Saturday, October 4, 2014

Creature Feature Double Feature!: Big Ass Spider! (2013) and Alligator (1980)

So there we were, Saturday afternoon, overdosing on AMC's The Walking Dead - No wait - let me back up.

So there we were: my husband, Mike, recovering from a two day flu and me, running around like a crazy person trying to get ready for my first teaching gig tomorrow (painting class), and trying to respond to a reporter's questions about my book (published author here folks, heeeeeey). All the while we're tying to get through four seasons of The Walking Dead, so it's like, on, all the time. Seriously, I dream about this TV show now.

It should go without saying then that we (me) were becoming a bit paranoid. I was getting ready to leave the house to go to the grocery store at one point this afternoon and seriously had a moment where I was like, "Need to pack some supplies...get home before dark..." It's gotten to a point where a skateboarder rolled by this morning and I ran out to the patio thinking a Walker was trying to break into the patio. It's getting bad folks. None of this was helping my husband, especially when the fever was at it's peak.

SO! It was decided (by Mike) that we needed some humor up in this house. Good old fashioned fun.

As I was typing up the last of my responses to the reporter, my Husband found Big Ass Spider! on Netflix. I could only hear the movie at first, being so busy at the computer, but what I heard made me stop typing and shout: "STOP! Stop! What is that? Big ass spider?! I need to see this!"

And You NEED TO SEE THIS! It is hilarious! Gruesome but hilariously gruesome - hilariously gruesome on purpose. This is important. There is a difference between hilarious fun horror on accident and hilarious fun horror on purpose. Mike and I even hi-fived immediately after the show. We HIGH-FIVED! There was something out this film that brought us closer, I think. Through laughter.

Oh - and if you're into butt jokes, this is a great film for you. Just going to leave that right there...

Cleverly written, sharp, to the point, sweet and side-tickling wrong at times - Big Ass Spider! was not expected this evening but it was EXACTLY what we needed. This is a great film to watch with a large group. Grab your popcorn, favorite beers or soda, and nestle into full on entertainment. Great for non-horror fans and horror fans alike.

Hurrah for you, Big Ass Spider! You created some great entertainment for all! Well Done!

And now, for the second (planned) feature: Alligator.

Now, I hadn't planned on watching a double feature tonight but I'm not sorry I did.

I had already decided on taking the October 16th night off from watching horror movies so as to take my Husband out for his birthday. But tonight, on this lovely Saturday, these two movies satisfy all our needs.

Consider Big Ass Spider! as the October 16th post. And now on to the October 4th post: Alligator.

This movie was also my Husband's pick, and I didn't know until he put the DVD in that this is yet another one of his childhood favorites. He even played the board game Alligator!

Pieces are coming together for me now. This movie came out just as the height of  "alligators in the sewers fear" was spreading. Alligators in the sewer wasn't the only the fear mongering running rampant at the time. So too was AIDS (did happen), strangers poising kids candy on Halloween (didn't happen), proper disposal of toxic waste (did and didn't happen), the Cold War (happening), memories of demonic rituals (didn't happen), creating games for kids to entertain them through all of this (did happen). Oh...the '80s.

Okay folks, now time for me to stop typing and on to me watching this '80's classic. See you all after the show!


So, I fell asleep halfway through the film last night! Happens. It was not the movie's fault. It was after my bedtime and I had a few beers. My Husband eyed me suspiciously when I began reclining on the couch. Sur'nuff. Within a half hour I was out like a light.

This is a very fun movie with an alternative motive that I saw pretty clearly right away. The dangers of waste and consumption, bringing to light social health issues and the inconsistencies therein, the importance of feminism, and animal abuse. I watched the author's commentary after the show and I was right on the money - he was trying to show the audience the real horrors hiding beneath the surface of our everyday, it's more than just a giant scary alligator.

I highly recommend this film for both good ol' fashion creature feature fun AND to gain some perspective on the social upheavals at the time (in case you've forgotten or never knew). Sure, the film is cheesy at times but it was all played very well.

Good job, Alligator!

Recommended pairing: Southern food, fancy pants tapas style. Wear tight, uncomfortable pants and turtlenecks.

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