Friday, October 31, 2014

Deep Red (1975)

Dario Argento - This Guy, everyone, This Guy...

Creates some very strange and disturbing movies. Famous for also bringing us Susperia and Phenomena, tonight he's brought to us Deep Red. Yet another gory, psycho, bizarre, and straight up crazy film.

I don't always understand what Dario is trying to get across in his films, but what ever it is he's really loud, bloody and psychotic about it. Although this is not one of my most favorite film's of his, it is one that has stuck with me the longest.

There are images here that made me go "...wait - hold up. WHAAAAAAT WAS THAT?"

This is a good late night film with friends. Watch alone if you want to be uncomfortable and not sure why...

This is not a film for the whole family, nor is it for the easily squeamish and frightened. 

Recommended pairing: red wine, all over the place. If you don't mind staining the carpet or counter tops, all the better.

Have fun!

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