Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Godzilla (2014)


It's that time of year again where, on the 1st of October, I get super duper excited to watch a horror movie every day this month, and by the 10th I start slipping a little on my timely endeavor, by the 20th I'm crying a little bit and I just want the ride to stop, but by the 31st I'm so proud of myself and the world has 31 more horror movie reviews it didn't ask for.

This is year 3 of my October Challenge and I couldn't be more pumped to learn from the lessons of year 2 and 1! For instance, now we have a big screen TV. No more 20 inch horror shows for me! We're going uptown.

And, this year, my husband and I picked the movies: together.

We walked into our local rental store, Rain City Video, and was shocked yet tickled to see that they moved the horror movie section into the old XXX Adult Only corner. No word on where that XXX movies went.... and why there for the horror section Rain City?

In any case, we picked our movies and still had two credits left to be applied to two New films. It didn't take long to admit that we both wanted to see Godzilla again.

That's right folks! For this year's 1st day of my October Challenge I'm watching a movie I've already seen before!

Now, without further ado (because it's getting late and I want to eat some chicken tacos) I'm going to get this movie started. See you after the show!


I love this film. I loved it on the big screen and I loved it still at home. Earlier this year we saw this film in the theater with my brother and fellow blog contributor, Matt. Matt and I argued for hours after the film - we never argue about horror movies. He had complaints, and I kept telling him that there are no answers to his questions. It's GODZILLA! Synopsis:

Q: Where did these creatures come from?
A: Places only Godzilla knows.

Q: Why is some of this acting so bad?
A: This is a Godzilla movie.

Q: Is Godzilla good or bad?
A: He's Godzilla, that's all you need to know.

Q: Physically - these things can't happen - they just - it just doesn't make any sense!

The point I'm trying to make here is that my brother never saw a Godzilla film before this one, so things were not making sense to him. I, on the other hand, am a Godzilla fan. This film made perfect sense to me. In fact, I felt it was a beautiful tribute. This version captured all that is good and bad about Godzilla films!

  • Some cheese, there's a little cheese in the dialog...maybe more than expected.
  • The women are just there. They don't really do anything.
  • You will not have answers.
  • This Godzilla Is The Most Best Awesome Godzilla - Ever.
  • Family.

The "family" dichotomy in this film is striking. Well done, and again, in all a very excellent tribute/love note to all the old Godzilla films. I think this film captured it all and captured it well.

Something else I think should be taken into account when watching this film or any Godzilla film: it would do you good to understand some Japanese culture right after WWII. Just sayin.

So, this is my first October Challenge movie and I'd like to go out a little bit like Godzilla does on this one: destroy everything, say GODZILLA OUT, drop mike, walk off stage.

Happy October 2014.


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