Friday, October 17, 2014

Tourist Trap (1979)

Folks, today was a strange day.

It was a good day - just strange. It was the type of day in which you analyze things just a little bit more than usual. This is both a good and bad thing.

Good in that things come to light that will make you laugh, feel whole, enlighten, and delight. Bad in that you burrow, creep, discover, and painfully reflect.

Today was incredibly constructive and yet, when you're watching a horror movie every day for a month, you began to question what your own quest is really about.  For instance: You Are Watching A Movie Every Day For A Month - how more leisurely can you get? Not Much.

And then, if you choose to go there, what are you giving up in the process (of this quest). Thems some deep dark honest places sometimes, people. Do you even want to know the answer? Sometimes... not really.

My Husband and I have reached an apex in our lives that bring such questions and curiosities into our lives. And sadly, I really don't have a great movie to tag onto this dark frame of mind... or do I...?

Tonight's film Tourist Trap, seems to be the most fitting film for this evening and tonight's October Challenge.

Being a tourist seems to be the best way to describe when you feel most out of yourself,  On top of it all, I rented this film from the "New Movies" section, only to realize it actual came out in 1979. So I'm not sure what is happening with this whole thing but I suspect I'm out an extra $1.25...

In all, I feel like today has held a few more hidden messages than I'd like to admit. So, naturally, I'm going to watch a movie about wax figures. Cause that's totally gong to solve all the problems/questions.

See you after the show and Happy Friday!


This movie tried to be Texas Chainsaw Massacre SO BAD. Painfully, terribly - it wanted to be  TCM's bestie Single White Female style. It made me a little sad, and yet, that made this one horribly funny.

As my Husband was snuggled into the couch, politely choosing not to watch this film by sleeping, I was getting a little drunk and having an internal dialog about the pointlessness of my October Challenge. Seriously, it's not like I'm going to be chilling on my porch at 90+ years old, saying to myself, "So glad I watched all those movies..." And then I watched this film, which did not help my state of mind. In most any other circumstance this would have been a fun film. Just not last night.

My little existential crisis is right one queue, though. As the social invites begin to pile up, my attempts to secure 4 hours a night to focus on a film and review it become more difficult. That's when the "Why the hell am I doing this?" questions begin to violently bubble to the surface.

Bah! But enough about me, 'cause it all works out in the end! It really does, folks.

And now back to the movie.

Okay so I'm having a mini existential crises and then I watch Tourist Trap. This crazy, campy, slightly original, but mostly a copy cat of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Carrie, and Psycho is a curious little side-splitter.

This is a great film for a group of B-horror movie fans! It will be a laugh riot for everyone. This is not the best film to watch by yourself on a late Friday night when you're in a serious, slightly sad state of mind.

In all, this is a great film for any downright silly time with a group of friends. All you really need to know is that this film tried to blend three downright horrifying classics (Texas Chainsaw MassacreCarrie, and Psycho) - to hilarious results. That's it.

Okay, that's it for now folks! See you soon!

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