Friday, October 3, 2014

Oculus (2013)

So Oculus is on the table for tonight!

I've been excited and not excited to see it. Excited because it sounds like a great paranormal film. Not excited because I have a suspicion that it won't be a great paranormal film.

These types of films are tricky. For instance, a lot of people loved The Conjuring. I felt it was just an OK film with some good spooky parts. This is how I feel about Oculus. It appears to have potential buuuuutttt, I'll just have to see for myself.

Perhaps I shouldn't be all judgey judgey, but I'm going into this film blind. As I said in earlier posts, I often judge movies by their covers. I can't help it - no, actually - I can but I won't help it. I like it better this way. Also, for my October Challenges, I do little to no research before watching the film.

And based on this movie cover:

I fear I might just get bored.

What are you looking at kids? I thought the mirror was supposed to be the scary thing? But you're not looking at the scary mirror?  Wait - are there two scary mirrors?!

Okay, enough with the smack down. What I'm saying is that I expect a lot from paranormal films. I like to give these unseen movies a little tough talk before I start watching. Poke the sleeping bear a bit.

Though... could be I am actually afraid of this film but I'm displaying it in - OH NEVER MIND.

Dinner is ready (Left overs. Left overs are the best). See you all after the show!



This movie was Disturbing! Disturbing and very scary.

Granted, I gave this movie a hard time, even at the beginning of the film. Ha ha, ho-hum. When you gonna - AH DANG IT! You did it. You did it Oculus, and you wasted absolutely no time doing it.

This film gives you chills up the spin, drops your jaw, makes you draw the blankets just a little bit tighter, and hug - someone, anyone.

Oculus has such a powerful and unique story line that at first I couldn't believe it. Parents possessed by a mirror? Grown children now on a vengeance mission?  Oh come on now. What! Seriously?

Yes. Seriously. 

This movie will make you uncomfortable. It will scare you. It will give you nightmares. You'll want to curl up and cry for a while but when you look up, scream. It crosses boundaries and brings a whole new meaning to family drama.

Like the evil mirror in Oculus, don't mess with this movie unless you come thoroughly prepared (and even then, really, you're just fooling yourself). I learned my lesson.

Recommended pairing:

Watch with a sibling. In the dark. In the middle of the night. Keep a creepy family heirloom and/or bad childhood memories within eye shot. You could try to eat something, I suppose, but it's more likely you'll get so engrossed that you'll straight up loose time and come too starving and dehydrated.

Damn. Well done, Oculus.

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