Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Desperation (2006)

First and foremost, we had an excellent time at the show last night! We saw the Felice Brothers and Spirit Family Reunion. It was an excellent musical performance. Having always been a sucker for some bad ass washboard playing, the bass cello, and some crazy crazy fiddle (be still my beating heart) - this Americana show was a perfect way to end the night.

But now we are onto a new night! And with that comes a new horror movie! 

My brother, Matt, helped me pick tonight's crazy small town honkytonk movie out, Stephen King's: Desperation

Desperation (2006) Poster

So, as we three settled down to the film (gryos piled high on our plates - we were all very much in the the mood for Mr. Gyro because, Mr. Gyro), the previews began. 

The previews were simply awful. This Is Not A Good Sign for this made-for-TV-movie. But here we go folks. Pray we, and that kid from ET, make it out of Desperation, Nevada!

See you after the show!


Spoiler Alert (these things are rare)! The kid from ET doesn't make it out of Desperation, Nevada. It's okay though, Seriously.

This film started out strong and then went weird. Religiously and culturally weird. I think they were trying to bridge the horror the Chinese immigrants experienced in the early 20th Century with Christianity, but as all attempts of bridging apologies with Christianity go, there is a general massive fail every time.

There were very few answers and a lot of moments where Matt and I burst out in laughter (because the actions and choices of the characters were so....bad...). My Husband, on the other hand, fell asleep and missed it all.

The most gruesome part of the movie experience was when our cat, Moses Crumb, threw-up his dinner right next to the TV. My poor brother had never seen so much cat puke. The huge vomity pile sat there for a moment, our large cat eyed his creation for a moment, my brother covered his eyes and I said, "Don't worry, he'll eat it up in a moment". And sure enough, Moses Crumb began batting at his puke and eating it up with his paws. Like a civilized cat, he eats with his hands.

My poor brother just about lost it. I'm not sure we'll see him at our place for another horror movie night in a while.

I tried to block the viewing of our cat's puke eating happiness by placing one of my Husband's musical instruments in front of my brother's line of sight. This might not have helped in the overall horror of it all, but it did allow us to continue on with the film, Desperation.

As I said earlier, there is a whole lot of religion going on in this one. And, then it got weird. That's about all I got for ya.

I recommend watching this one in a strange and uncomfortable environment or when you have a fever. Food pairing: cat puke or sardines. This was a strange one and it should be a approached with  a strange attitude.

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