Wednesday, October 29, 2014

From a Whisper To A Scream aka The Offspring (1987)

Folks, today was a terrible today.

I'm not joking - it was a craptastic type of day! We all have them, and they will creep up when we least expect them.

Thankfully these types of craptastic days will have some sort of gem to glimmer through the chaos, giving you enough light to make it through without going all Godzilla on everyone and everything (although I know you want to!).

These days happen, and they don't always make sense - despite your best intentions.

Therefore, I've decided to watch a film today that shares a song title that I happen to enjoy in these rare moments.

So, despite the bad day - I'm going to watch a film that sounds like a great, cozy film to end the day with and to tuck yourself into. A collection of four short moralistic horror films: From A Whisper To A Scream.

IMDB is trying to tell me this movie is also titled "The Offspring". I say no. I'm going with the DVD title I have in hand.

Okay! Let's get this movie on the road!


Folks, I totally fell asleep right away. But I will watch this film for sure on Halloween! Stay tuned for updates on this film and many many more surprises that I have in-store for you on All Hallows' Eve!

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