Late Night TV Horror Hosts

Late night hosts of horror *may* have seen their heyday on the TV screen but that doesn't mean they're forgotten nor are they far from gone. They have just changed form a bit.

Personally speaking, few things brought me greater joy on a late Saturday night than turning on the tube to catch Wolfman Mac and Boney Bob take me through hilarious B-movie adventures with wit and charm. Sadly, those particular days are gone for the time being but I'm grateful to see there are still late night TV horror hosts keeping this experience alive in their own ways. 

Below is a list I've pulled together of horror hosts still active (mostly), still on TV (in some areas), and have an an abundance of info and activities on their websites. I strongly encourage you check them out, especially if you are just sitting there and wondering what to do on a late Saturday night.  

I've identified the shows/hosts that appear to be mostly active, and provided as many helpful links as possible for more information and videos. Please let me know if I've missed someone you're following or let me know if anything is incorrect. Enjoy and happy late night TV horror host watching!

Last updated September 1, 2019

TitleHost/ShowWhere to Watch!
On Air2am TheaterCheck out videos on the Archive!
On AirBasement Sublet of HorrorCheck out videos on the Archive!
On AirBeware TheaterCheck out The Vortexx Channel!
On AirBone Jangler's Daytime DungeonCheck out The Vortexx Channel!
On AirBrain Freeze TheaterCheck out The Monster TV Channel!
On AirCount Gore De Vol Creature FeatureCheck out the YouTube Channel!
On AirCreature FeaturesCheck out ways to watch here!
On BreakFrightmares The SeriesCheck out videos on the Archive!
On AirHorror HotelCheck out their show here!
On AirHorror Show, TheCheck out the YouTube Channel!
On AirKings of HorrorCheck out the YouTube Channel!
On BreakLate Dr. Lady ShowCheck out the YouTube Channel!
On AirLord Blood-Rah's Nerve Wrackin' TheatreCheck out the YouTube Channel!
On AirMausoleum of the MacabreCheck out the Vimeo Channel!
On BreakMeet Cleaver TheatreCheck out videos on the Archive!
On AirMisty Brew's Creature FeatureCheck out the YouTube Channel!
On AirMonster Movie NightCheck out videos on the Archive!
On AirMr. Lobo and Cinema InsomniaCheck out the Vimeo Channel!
On AirMutagen NationCheck out the YouTube Channel!
On AirOff Beat CinemaCheck out the YouTube Channel!
On AirOuterspace International 74Check out the Vimeo Channel!
On AirPenny Dreadful's Shilling ShockersCheck out UndergroundTV!
On AirPublic Domain Drive-InCheck out the Vimeo Channel!
On AirSammy Terry (new)Check out the YouTube Channel!
On AirShocker Internet Drive-InCheck out videos on the Archive!
On BreakSuper Unusual TheaterCheck out videos on the Archive!
On AirSvengoolieCheck out the show on MeTV
On BreakVance Capley's Spook ShowCheck out videos on the Archive!
On AirVincent Grimmly Night Chills TheatreCheck out the YouTube Channel!
On AirThe VortexxCheck out the channel here!
On AirWeirdness Really Bad MovieCheck out videos on the Archive!


  1. Greetings,

    Our Horror Host Show Web Series, "Mausoleum of The Macabre" hosted by Needles The Gravedigger has launched the website (featuring all episodes) & posted our Halloween Special, featuring the great short film, "Almost Halloween". Please consider posting our video and sharing it with your readers.


    Thank you very much!

  2. Svengoolie

    1. I love your list of horror show I guess MCs, or what they might be called. But there was one back in the 70s it look like a Gene Chandler type figure name zorbo. Can anyone give me the name of that horror show or science fiction show host I can't find it anywhere? I am pretty sure he used to be called zorbo The Magnificent or count zorbo

  3. My friend, thank you! I'd hoped people hadn't forgotten Spook Show. After 150 plus episodes, Spook Show went on hiatus. Now, it seems like "cool tv" is back. Thanks for sharing-

    1. Thank you, Vance! And congratulations on the release of Monster Magazine! Folks, although Spook Show is on hiatus, you can learn more about Vance, his art, and now the newly released Monster Magazine here: Support your local artists. Cheers!

  4. Hey there! Here in Kentucky, I host a show called MUTAGEN NATION, as the mad scientist, The GREAT Professor DB Dornake!
    You can see our show here:

    1. Thank you! Added to the list! :)

  5. I have an idea for the perfect host, if she will do it. Her name is Riana, she won several "got talent shows". She acts as an evil girl, her hair covering her face, and even got good at illusion magic tricks.
    Check her out on youtube.

  6. Trying to remember the name of a horror show host from about 10 to 15 years ago on cable TV. It was a family of different kinds of ghouls and they were creepy like the Addams Family. It was on Saturday night at 10 or 10:30 EST here in Michigan. If anyone can help me, I'd appreciate it.

  7. hey! Horror hosting is alive and well at! All hosts, all the time, 24/7 since 2010. We have more hosts in one place than anywhere else(We show a lot of hosts on your list). We have a featured show every night at 9pm EST. There is even a chatroom so you can talk with other viewers in real time.

  8. Howlll there me and my monster bride Foxi Roxi host a show called Slash's Graveyard Tales! It can be seen on The Monster Channel!!