Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Bay (2012)

I've got a damn good life.

Seriously. I have indoor plumbing. electricity, food, a regularly paying job that pays decently, a wonderful family, great friends, a loving husband, and two fantastic cats. I have it good.

And I do not take any of that for granted.

I just wanted to say that first, before we start The Bay this evening, which is apparently all about how humanity failed humanity by taking everything for granted until it was gone.


Folks, if you noticed last night's post last night, then you'll also notice that most of it is gone.

That's because it was mostly a rambling, nonsensical message about important stuff, taking care of the planet and each other and how horror movies can connect us all in love. I had written last night's post after three pints of Elysian's Immortal IPA.

If you didn't read last night's post last night then, well, it is for the best. It really is. But the core of my message remains!

Good morning!

Sooooo, because I had three delicious IPAs last night, I didn't end up finishing the film. I wound up sleeping on the couch for most of it instead.

But I'll watch the rest of it this afternoon! Promise! Because I really liked what I've seen so far - which was fairly creepy, gross, and nerve racking (but obviously not nerve racking enough to battle me on a cozy couch and the IPAs...)


This is one disturbing movie. With very little special effects, this one does wonders for scaring the pants right off you. There is plenty of blood and guts but not in the slasher film way - in a very realistic epidemic kind of way.

Ebola scare got you hooked into believing the world is going to end with this disease? Watch this and try to tell me (with a straight face) that Ebola is going to win that prize.

The most frightening aspects of this film is that every culprit for the creation of this monster already exists. Even the creatures - straight up. The beasts in this movie are just as scary in real life as in this fictional story.

The politics, the consumer, the big business, the waste, nature all come together to destroy a quintessential 4th of July parade. [shivers]

This is a frightening film. A well told and coldly calculated story that will keep you up at night, thinking....

Recommend pairing: tap water from a home near a fracking site. Chicken.

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