alien attack by getting themselves tanked (and loving it). This movie captures complete and total intoxication very well...too well - so if booze is a problem for you then maybe you'll want to give this one a bit of time.

In all, I loved this movie. LOVE IT. It's fun, it's creepy, it's a little gross, and it's very smart.

Grabbers actually brought back a mad rush of fond memories I have of my nights at a local Irish pub down the street. I spent nearly a decade there, saturating my weekends with mighty craic, hefty beer mugs, and having a grand old time laughing, crying my eyes out, solving the mysteries of the universe, dancing dancing dancing, and singing singing singing with friends and family. The place is no longer the same but I will always have treasured memories from this pub that I'll hold tight to my heart for a lifetime.

I dedicate this movie review to my 20s...

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