Friday, October 31, 2014

Attack of the Killer Sock (2014)


For my final movie today I present to you: Attack of the Killer Sock!

It's just been released - as in, like a couple hours ago. You are one of the first to see this film, and you will love it! I promise.

Happy Halloween!!



I wasn't able to provide a more thorough review yesterday, as I was running out the door, but folks, this is a lovely, haunting, and very chilling horror story.

Naturally, when you hear "Attack of the Killer Sock" you might think you'd be in a for a side-tickler. That is not the case with this one, not at all. Rather, this is a very unique and dark look into loneliness and madness.

Watch with an open mind, a sympathetic heart, and in the dark - alone.

Well done, and huge thanks to Alexander Williams and Mcphoney Pictures for creating and sharing a great independent short.


  1. Great to see more reviews of this wonderful short and another to point out that viewers needn't be fooled by it's title!

    Read the GBUK preview here:

    1. Thanks cevans1982! Yes, I thought the title was a bold and well played move. And thank you for sharing the GBUK preview - it was the one that tipped me to the film! :)