Thursday, October 23, 2014

Salem's Lot (1979)

Soooooo, I ran into that kid who ran from me last week. No surprise - He Ran From Me Again! This time I had a witness. My Husband.

Kid took one glance at us and darted down the street. My Husband said: "That's one paranoid kid..."

In other news, we got a surprise in the mail today!!! AHHHHH!! Mail! Surprise!

A friend mailed us Salem's Lot!

And it couldn't have come at a better time. I was at the movie store last night and the damn thing was already rented. I shook my fist at the sky. Guy behind the counter was like, "...weirdo...". Him and I are not friends.

Neither my Husband or I knew this little classic was arriving in the mail today. That said, my Husband was expecting some mallets for his musical instruments. He saw the DVD-sized package and was like, "...those are some Very Small Mallets!"

So, we're cooking up some of our favorites (soup, pierogies, vegetable casserole) and listening to a good deal of Monty Python songs.

Life is pretty awesome. Food is on the way. Got treated to a classic movie tonight. Home is snug and warm. Husband and I are dancing all around the house. Friends and family are doing well, fighting the good fight with their fists held high, boxing. I got knocked a little silly in a freak hailstorm while on my way from work today - but if that's all I got to complain about, life is ridiculously fantastic. Ridiculously fantastic.

Time to watch a Stephen King movie! 

See you all after the show!


Soooo, I fell asleep in the recliner at around 9:00. Mike feel asleep on the couch around 8:30. Turns out the cold, the rain, the long day, getting all snug and warm, and a couple of Sierra Nevada's Torpedoes equaled You Will Now Sleep.

Which made me a little sad because I was really enjoying this movie!

Thankfully I only have about a half hour left, which I'll be able to finish up tonight.

What I've enjoyed so much so far was how this made-for-TV movie twirled around your finger quite bit before really getting into the juicy stuff. It toyed with you for a quite a while.

Seeing that this was filmed in 1979, there are some clothing and dialog choices that may have you chuckle a little but overall the story-line is a bit menacing.

There's one scene in particular, where the gravedigger is sitting in a rocking chair, that made my skin crawl and had me curl back up in the blankets a little bit.

I look forward to finishing this story and telling you all about it!

Update Update!

So, when I said that I thought I had about a half hour of the film left, apparently what I meant was I have an Hour and a half left.

And I'm happy to announce that it kept getting better! There were some downright scary, disturbing, frightening, and nightmarish scenes in this movie! Everything from the very spooky house to the scenery, to the costumes, to the creature.

Although three hours long, this is a fine fine way to spend three hours. Especially on a dark, nasty night around midnight. However, because it's three hours long, you need some patience. This movie is not recommended for a large group unless that group consists of some hard core Salem's Lot fans.

Dark, unsettling, at points depressing, but also fairly action-packed and edge-f-your seat horror. This is a very well made vampire story! Thanks, Tony!!

PS: This movie made me want to read the book - Really Bad.

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