Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Smile (2013)

When I was about 14 years old, and taking a summer road trip with my family, I made the mistake of walking into a gas station from our trusty family-is-now-insane-after-two-weeks-of-travel-at-Dad's-mach-50-miles-an-hour van, without a smile on my face.

This caught the attention of some very concerned middle-aged fishermen.

They walked up to me (stopped me in my tracks while en route to the bathroom, actually) and said "Oh, come on now, honey, Smile!"

Public Service Announcement, everyone: No, no no. Do Not Do This - no matter who you are. Do not, do not tell a random person to "Smile!"

At the moment they told me to "Smile!", if I could have tapped into that adolescent crazy ass poltergeist shit, I would have destroyed that gas station and so much more. Western Montana would have turned into a desolate waste land... with signs saying "Do Not Tell Her To Smile".

I was insane with rage at them. Insane.

I growled, though, at the time. Growled and I'm pretty sure my eyes burned red, as they didn't bother to give me any more helpful advice and quickly scuttled away.

Since then, very few strangers have told me what to do with my face. This is good for everyone.

And then I stumbled upon this little masterpiece: Smile, by The Get Go.

When I asked my husband if this would be considered Horror, he said "No, more of a public service announcement." And yet, I found it referenced on the interwebs as a "horror short". I see it as both. So many horror films have some sort of moral tale AND this little story I'm about to show is a nice reminder to anyone unawares.

Do Not Tell People What To Do With Their Face.

There. Just don't don't do it, people. It could get ugly for you.

My very hearty congratulations to The Get Go for putting this out there. It's delightful, satisfying, and well done!

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