Thursday, October 2, 2014

Orca (1977)

So ... my husband picked this one out:

And I'm not sure how I feel about it. 

He said he liked a lot, when he was younger...

He is pretty excited to watch it tonight! I'm pretty excited he's excited! The cats are excited because we're excited! So in all, this house if full of excitement and we can all blame: Orca: The Killer Whale.

We got our Pacific Northwest brewed beers in one hand, sandwiches made with ingredients from our apartment garden in the other hand, and I'm sitting on the porch watching a lovely red sunset reflecting off the Puget Sound - Let's Get This Killer Whale on the Road!

See you all after the show!


Oh man, WHAT! What was that?!

Okay, so there are things that can not be unseen in this film, Seriously, the first 20 minutes of Orca go places you didn't think you'd ever go (and wished you never had). 

The rest of the film is uncomfortably hilarious. For instance, there is overdubbing. 1977 overdubbing is absolutely no better than 2014 overdubbing. We laughed. You will laugh, and everything will seem alright for a while. 

And then the movie will continue. 

There is sexism (see also 1977 sexism), there is racism (see also 1977 racism), and there is a Killer Whale who has totally run out of shits to give. I also think there were scenes that were filmed on a dare and a few of the people were Muppets...

Orca is the Sci-Fi channel and Urban Outfitters's love child, birthed at a Jaws screening.

I was speechless for a little while after the film. My husband simply sat on the couch, laughing at me. And I can see why, there's something about the film that feels like a teenage rite of passage. 

I, ah, have run out of words. I enjoyed it, but this movie is something else. Something that needs to be experienced. I...have nothing else to add...

Recommended pairing: 

Beer and sweaters. Eat something, ANYTHING, vegetarian. Best seen with a large group of people. 

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