Friday, October 31, 2014

Trilogy of Terror (1975)

This made-for-TV horror movie is an absolute favorite in the family. Every since the initial release in 1975, the Trilogy of Terror, particularly the last one third of the movie, has gone down as legend in the family home.

If you're familiar with this movie then you'll know the last horror short in this collection is about a killer doll thing. That killer doll thing, also known as the Tiki Doll, also known as He Who Kills, has terrorized my family for nearly four decades.

And by that I mean my father has tormented us with memories of this little doll ever since 1975. For instance, if you're not paying attention while chillin' on the couch, Dad might sneak up and poke your ankle with a toothpick. Which, obviously, will result in a near heart attack and lots of screaming.

Or.... when you're all snug in bed and ready for sleep, Dad might shove a little butter knife under the door and make scary killer tiki doll sounds - frightening you out of your MIND.

I love my Dad. I blame him, just a little bit, for my love of horror movies.

So - get your own horrifying family memories started, take a look at this crazy creature in motion, and find yourself a copy of this film stat.


  1. Your dad sounds like a cool guy

    1. This comment made my day, Cliff! And yes, he is :)