Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Rats are Coming! The Werewolves are Here! (1972)

Uh....I'm not even sure where to begin with this one...

Suppose I'll start with the title. The movie title is one of the most exciting things about the entire movie.

Then the movie opens with a couple of bell-bottomed hooligans setting some guy on fire - and everything goes down hill from there!

The Rats are Coming! The Werewolves are Here! is apparently about a family of werewolves living in Victorian England. Victorian England folks, but you won't know it by the costumes! 

The costumes were so comical that they soon became one of my favorites. Someone needs an award for the creativity here. For instance, one of the daughters wore what I can only assume was once a cheerleader outfit, except with extra fabric on the sleeves and skirt sewed on. See for yourself: 

The dialog was painful an nonsensical. The acting - even worse. Except for a neighbor girl named Rebecca, an then she just got annoying pretty quick.

Although this is a terrible film, I've actually seen worse. Folks! I've seen worse! Just check out all my To The Pain tags.

Back to the film. It had chickens flying around, supposedly flesh-eating rats, a zombie-like-leper man who sells things like flesh-eating rats, a sadistic sister, and another sister who apparently got into an all-male medical school and earned a Victorian England.

I kindasorta want my hour and a half back, but the costumes were a nice trade off for the time. Recommended pairing: tea, biscuits, STRONG DRINK, something made from the this horrifying looking vintage recipes link.

Now, the fun doesn't stop here! Thanks to the internets, you can see this entire film in all it's glory:

You're welcome!

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