Friday, October 31, 2014

The Changeling (1980)

I showed this movie to a group of friends a couple years back and it was not well received.

Only confirmed to me that this very chilling ghost story is one that should watched alone, in the dark.

The Changeling is a very classic not classic ghost story.

With a title and cover image that suggests this might be a creature feature, this haunting story will both surprise and terrify you (and make you cry a little bit, because there are some very sad moments in the film).

There are certain sound effects in this film that still gives me nightmares. Usually it's growling for me (AH! Growling in films is very scary). But there is no growling here... there is something else that will set the hair on your arms straight up.

Compelling, sympathetic, sweet, hard, cold and clammy, and with the big surprise at the end - this is a ghost story that is sure to please any ghostly horror movie fan.

Recommended pairing: something with dust on it...

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