Sunday, September 21, 2014

My Typos and Other Grammatical Amusements

Ladies and gentlemen,
This blog is littered with typos and other grammatical amusements. I find one every time I review an older post.

At first I tried to correct them as I found them, but after a while I just had to stop. Partly due to exhaustion, partly to keep from beating myself up about all the awesome new words and phrases I was accidentally creating, and partly because I began to view them as one would view their high school yearbook photos.

Can't Take Back That Hair Cut Now, People! That monstrosity is burned into eternity for all to see. Deal.

Like high school hair, the mistakes made here will just have to be laughed about and then we all move on. You see, I have very few imperfections [caugh], so... be grateful you can find some here. Look at my misuse of the comma, the additional "the", or even straight up misspelling a simple word as a treasure hunt, a diamond in the rough. 

Thank you very much for your understanding. The typos stay.

In other news! I'm updating all my Movie Genres pages. Stayed tuned for some new and improved What to Watch lists.

Stay strong, everyone, and keep on keeping on with all the wins!


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