Friday, October 31, 2014

Nosferatu (1922)

Okay - who hasn't heard of Nosferatu? Yes, I know - hardly no one.

 But how many of you have actually seen it? Yeah.... I thought so...

This movie scared my mother silly when she watched it as a young girl. It didn't scare me as much when I watched it as a young girl because I was already hardened by Gremlins... My first creature feature.

Though this horror movie may not frighten the pants off many today, I'm sure it will still give you the willies and frightening visuals to fall asleep to.

Besides, this is a CLASSIC. With a great big C, L, A, S, S, I and C. So that makes it a must see if you want your horror movie watching experience to be complete. If you've not already seen this film then it might be best to watch alone or in a small quiet group.

Recommended pairing: popcorn, and some sort of childhood favorite dish or drink.

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