Sunday, October 12, 2014

Isolation (2005)

After swimming in the dark, depressing pool of Netflix horror movies, I was beginning to think there were no more good horror movies out there that I hadn't seen. But then I stumbled upon this little gem. Now, I have no cable television. But I thankfully have multiple devices to stream movies on my tv. I have lately been on a kick where I stream complete playthroughs of old nintendo games on Youtube. It gives me the nostalgia I craved, without having to dedicate time to actually playing. I was watching a playthrough of Resident Evil 2, and the way the Youtube app works on my tv, it doesn't always play the next video in a playlist, it sometimes just plays a related, random video. Often I will be busy, and I won't be paying close attention to what is on my tv, and I'll see that something wildly different than what I started with is playing. And that's how I came across Isolation.

This movie has plenty of faults, but it was such a welcome surprise. Right off the bat, the soundtrack is incredibly haunting, and fits the dreary Irish setting and disturbing plot. This is truly an unsettling movie. Every scene leaves you wanting to curl up and stay warm and clean, just to escape how horrible the situation on the screen is. I can't say much bad about Isolation, other than that it is a bit too close to John Carpenter's The Thing. But this movie is different enough that the parallels did not bother me much at all.

Enjoyable characters, excellent atmosphere, and a creature that is largely hidden (no CGI here), this is a movie I have recommended to many people, and I still do. This one deserves a watch!

<----- My face when I was randomly brought to the middle of the movie on Youtube.


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