Friday, October 28, 2016

Hocus Pocus (1993)

October Challenge Day 26:

October 26th would have been my Mom's 70th birthday. *if you haven't already noticed a tone in this year's October Challenge, yes, I miss her*

So my brother and I went to one of her favorite parks in town and hid some of the rocks that she painted with us when we were children. We made a little map out of the rocks planted, if you will, so we can find them all again in the future, if needed. Something Mom would have appreciated.

And just as we were dusting the dirt from our hands, the sky let loose a barrage of rain unlike anything we've seen in a long while. At the very least, unlike anything I've been caught in. We thought we'd tough it out, stroll through the wetness and look at all the cool, old mansions in the area. That lasted for, oh, about three blocks.

We had to cab it to our next destination or else risk the perils of getting very miserable - very sick and miserable. Our next destination was to a fancy, beautiful, and very haunted hotel to attend a birthday event for a friend who also calls the 26th a birthday. At the party we were looking forward to gathering around on big couches next to a large fireplace and listening to a guest speaker talk about Ghosts!!!

We arrived a little early so we found a seat at the bar and plopped down, sopping wet, with a hand up: "Beer, please." I couldn't help but laugh at the sight of us. Matt had to change socks (yes, he was carrying another pair) in the fancy hotel bathroom because his feet were so wet, and I moved around like a robot, stiff and chilled. During that time though, I could not help but feel Mom's heartfelt mirth at our goofy selves in such a stylish and upscale setting.

We all had a wonderful time with friends while listening to the ghost stories that unfolded that evening. My brother left a little early however, and I hitched a ride home with another friend while birthday girl traveled home to indulge in some Hocus Pocus.

I could not join her, unfortunately, I was too tired and still too wet. In fact, I could still *smell* my mustiness.

What happened next, as I hopped in the passenger seat and we were about to drive home, is beyond explanation and will simply take too long to tell. Let's just say we had an unexplainable event related to the car that was witnessed by both of us, and this event shook us mightily.

Were several logical explanations for core shaking to blame? (e.g., it's getting late, bad traffic trying the nerves, rain rain rain, listening to ghost stories for hours). Yeah, sure.

Were paranormal events playing a hand? (i.e., we had no explanation for what happened). Yeah, sure.

Likely impossible to know for certain, but please trust me when I say it sure as hell felt like some divine intervention hocus pocus had just happened. In any case, we were both pretty rattled all the way home and couldn't stop talking about how the seemingly impossible became possible.

Why am I sharing this already long post and naming it the 1993 cult classic Hocus Pocus?!

First: I Love Hocus Pocus! LOVE IT. I remember seeing it in the theater when it came out, with Mom and my younger brothers all laughing and enjoying every single minute of it. Mom particularly enjoyed this film. In fact, when I came home from the theater that evening I was ready to pack my bags and move to the East Coast to join the witchery fun.

Second: It's Mom's birthday, and it's my friend's birthday: both wonderful ladies who LOVE this film.

Third: We spent the afternoon paying tribute to Mom, then spent the evening talking about ghosts, particularly on helpful spirits and loved ones who watch over you after they pass.

Fourth and final: I experienced some Straight Up HOCUS POCUS by the evening's end. Something my friend and I will never forget. It will likely give me the chills and perhaps even a few happy tears for years to come (not unlike the film). I could not help but think that Mom maybe had a hand in it all this somehow....

PS: Five and final: I just received an email reminder to RSVP for the 2nd Annual Celebration of Witches event on Sunday. I'm witchy like that, folks. Mom taught me well.

In all, whew. October 26th was a bit of a doozy. And I really don't care if you believe in the paranormal or not, I really don't. But in all honesty, I wanted to dedicate this year's 26th October Challenge day post to Hocus Pocus, for all the feel reasons and for all the real reasons. It's a great film for the whole family, it's a great film for a room of hilarious adults, and it has a very special and specific hold on my heart.

Tell your loved ones you love them, watch this film with them, run out and play in the rain with them (for a little while, not too long, you could get sick), and then sit by the fire and spend quality time with each other. These moments are precious, and perhaps someday you too will experience a little bit of hocus pocus to remind you of that.

I own this movie on VHS, and I guard it like a dragon does gold. Use the links under Find It. Watch It. on Horror Habit's sidebar to see where else you can find this Must See for all horror fans feature.

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