Sunday, October 26, 2014

Dog Soldiers (2012)

This movie, Dog Soldiers, is one of my all time favorites.


I could just eat it up I love it so much!

I first saw the film in a small community theater, shortly after the film's initial release. I saw it with my brother, Matt, on a dark and rather nasty night (much like tonight). The movie was his idea. We have a bit of a werewolf "joke" in our family. And by "joke" I mean we laugh at them because we are totally and completely terrified of them.

Even as kids, traveling down rural South Dakota highways, if we saw an abandoned house or shack along side the road, one of us would state: "werewolf shack", just as matter-of-factly as one would state, "bathroom is down the hall and to the right".

Because, naturally, abandoned places is where werewolves lived. We didn't stay away from scary buildings because of ghost stories - it was because of werewolves.

I have no idea where this came from but it's still ingrained in my head. If I should seemingly randomly shout out "werewolf shack" while on road trips, now you know why.

Years ago I was on a train, coming back from Portland, OR. There was a young man sitting next to me - perhaps 10-15 years younger than me. The train passed a classic "werewolf shack" and I instinctively tapped the kid on the shoulder, pointed out the building, and said "werewolf shack".

I suspect to this day, he still wonders what in the world a 'werewolf shack' is. Google will never answer his questions, and I will always be that weird lady on the train.

Okay, back to the movie!

So there I was in the theater, jaw dropped - HORRIFIED. I've never been so scared in a movie theater - except that time I saw Gremlins as a very very young child - but then, otherwise, never.

These were the scariest werewolves I've ever seen. After the film, I had to have my brother wait with me at the bus stop to be my witness and back-up when the werewolves were going to bust out of the bus windows and attack us (which I was Certain was going to happen). I was 24 years old. Yup. This movie got me pretty good.

Ever since, this movie is my good-to for some awesome horror.

Dog Soldiers is scary, dark, humorous, gory, fun, thrilling, silly, well done, and, in my opinion, a classic.

I love this movie - every single time I watch it I see and hear something new. And I was so happy to introduce my husband to this personal favorite tonight. Even though I've seen the film before, many times, he hadn't seen it once, and I'm happy to announce that he really enjoyed it. He was On The Edge Of His Seat, people!

This is a great film for action horror fans, those who don't mind a little gore with their laughter, and anyone looking for a good, scary, horror film.

I absolutely love this movie.  LOVE IT.

Should you ever ask me what my top 10 horror movies are - this one is absolutely at the top of the list.

I. Love. This Film.

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