Saturday, October 18, 2014

Gone Girl (2014)

I know, I know, I know - this is not billed as horror, but let me tell you why it's one of the best horror/thrillers I've seen in a long time:

The book was fantastically horrific. Straight up. It was one of my book club picks and it won everyone's heart (first time ever).  It was so dark and twisted that no one from the book club could get over it. TO THIS DAY, over a year later, we're still all like: that story was messed up. Messed up!

This is a horror movie for married couples. You think you know your partner? Well... just watch this film and see if you feel the same way. Horror. Movie.

The media, police force, commerce. Folks, this story (movie/book) captured some of the most terrifying moments involving all of the above.

Clever, bone-chilling, romantically creepy (then again... I find a lot of romance stories very creepy...) and disturbingly honest, Gone Girl captures all of this and more.

Folks, stories like this create nightmares you didn't see coming. Nightmares! That is why I'm throwing this movie in the horror category. When you find what should be your safest place the most unsafe place - well, that's when you are primed for a horror story.

And I had no idea I was going to watch two horror movies tonight! Hey! Another Saturday Night Double Feature! 

If you've read the book then you will not be disappointed by the film. This is one of the best book to movie film adaptations I've ever seen. Sadly, there is very little I can relay without giving crucial points of the film away. 

My Husband, who did not see the film or have read the book, asked me "So... did the husband kill the wife?" He was so nonchalant, a little too used to the 20/20 and Dateline. Without giving too much away all I can continue to say is: "No. He did not kill his wife". The rest of the story must be seen to be understood on a horror story level. 

You will walk way from this film cold and clammy. There's a chance you might not look at your spouse the same way again....also, there is some blood and guts. Some book club gals had to turn their head. 

Scenery was fantastic, characters spot on. This is a great film for horror movie lovers and non-horror movie lovers. 

Recommended pairing: Watch right after a fight with your loved one. Crepes and candy bars.  If you could have an exuberant purchases or a couple $20.00s laying around in plan view, that would be awesome. 

This is a drama, yes. This is also a thriller. But this is also, straight up, a horror movie. 

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