Thursday, October 9, 2014

To The Devil A Daughter (1976)

Walking to work this morning in the wee morning hours, I couldn't help but be in awe of the fog. The streets were silent, dark, with fragments of lonely city lights trying to break out of their creeping, smokey shells.

It was lovely to walk through it. Occasionally I'd see, up in the distance, some tall, dark shadow dart back into darker corners. Other people going about their morning routine in this impressive fog no less (or were they?!?!) but still, the effects - everything about the fog and all that hid in it - was awesome.

Got me thinking again why I love horror stories so much.

Sometimes that is easy to explain, others times not so much. More often than not my response is simplified to: it's my chosen adrenalin rush. And yet, it's not actually that simple. Just as it is with anyone who tries to explain / justify a passion. Sometimes  it's the simplest response that is understood by the masses. There is a myriad of reasons, all linked and jumbled together, like holiday lights forgotten in the attic, for why I get so super excited over horror films, scary stories, ghosts, ertc., that to really go into *why* I find them so enjoyable would exhaust everyone's resources.

In all, the fog was incredibly creepy this morning, and I loved it. Horror movies are awesome. Yay Halloween and the fall and stuff!

Which brings me to tonight's movie! It was a hard choice but I'm settling on To The Devil A Daughter. A family film. I'm kidding, I would not recommend this one for the kids.

This awkwardly worded title both entertained and annoyed me. However, it's the fact that this is a Hammer Horror film that ultimately won me over. I love me some Hammer Horror! Although, by initial appearances, Hammer appears a little cheesy and over-the-top, it  rarely disappoints in the truly chilling terror department.

Take for instance this very sure-of-its self tag line: "Warning! This Motion Picture Contains The Most Shocking Scenes This Side Of Hell!" I am relatively certain there is some truth to this statement. And I can also assure you, based on previous Hammer Horror experience, you do not want to see what Hammer can do to rabbits...

This 1976 film has been loved and hated by the masses (see what I did there? It's a Catholic focused film and I just said mass... - oh man, forget it, that was painfully bad). And I too love/hate some Hammer, but I'm pretty excited to see what this one can do.

A wayward priest? Innocent sacrifice? Pretty sure no one wins in the end? Sounds like a mighty fine flick for this evening!

So get yourself snuggled into your favorite seat, grab some popcorn (this one has the feel of a drive-in classic), and prepare to be disturbed! See you all after the show!


Ah, in classic Hammer Horror fashion, this one started out strange, weird, confusing, wrong, and uncomfortable.

It can take quite some time before you get any answers from Hammer. And once you get answers, you may not actually want them.

For instance, the birthing scene at the beginning is just NOT RIGHT. Simultaneously with the birthing process there are scenes of a nun, covered *in all the right spots* in sweat, making *certain* sounds in her sleep. This episode may burn a hole in your head that can not be fixed.

And then there are comments such as these, from a young lady in the movie: "I just believe and obey". Folks, nothing - NOTHING - good can come from this type of mind set. Especially in the religious horror movie world.

And then, oh My! This movie encompasses some of the social gems of the 1970s: drugs, sex, religious conflicts, Satanism threats, sex, sex, drugs, astrology, smoking in airports, sex, the occasional "socially acceptable" domestic assault, sex. And then there is some genealogy that happens that straight up doesn't make any sense WHATSOEVER.

But it's okay cause it's Hammer Horror. It's what they do. They are also so fast and so blatant, sometimes you don't realize how wrong, chilling, or horrifying their story is until several scenes later.

Towards the end of the film. Oh My. THE END OF THE FILM. No. There are "birthing" scenes that will not allow you to sleep well at night OR they could give your dreams of a nightmarish tone [looking to women who want children specifically]. Just. No.

This movie crosses boundaries that many would find too uncomfortable. And yet, if you watch this movie with a group of people who have run out of s**** to give, this may be a hilarious film to take jello shots to.

In all, this movie was disturbing (if not more) than I expected. View this one (looking at you specially ladies) at your own risk.

Recommended pairing: a drink that is mixed by a strange but startling familiar individual, and cheep but filling Bavarian dishes.

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