Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Walking Dead (Television Show, 2010)

As a birthday present to my Husband, Michael, I am taking a day off from my October Challenge. Instead, our cat is going to lay ALL OVER our clean laundry. He says happy birthday too. This is his Happy Birthday face, on our stuff:

...I walk away for a minute...

Nobody complained. You Try Watching A Horror Movie Every Night For 15 Days - See How Long You Last!

Seriously, as much as I love horror movies, I don't mind a night off right now. Instead, we just had a wonderful night out on the town, terrorizing the locals. And by terrorizing I mean, giving them a dinner conversation for the next two weeks (at least).

So, instead of a movie I'm going to talk for a minute about our newest obsession, The Walking Dead:

I can not stress enough how much this TV series has infiltrated my BRAIN. Funny thing is, my Husband turned me on to this film! My non-horror movie lovin' husband turned me on to The Walking Dead, and now there is no turning back.

He had it on the TV one evening, stating, "...I think you'd like this..." and it was all over from there. I've been overdosing on The Walking Dead ever since.

My dreams: All Walking Dead. My daily life: periodic shouts of "Walker!". My grocery store list: "Will this last us the winter?"

It's all over, folks. This TV series wins my heart, mind, and Just About my soul. It is, after all, a TV show.

In closing, this is a wonderful wonderful show. It has connected a non-horror movie loving spouse with a horror movie loving spouse in way a nothing else has previously. We are finally eating our popcorn out of the same bag.

I can't say enough good things about this show. I also can't say enough good things about my hilarious, wonderful, partner-in-crime Husband.

Happy Birthday, Michael, I love you! Now let's watch some Walking Dead!


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