Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Black Sheep (Unrated, 2006)

So.... a kid ran from me today. I was just strolling down the street when I walked by this backpack-laden youngster and that's when I became a thing of nightmares for this after school sherpa.

It would have been hilarious if this poor kiddo didn't have the look of pure terror on his face. I'm not sure if I should have made some more noise before trying to walk by to pass him, or if he has some very strange parents, but it was something else. He jumped at the sound of my footsteps and that's when he began to run ahead. In classic horror movie fashion he stopped mid running to check and see if the "monster" was still following, and then continue on.

The little man did this for two blocks! I began to feel sorry for him but I knew at this point it was too late to run after him and shout, "Hey, hey, hey, you, kid!! Why you running, bro?!"  It would have made things far worse.

I will probably never understand, but I can only hope that someday I will become an urban legend. It would go something like this:

Kids around the camp fire: "...and as he begins walking home - he hears it. The sound of knee-high boots right behind him!" Gasps "He turns around and then he sees the knee-length brown corduroy coat, the very expensive La Font glasses, and he smells her cigarette!" More gasps!!! "It's her!!!! The Lady Walking Down The Street!" Screams all around. "True story. I heard it from my cousin's best friend's estranged half brother."

I can see it now....

So, [claps hands] on to tonight's film!

I'm not totally cheating here - I've seen the "rated" version of Black Sheep. But I have not seen the UNRATED version! It works. My October Challenge. My rules.

I've been wanting to watch this film again for quite some time, so when I saw it on the shelves at Rain City Video, I was like, "Zoinks. Done". However, when my husband saw the cover of this film, all he said was "HAHAHAHA!"

This is actually not the cover from the DVD I'm watching now, but we're all going to have to deal 'cause it's close enough.

Yeah, so this movie is about killer sheep. So What! It's a movie about *Killer Sheep* people! When I first saw this film I was blown away by how gruesome and startling scary it was. I was expecting more cheese (see also Killer Sheep), but wound up blown away by how well done this film handled cheese mixed with an honest-to-goodness terrifying creature feature.

I originally watched this film on a Saturday Afternoon!

As I remember it, this is a great film. Simply great. I look forward to seeing again. See you after the show with all my "Told You So's". XO


AND.... it's still awesome - with even more disturbing stuff! I can see why this version is Unrated...

Gore, laughs, scares, absurdity, great effects, fun characters, Black Sheep has it all. This is a classic in my friend group, and will be a classic in our home (for me). My Husband is cracking after 15 straight days of horror - he barely found this one funny.

Recommended pairing: Lamb and red wine. Lots of it.

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