Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Things That Go Bump (2008)

Oh man, I am a sucker for horror shorts!

What's not to love? They are short, sweet, to the point and can accomplish a whole lot of terror in less than five minutes. They are like little love notes to the horror genre, and are generally passed around at inappropriate times, such as in the middle of meetings, class, or when I should be doing something more productive....

I'm getting off topic.

I stumbled upon R. Michael McWhorter's Things That Go Bump on Twitter this afternoon - just as I was telling myself, "...I'm totally going to get off Twitter now and wash some damn dishes...oh! What's that?"

This is a delicious little gem with an ending that you do not see coming! I know you have five minutes, and I know you want to watch it, so just do it. You can thank me later, but please thank R. Michael McWhorter. You can find him on Twitter: @TizzyEnt


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