Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Cat (2011)

It's not even noon on a Saturday and I'm watching today's horror movie.

It appears I'll be running around a lot today (preparing for another art class to teach, Hey!) and I'm going to get this movie in while I know there is plenty of time!

Today's film, The Cat, is a Korean ghost story.

I found it on the top shelf of Rain City Video's new section, underneath a sign that said, "Top Shelf Movies". What does that MEAN?

So I asked. Guy behind the counter said, that it just means they didn't want the film to get over-looked by being hidden within all the big name new films, and that " doesn't mean the same as booze. Top shelf booze..."

Ah ha..., I replied. They didn't want it passed over but we might be dealing with some kind of Old Crow story.

Sounds adventurous! It's noon now anyway. Let's go.

I just started the film and the opening scene is of a business that dresses cats in people clothes and puts make-up on their furry little faces. NO NO NO. Two minutes in and I'm already horrified.

Let's see how this one turns out...


Well...let's see. It was, interesting. I've seen better! But it was interesting...

The ending disappointed me, only because I saw it coming from a mile away (as in it's been over done now, too many times).

Most everything but the ghost horrified me. From the grooming shop (make-up ON ANIMALS...bad enough make-up is Tested on animals, BAH, disgusting) to the people and animal abuse (it shook me pretty good). The ghost felt over-the-top and unnecessary.

The story line seemed strained most of the time, and there were quite a few loose ends (bad loose ends, not scary mind-melty loose ends).

In all, this one was okay. If you're new to Asian horror then you may not be as disappointed as I was. If you're looking for something weird and disjointed that involves feral cats then this might be a good fit.

Recommended pairing: cheese and crackers, soup in a bowl that has animal foot prints painted on it.

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