Wednesday, November 1, 2017

October Challenge 2017: Recap

Well, that's a wrap folks!

Happy November 1st! It was a pretty exciting October challenge, this year. With record breaking views on both the blog and the Roku channel, I'd like to think that everyone enjoyed the entertainment this month :)

It was a little strange simply streaming all the movie picks this year instead of popping into my local video store, I have to admit. RIP Rain City Video. But overall, it was a fun experience, as always.

Thanks again to those who reached out to Horror Habit for the Celebrating Independent Artists day. Until next year, if you would like me to help spread the word on your work, simply send me a message through the contact tool on the website and I'll share it on my Shout-Outs and Film Press Releases page.

To my utmost surprise, my Husband joined me in watching several of the films this year. I might be turning him into a horror movie fan after all...

I started October attending a memorial service for a good friend of mine who passed suddenly. It was heartbreaking. And yet, I had a little experience right before Halloween that might just suggest he's sticking around to keep an eye on all of us from time time time. Mad love, man. [mad crossed out and written backwards in crayon]. Peace.

Overall, it was a very good October challenge. I love them, and I am officially looking forward to not watching a horror movie everyday for a while. On to Documentary November! (coined by my Husband), where we'll just watch real life horror stories.

Thanks again for joining me on my adventure, everyone! As per usual, I'm going to take a little break from posting for a while and will see you in December!

Love love.

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